How to choose sunglasses for diamond shaped faces?

Buying sunglasses for diamond shaped faces

How to select sunglasses for round shaped faces

You should always find right sunglasses for your face. You must know the shape of your face and hence you must decide a sunglass for your face that is suitable to you. If you have a diamond shaped face, then you have a pointed forehead, pointed chins, and the portion of your cheekbones becomes narrower up to the portion of the chin.

You must use sunglass that can hide your weaknesses. Usually your forehead is smaller and your chins are also smaller. Your features are usually angular. Your eyeline and your jaw line are usually narrower.  Hence you must buy a frame or a sunglass that can define your cheekbones. Your face should look larger and broader because your forehead and chin portion appears small. Hence you can try cat eye frame so that your cheekbones appear clearly. You can also use oval frames, so that your features appear proportionate. If you have a diamond-shaped face, then only your forehead and chin portion appears smaller, whereas the other features appear larger. If you wear an oval-shaped sunglass, then your features can seem to be proportionate.

Your cheekbones should appear prominently. Hence you must use the rimless style.  You can buy any large-sized sunglass. If you buy sunglass of any large size, then your features also appear bold. But you must buy oval shaped, round or oval frames. Do not buy square, or rectangular, frames. Do not buy narrow frames because your eyeline still appears narrower.

Usually women who have heart-shaped face are appreciated because they appear fragile with the diamond shape. Some of the famous personalities who have diamond shaped face include stars such as Madonna, Linda Evangelista. Usually the heart-shaped faces and the diamond-shaped faces are similar. Both the types have pointed chins, forehead and wide cheekbones. Hence both of them can use the retro-shaped sunglasses. They can use cat-eyed or rectangular sunglasses also. Their jaw line should appear broader. Such people should use dark-colored sunglasses. The lower portion of their face looks wider and their eye area looks poised if they wear rectangular or cat-eyed frames.

The people with diamond-shaped face look great when they wear cat-eyed frames. If they are using cat-eyed frame, then the sunglass frame should have tortoise print design. They can also use the wrap-around frames because the features appear poised and proportionate. If you are sportsmen, then you can use this type of frame because you appear masculine. You can also use rectangular type of frame, if you are looking for a frame that can provide you comfort. Your chins also do not appear over-pointed. But the frames should be made from metal that is coated with dark color and consisting of dark lens. You can also use the butterfly frame because you appear gorgeous. You can use this frame, if you are a female. Such frames should have soft and gradient lenses so that the oversized features appear poised.

Sunglasses for square shaped faces

You must preferably use the darker shades of lenses and preferably use the black shade for your lenses because they bring a very poised look to your face. The handle between the two frames should preferably be broader and only if you are using metal frame then it can be narrower. But you must preferably use plastic frames for your sunglass so that your face appears attractive. You can buy sunglasses of many types of models such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, etc.

Diamond shaped faces are the rarest face shape which draws attention to the eyes. To highlight the eyes and soften the cheekbones just try the frames that have distinctive and detailing brow lines. Most probably we recommend top heavy frames like semi rimless frames, upswept styles like cat eye.

The people with diamond shaped face can use many types of sunglasses. They can use frame that consists of attractive designs. The tortoise designed frames appear fabulous for the people with diamond-shaped face.