Latest finger mehndi designs 2020

Heard of ‘finger only’ mehndi designs? Well, this is the latest trend. A fully loaded mehndi may be a perfect fit for traditional functions, ceremonies and events.

Finger mehndi designs are delicate artwork (a chip of the block) perfect to be adorned with western outfits and flaunted at daily events. Here are some of the latest finger mehndi designs to inspire you:

15The Royal Jewel

Circle mehndi designs

This design exudes royalty at its minimal best. Index, middle and last fingers are elegantly painted with flowers, dots and laces. The dotted jewel joins the index and middle finger. This is a perfect fit for a day event or a casual get-together.

14Linear Finger Artwork

The interconnecting lines on the fingers ending in royal arches and embellished wrist makes for a delicate minimal mehndi design. This is a perfect artwork for girls who wish to adorn traditional mehndi without going over the top.

13The Subtle Lace Pattern

This is an elegant hybrid between traditional mehndi design and modern beauty. The fingers are drawn exquisitely with delicate lines. The ring finger is decorated with dotted jewel running down the hands.

12Modern Haath Phool

Classic mehandi designs for your beautiful hands

Hathphool is a traditional Indian piece of jewelry adorned at weddings. This is usually worn by the bride. The design replicates the beauty of a hathphool and decorates your hands beautifully for any event you wish to attend.

11Pretty Fingers

Each finger is embellished with similar delicate design. It also accommodates a beautiful floral patter near the thumb covering a part of your hand. The finger mehndi design is minimal, elegant and girlish.

10The Blooming Mehndi

If you love blooming flowers, you would definitely love this finger mehndi design. Two beautiful flowers descend down from ring finger covering half of the hand. All fingers except little fingers are covered in linear pattern.

9The Elegant Motifs

Top floral mehandi designs for hands

Elegance personified! This mehndi design has unique pattern on each finger. The ring finger ends with beautiful dotted curves on both sides of hand. This design is traditional with a twist of modernity.

8Pretty Parallels and Ivies

As the name suggests, the design covers fingers with parallel lines and exquisite ives. The mehndi design is a perfect fit for casual event or even a ‘no event’ day when you are just in a mood to decorate your hands.

7The Chateau Design

Vineyards are beautiful and look amazing when transferred on to hands in henna. This design crawls upwards to the little finger from a beautifully done wristband. The fingers are done in a minimal pattern.

6Netted Fingers

Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

The design is heavy on fingers and tastefully done to embellish the middle part of your fingers. The lacy pattern is beautiful and covers the fingers to give you a stylish look. Flaunt it to any event you want get ready to be showered with compliments.

5The Royal Jeweled Finger

The design replicates the beauty of royal heirloom jewelry pieces worn by the princesses and queens of the ancient era. This mehndi design is a sure shot beauty you would like to embellish your hand with.

4The Loaded Henna Dyed Fingers

Loaded finger mehndi designs look beautiful and unique. These are a sure shot head turners regardless of the event you plan to adorn for. This design is unique and an amazing way to decorate your hands.

3The Traditional Finger Mehndi

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The finger mehndi design can also be a fully loaded traditional version of the art. So go for this one at one of the special events you wish to attend without going over the top.

2The Descending Beauty

This minimal mehndi design is a perfect choice for your college prom or a day event. It elegantly embellishes the fingers without loading it. The design comprises of outlines and vines covering all five fingers.

1The Arabic Fingers

Arabian mehndi is one of the most popular and adorned designs by women around the world. This minimal floral Arabian design in descending on your fingers will turn heads anywhere you go.