Monsoon foot care tips

Feet are the most vital part of the human body. The waterlogged streets, moist cool atmosphere and dampness brings many foot and skin problems. There are some remedies to get rid of all these effectively.

Rainy season is the time when the maximum effect is rendered to your feet. The mud and dirt accumulated during the rainy season will be ideal to bring you loads of infection during the rainy season. There must be ways through which you must care your feet during rainy season.

Monsoon foot care tips

Keep them dry

Tips for healthy feet during monsoons

Go out with shoes rather than sandals. Shoes give the full protection than the sandals. If feet are wet fungal and bacterial infections are easily spread around your feet.

Do not soak in rain water

Avoid soaking in the rainy water. When feet are get wet in the rain, wash with the water at home. Use the antiseptic liquids in the cleaning water.

Foot scrubbing

When you go to bathing, soak your feet in the water about 10 minutes. Add any soap liquids, shampoo to the water. After 10 minutes wash your feet with the scrubbers made for feet. Finish your bath.

Foot moisturizer

After the feet scrubbing completion, apply any moisturizer to feet. It helps to form the new cells in the place old gone dead cells in foot scrubbing.

Not to go out with wounds

Better to stay at home when you have the feet wound and feet related problems. Consults doctor for the treatment. Wounds in the monsoon make huge damage than in summer and winter.

Apply antiseptic gels

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Apply the antiseptic gels to your feet. Better to make it at the night time. Antiseptic gels are good to clear the fungus and bacteria around the feet

Foot care products

Buy the best foot care products in the market and make use them for the beautiful feet. Use the branded products and well known products. Not go for the new products.

Fish spa

Go for the fish spa foot massage in the monsoon. It will clear the dead cells around the feet and give the better results.

Dangers of the rainy season

It is not possible to avoid getting the feet dirty and walking into puddles during monsoon. Dirty wet feet can develop problems of itching, stinging and development of fungal and bacterial infection.

Special care is also required by diabetic patients because any injury on their foot takes very long to heal.

The most common feet problem during the monsoon is fungal infections between the toes. Fungal infection in the feet is caused when the shoes are wet after the rains.

Athlete foot is another major problem during the monsoon season. It is a serious condition which requires immediate attention it is caused when feet remain wet for a long time after being exposed to dirty muddy water. The skin becomes white or greenish and a foul smell comes from the discharge or pus formation.

Foot care tips for monsoon

Top health tips during monsoon

  • It is necessary to keep the feet clean and fungus free during the rainy season. The best way is to wash the feet immediately after coming home from the rains. Germs, dirt, fungus and bacteria from outside gather on the feet can lead to infections. Another simple way to keep the feet clean is to dip the feet in water to which Dettol or any other antiseptic is added.
  • Nails of the foot must always be cut short during the monsoon. There is a risk of fungal infections taking place due to dust and dirt gathered under the nails.
  • Keep the feet dry by dusting talcum powder after washing them clean. Talcum helps the feet to remain dry. The toes must be given special attention as there is the tendency of bacteria to grow there.
  • It is not right to wear closed canvas or high heeled shoes in the rains. Open sandals or flip flops will allow the dirt and water to slip out and the footwear will not get muddy or dirty. The dirty sandals or slippers need to be washed clean if they are dirty with rain water. Leather or vinyl shoes must be avoided. Sharing shoes can lead to different problems of the foot during monsoons.
  • Exfoliating the feet during monsoons is one of the best care tips for feet. The perfect way to exfoliate feet is to soak the feet in soapy water and scrub them with a scrubber or pumice stone to get rid of the dead skin cells.
  • Moisturizing the feet after cleaning them is good to keep the feet smooth. After that talcum powder must be dusted to keep the feet dry.
  • Make a masks with Multani mitti, neem, turmeric and lavender oil with the resource of inclusive of some water. Apply the mask on the feet and leave it for half an hour. Before Wash with water and massage the feet with olive oil.
  • Change the socks daily or also twice a day if they become wet.
  • Always wear dry footwear. It is better to keep two pair of shoes, so that there is time for each one of them to dry. 

Clean your feet


The most important tip during monsoon for your feet will be keeping it clean. As you are out in rain, the splashes of dirt that splits while automobiles travelling on roads will be really infectious.

The rain water creates water logging in some parts which is affected by the microbial growth. Now, when you dip your legs in that water, the microbial infection will be very well prosecuted in your body. Thus, when you come back home, wash your feet adequately with clean water and if possible add some antiseptic fluid.

Monsoon footwear

It will be important for you to concentrate on the foot wear as well. You cannot just wear any type of footwear and proceed travelling during the monsoon.

You must have heard about the gumboot? Yes, those are the rubbery finish footwear that will cover your feet till the below portion of the knee.

This will keep your feet protected from the dirty water in the streets during monsoon. Since your whole feet will be covered, there will be no chance for your feet to get affected by the microbes.

Warm water treatment

The rain water will be filled with all bacteria and protozoa that can give rise to the infection of your feet while you keep your feet exposed to the environment.

Warm water is one of the remedy to keep those microbes away as those die when the water boils. But remember not to allow your feet get exposed to too much hot water. If you have boiled water in 100 degrees, it will be burning hot.

You need to keep it idle for sometime till it gains a warm and tolerable temperature. There after you can easily soak your feet in warm water. Adding some salt will be wonderful as this helps in healing minor pain that you have gained by soaking your feet in rain water.

Foot mask

Best feet and toenails tips

Just like you make face masks at home, make masks for feet at home. You can make it according to your skin type.

If you have oily skin, multani mitti mask will be good. Individuals with oily skin can go for orange peel mask. Both are quite easy to make. For multani mitti mask you have to take the fuller earth of 2-3 spoons and dilute it with water and honey.

Make a paste and apply over the foot area. Keep for 20 minutes and then wash it away. For oily skin get some orange peel from the orange just you have consumed and get it dried under sun.

Use a grinder to make powder and then add a spoon of milk. Mix the ingredients and apply it over your feet. Allow the period of 20 minutes and wash away.

Do’s and don’ts of foot care

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  • Do wash the feet with a good medicated soap after returning from the rains.
  • Do wear open rubber sandals and slippers.
  • Do take a pedicure regularly.
  • Do wear clean and dry the sandals and slippers.
  • Do have the nails cut short.
  • Do dab talcum powder on feet to keep them dry.
  • Do soak the feet in warm water for 10 minutes after coming home from outside.
  • Don’t wear canvas leather and suede shoes especially if they are closed ones.
  • Don’t wear high heels as there is risk of slipping and falling on slippery roads,
  • Don’t wear damp shoes and socks.
  • Don’t walk barefoot in rain water.
  • Don’t tear cuticles around the toes.

Footwear is the most essential part in foot care during the rains. Ideal footwear for rains should have a good grip on the foot and they must be designed in a manner that water does not collect inside. The following tips will help one to survive on rainy days.