Worst mistakes that contact lens users make

Individuals using the contact lenses must keep in mind about few important facts. Your contact lenses must be stored well at home or office. You must always keep the lenses in its case after using them. Eye’s health will be possible to maintain with proper examination of eye after certain intervals of time. If you are taking the lens for the first time, you must read the facts in the instruction booklet before using it. This booklet will speak about the essential facts to be carried on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
In today’s world many of us are suffering from eyesight problems for which we resort to either wearing glasses or contact lenses. Preferred by many contact lenses are more in vogue these days probably because of the benefits over wearing glasses.  But there are few common mistakes that we all end up making if we opt for contact lenses. First and foremost mistake is to wear contact lenses for quite a long time.

It often happens to us, either we are in a busy schedule or just too tired or sometimes we even commit this mistake out of procrastination. But it should be kept in mind that wearing contact lenses for quite a long time may lead to a severe damage to the thickness of the cornea, thickness of the stoma ,curvature, high sensitivity of the cornea, cell density, and epithelial oxygen uptake, etc. There can be other damages too which might include, in the development of epithelial vacuoles, leading to deadly micro cysts as well as the emergence of polymegethism in the corneal endothelium. Adverse effects include a sensitivity in the corneal vision, loss of proper vision, and even photophobia.

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Contact lenses block the passage of oxygen level to the cornea of your eyes which is why wearing lenses for long hours can be harmful. Lenses should be removed after a certain amount of time to give the eyes some rest and this will increase the oxygen exposure to the eyes. Also it must be kept in mind that soft contact lenses often create a storehouse of germs and bacteria due to its moist environment which allows the microorganisms to make shelter in your cornea.

Common mistakes of lens wearers

  • One of the major problems of the lens wearer is the improper care of the lenses on a daily basis. Just after cleaning and disinfecting process, it is very essential to store the lenses in a proper place. Even the storage cases will not be safe for the lenses as many microorganisms can grow there. This might harm your eyes if the storage place is not properly chosen.
  • Protection of contact lenses is another mistake which is made by most of the contact lens users. When you are out in the sunlight, it will be very important for you to use the sunglass as this will effectively block the ultraviolet rays. The lenses with UV protection will be another important way to use.
  • Some people make the mistake of getting the eye lenses from down market places. Since they have a craze to wear the contact lenses instantly and the branded organization will not be in a position to provide it instantly, they search for an alternative place. People wish to have the contact lenses right away. Thus, they go to the flea market to avoid the waiting time. But, it will be dangerous to buy lenses from such places where prescription is not at all required.

Tips on caring lens

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  • Visit to your eye care physician who provides regular care examination.
  • It will be important to remove the contact lenses from your eye before taking up the activities like swimming, showering etc.
  • You must clean the contact lenses according to the instruction provided by your eye care provider or according to the manufacturer guidelines
  • Individuals must wear as well as replace the contact lenses according to eye care provider.
  • You must wash your hands with soap and water before using the contact lenses.

How to clean contact lenses?

You must not clean the contact lenses just the way you clean your spectacles. You have to follow some step by step procedures. Some of the steps are as follows:

  • Individual must wash his hand with soap and water at first
  • Now take the contact lens and pour solution in it.
  • Old solutions must be taken out from the lenses and replace it with the clean solution
  • Now place the contact lens in case as soon as it becomes clean.

Sleeping with contact lens

Sleeping with your contact lenses on can make a lot of damage to your cornea. With the closing of the eyes the contact lenses creates a warm and damp environment which allows in the formation of microorganisms that feed on your cornea with infectious germs. It may also result into unwanted irritation in the eyes and this will result into scratching too. This leads to the dislocation of the lens from the original position which causes a lot of discomfort and pain. Do note that corneal ulcer happens mainly because of sleeping with the contact lenses on. In most severe cases, one can even go blind because of major corneal damage.

Contact lens wearer sharing contact lens

Exchange of contact lenses can cause in major risks of eye infections, since the fluids of our cornea gets into touch which leads to the transfer of many harmful microorganisms causing bacterial infections. Many of us who do not have eyesight problem, even they wear fancy lenses for style statement. But these things should be kept in mind that wearing lenses needs very high hygienic and healthy condition. Lenses need proper care and handling and exchanging contact lenses with someone is as gross as using someone’s toothbrush.

Wearing someone else’s contact lens makes the easy passage of corneal ulcers and it can happen to anybody.

Going into water with contact lens on

Another very big blunder which all the contact lens wearers do is to get into water by wearing the lenses. Contact lenses are sensitive and this means that physical contact with any external object can cause discomfort. Water is one such external object. Contact lens wearers should avoid getting in contact with water as in getting into pool for swimming, bathing with contact lenses on. This increases the chances of getting caught with deadly eye infections. Also such damages can lead to permanent eye damage since the microorganisms get really active which leads in the contamination of the cornea of our eyes with germs and bacteria.