Back hand jewellery mehndi designs 2020

Mehndi or Henna has been an important part of festivals and occasions since centuries especially in India and Islamic countries. It is a paste of henna leaves, which is applied on hands and legs in various designs, and its colour lasts up to 1-2 weeks.

Over the years, the mehndi trends have kept changing and today jewel style mehendi is the one of the most trending henna designs.

15The water drop style jewel mehndi

Latest finger mehndi designs

As you can see in the picture, small and big water drop type dots are made with henna in the overall design. These drops highlight the overall design and make it more attractive.

14The floral jewel connecting design

The below design is a great option for women who like to apply minimal mehndi but still want it to look great! The pointing finger is filled with small flowers connected with the soul big flower through jewel design.

13The alternate finger connecting design

This backhand design will take the least time as compared to other mehndi designs. All you have to do is make quick symmetric or floral design on any of your alternate fingers and connect both with jewel design and you are done!

12The multiple V-shaped layer jewel design

Circle mehndi designs

Unlike the alternate finger deign here two fingers next to each other have fine repetitive floral design. The middle part is filled with jewel design and completed with beautiful floral design on the wrist.

11The net jewel design

In this type of backhand design, zigzag net design is applied on alternate fingers and connected with jewel design with a bunch of flowers on the wrist.

10The repetitive flower jewel design

This beautiful design is a combination of repetitive flowers made in various sizes along with jewel design. Usually the biggest flower is drawn on the wrist and flowers are drawn in ascending order on any one finger and jewel design acts as a connecting point of the two.

9The long pendant and net jewel design

Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

As you can see in the picture this mehndi, design is quite long as compared to others but that’s what makes it special. In the middle, only a single medium size pendant is drawn while fingers and wrist are covered with net jewel design along with floral touch in between.

8The triangle jewel and mini flower design

This is also one of the minimalist designs you can apply! The wrist is covered with a band of mini flowers while the mid portion consists of triangular jewel design heading towards the middle finger.

7The hanging jewel design

In this design, the little finger and pointing finger are connected with jewel design. However, what makes is unique is the presence of hanging leaf jewel in the middle. The wrist design is kept simple with semicircle and dotted design.

6The leaves and flowers Arabic jewel design

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

This design is a combination Arabic design inspired by flowers and leaves applied in different ways all over the backhand. Jewel design as usual acts as a connecting design.

5The fine leaf Arabic jewel design

If you are someone, who loves fine work of art or minute designs then this design is for you! This design is a work of art and need comparatively more time and efforts. However, the look is completely worth it!

4The semi flower and ascending jewel mehndi design

In this design, there are three layers of floral straps and jewel design (in ascending order) connecting the wrist to the finger design. The thumb is left vacant to enhance the look of the overall design.

3The wristband and floral design

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

Such backhand designs have broad designs on the wrist while all the fingers are kept vacant except one, which connects with soul design in the middle.

2The one sided floral jewel design

In such type of henna designs, the one side of backhand is filled with floral designs and connected with pointing finger through jewel design. Rest fingers and parts opposite areas of backhands are kept vacant.

1The hanging floral  jewel design

In this type of mehndi designs, flowers are made on pointing finger and left corner of the wrist and connected with jewel design. The floral bunch on the corner is given a hanging jewel look, which makes this design unique.