Bleeding nose and its ayurvedic treatments

Bleeding from the nose is one of the most common problems faced by many people during the summer. Nose bleeding may occur without any prior warnings, even if the weather is extremely cold or due to physical exertion. If you are beyond 50 and are suffering from a bleeding nose, then it is suggested that you get your blood pressure checked. As the increase in the blood pressure ruptures the walls of the blood vessels in the nose, it causes the nose to bleed.

Ayurvedic remedies to cure the bleeding nose problem

Alum treatment

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Alum or spatika or phitkari should be pulverized and added to pure cow ghee and this mixture should be used as nasal drops in order to cure nasal bleeding.
Also mix the alum with equal amounts of powdered oak and camphor. Prepare a paste out of them and use them as nasal drops to control the bleeding. This will help you a lot.

Camphor treatment

Take a small piece of camphor and soak it in the juice from coriander leaves and then use these as nasal drops in order to control the bleeding.

Amla treatment

Take 20 grams of amla (gooseberry) and soak them in water one entire night; the next morning consume the amla water (gooseberry water). Prepare a paste from the soaked gooseberry. Apply this paste over the forehead and on the nose.

Red sandal powder treatment

When mixed together, red sandal or rakta-chandana, liquorice or mulethi and cobra’s saffron or naagakesara are known to help solve the problem of nasal bleeding. Mix all the three ingredients together and grind them to pulverize them finely. Consume three grams of the powder after mixing it with some milk.

Pomegranate flowers treatment

Collect the flowers of pomegranate and dry them under the hot sun; after the flowers have dried, pulverize them and use the powder as a snuff. Take the powder formed by pulverizing the pomegranate flowers and mix it with the powder of harad, which belongs to the family of chebulic myrobalan, along with the powder of lac or lakka and gum from a silk cotton tree. Mix all of them together and take the powder internally along with the honey or milk to control the bleeding of the nose.

Food items for curing nose bleeding

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Old rice, cow ghee, banana, snake gourd, coconut, pomegranate, bitter gourd, crystal sugar, lentil, Bengal gram, red gram, green gram, honey, cucumber, the stem of a lotus flower, wood apple, and grapes all help to cure nasal bleeding when taken in.

Onion treatment

Take the juice from an onion and mix it with durva grass (Cynodon dactylon), vitis quandrangularis (harjora) and shelled mango seeds. Use this mixture as nasal drops.

Food not to eat

It is recommended to keep away from salty and sour tasting food items in order to prevent the problem of nasal bleeding from being enhanced.

Tender plantain leaves treatment

To control the chronic nose bleeding, prepare a paste using tender plantain leaves, crystal sugar and water. Mix two grams of the plantain leaves with ¼ liters of water and 20 grams of sugar. Consume this mixture at least once everyday in order to get results.

Gulkand treatment

Gulkand is a luscious delicacy from India prepared from the petals of roses. In order to prevent the nose from bleeding, consume one teaspoonful of Gulkand everyday.

Neem juice remedy

The juice of neem leaves can be used as a way to stop nasal bleeding by dropping them in the nostrils.

Ripe figs

Eat ripe figs with either honey or jaggery in order to check the bleeding.

Vasa Avalehyam remedy

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Take 1 teaspoon of Vasavaleha. Mix it in a cup of cold milk and take it orally thrice a day. This will control the nasal bleeding. Anu thailam taken in a dose of 2-5 drops in each nostril can also stop the nasal bleeding.

Nasya oil remedy

Nasya oil can be used in controlling nasal bleeding, even though it is primarily used for treating chronic chest congestion and dry sinuses. Warm the oil by immersing the entire bottle containing the oil in a vessel full of hot water. Once you finish warming the oil, apply a couple of drops in the nose. Then, gently tap or massage the outside of the nose, letting the oil enter the sinus passage in order to help moisten it. Apply Nasya oil after rinsing your nose every morning and once again before going to bed at night.

Saltwater treatment

The use of saltwater is one of the most effective Ayurvedic remedies for nasal bleeding. Take half a glass of water. Add some salt to it. Now spray this saltwater inside the nose.

Lemon juice remedy

Lemon juice is also an effective Ayurvedic remedy for treating nasal bleeding. Put one to two drops of lemon juice in the nostril that is bleeding. This will prevent nasal bleeding from occurring again.

Yarrow treatment

Yarrow is very effective in reducing nasal bleeding, since it contains alkaloids, which can control the flow of blood in the nose by helping the blood clot at a speedier rate. Crush some yarrow leaves and make a paste out of it. Apply this paste to the outside of the nose. You can also prepare a roll using yarrow leaves and place it inside your nose. This will also help control nasal bleeding.

Liverwort treatment

Liverwort, which is also commonly known as agrimony, reduces the pain in an individual and also helps prevent nasal bleeding, since it is an astringent. You can also take this herb in the form of an extract.