General health problems and diseases in the monsoon | rainy season

Monsoon is the time when you tend to suffer from the most upsetting diseases and if you don’t take care at the right time then it is normal that you will suffer for long.

This is the time when the germs and infections will attack you more and you tend to feel so sick and endangered.

This is the time when you suffer from the general health disorders and for the reason it is best that you know about some of the quickest remedies which can really help you stay best always.

This is the time when the parents stay aware and do things in order to prevent the wards from suffering from the various illnesses.

With the first splash of water, we really find ourselves refreshed during the day when the monsoon starts. We all would like to jump in rain as and when we get a view of it.

Teen age individuals and kids are more than happy to see rain and explore the splashes of rain. But, while enjoying the rainy days, they can come across variety of diseases and serious health issues.

Monsoon is the season when different types of snacks and tasty foods are consumed by people. But, the water bore and airborne diseases can easily attack them.

In article will help you know about the general health issues during monsoons.

Some of the common illnesses that you suffer

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You have some of the common illnesses to suffer from in the rainy season.

The list includes dengue, flu, cold, water infection, food infection, leptospirosis and cholera. Leptospirosis is a condition caused by the bacteria and the germ is either carried by an animal or a man.

This is the sort of disease which can immensely damage the kidney. It can even cause severe disorders like failure of the liver, respiratory problems, meningitis and the rest.

These are some of the incurable diseases and can really make you feel so sick and they take long time to help you recover from the condition.

How to treat fungal diseases

In the rainy season you have the chance to suffer from fungal infection. This is the reason it is best that you keep yourself dry. Please try to keep dry the parts of the body which tend to get sweatier in time.

The area between two toes should be kept dry. You should also keep attention of the areas behind the knees and the elbows. For this one can make use of antifungal dusting powder and this helps in soaking the sweat in the specific areas.

In case the condition becomes worse and the skin in infected in the process it is best that you consult the physician at the earliest.

Dengue is a common monsoon disease

In the rainy season you have the chance of suffering from dengue. Dengue is a specific monsoon disease and the germ of the same is carried by the mosquitoes.

Some of the usual symptoms of the disease are body ache, pain in the joints, body rashes and fever. Tiger mosquito is responsible for making you suffer from dengue.

Thus, it is best that you make use of an insect repellent to prevent the attack of the mosquito. You should also cover your body well with clothes in order to prevent the mosquito from biting.

Typhoid is a usual monsoon disease

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Typhoid is one more common monsoon disease. The disease is caused due to the consumption of unclean water.

This is the reason you should stay alert and prevent the water and the food from being contaminated. Improper sanitation can also cause the disease.

When you suffer from typhoid you have fever and headache and there is sore throat, common weakness and pain. In order to get rid of the disease it is important that you wash your hands well.

Do not eat food and water which are not of the best quality. Street side food and drink should be avoided during this season.

How to prevent cholera

Cholera is the most common monsoon disease you can suffer from. This is not just a disease. It is a deadly ailment to make you suffer at the worst.

Cholera is caused from contaminated water and food. If you don’t have the right hygienic habits you may suffer from cholera. You can present the disease by drinking clean water and food and it is also necessary that you stay clean always.

Jaundice is a common monsoon disease

Jaundice is one more common monsoon disease you can suffer from. This is a viral disease and it is caused by contaminated food and water.

When you have jaundice you feel extremely weak and the colour of the urine becomes yellow. You even have the tendency of vomiting and there is improper functioning of the liver.

To prevent the disease it is best to drink boiled water and don’t eat foods from the local shops and streets. This is the time when you should drink plenty of water and this will help the body fluid stay absolutely normal.


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Malaria is one of the severe diseases that were an issue related to epidemic few years ago. But these days treatment of malaria has improved and people are surviving.

Monsoon is the reason where water logging take place and breeding of mosquitoes will be quite common. You can be affected by malaria prone mosquitoes during monsoons.


Just after the summer season is gone, we gain our appetite once again. The weather condition improves and become soothing. This makes us have different types of spicy food.

But, we are not aware of the water borne diseases that spreads during monsoons. This is really common when the rainy season arrives. Thus, you must be really careful about the food that you consume.

It is always better to avoid the street food as the chances of spreading diarrhea will be more common with this.

Viral fever

These days’ viral fevers are quite common. Rather, it has become more common than that of bacterial infection. During monsoon, you can see your kids suffering from high fever.

Even this high fever lasts for more than a week. This means that your child is suffering from viral infection.

You must be really careful about the food habits and other day to day activities of your child. Once your child is affected with viral fever,  it will last for several days. Even this will make you weak and feeble.