How to lose weight with dance, list of few videos

The need of physical exercises for losing weight is unprecedented. Along with a healthy diet you need to include sufficient physical exercise in your daily routine in order to lose those extra kilos. While every one of us is well aware about the great effects of regular exercising on the body and also on the mind, the tendency of skipping regular exercises is high amongst most of the people.

Most of us, when get serious about losing weight, start with a strict exercising regimen but in most of the cases the regimen starts to slow down and finally comes to a complete halt within a month or even less. While not being actually serious about losing weight is one of the primary reasons that make people to quit their exercise regimen shortly after undertaking it, another reason that we have to accept is that, exercising can be boring. This is a reason, often it is suggested to opt for active sports, as sports burns your calorie without letting you get bored in anyway.

How to lose weight at home

Another way that gives you all the benefits of physical exercise without letting you get bored is dancing and this is the reason more and more people are now leaning towards taking up dance classes instead of the gymnasium membership. Dancing can give great workout benefits and it can work as one of the best cardio exercises to make your heart racing for burning the extra calories.

The best thing about dance is that there are numerous variations in dancing. Depending on your choices and needs you can opt for Zumba, belly dance, Tango, or even Indian Classical dancing. Aerobics based dancing is also getting quite popular particularly for the purpose of losing weight. Dancing involves extensive and strategical movement of the whole body, which in anyway is not less effective in losing weight than running in the treadmill or pulling that bar in the gym. So, if you are planning to lose weight, taking up dancing instead of exercising can be a good way to ensure that you stick up to your plan of weight loss for long.

Different types of dances have their own challenges and dancing is an art, which can be really interesting and engrossing to learn and practice. While you can easily take up a dance class of your choice to lose weight instead of registering yourself in the gym, you can also opt for dance practices in your home following some videos. Learning and practicing these dance steps for losing weight are not difficult and you can easily follow them from thee videos. So, if you think exercising is too boring, check out these videos and start practicing these dance movements regularly from today,

Aerobics dance for losing weight

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This is a simple aerobics dance video that shows you some interesting moves which can be highly helpful to lose weight and to tone up your body. The best thing about this video is that the steps shown here are really simple and can be followed by anyone with ease. Just 10 minutes of this aerobics dance daily and you can see the changes in a month.

Zumba dance workout for losing weight

Once you learn the steps and movements of this Zumba dance workout video, exercising will never be boring for you anymore. The movements shown in this video involves all of your upper and lower body and gives you the best effects of cardio exercises. You can practice these steps alone or with your family to add more fun to your weight loss regimen.

Body toning zumba workout for losing weight

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Toning the muscles of your body makes a vital part of losing weight. Muscle toning gives a more sculpted look to your figure and is directly related to inch loss. This video trains you on some moves that help you in inch-loss giving you quick slimming effects. The moves are simple and just 4 minutes of practicing these moves twice a day can give you weight loss and body toning benefits in two weeks.

Dance workout for weight loss

This dance video is primarily based on Bollywood dances and hence you are sure to enjoy the steps and the moves while practicing it. The best thing about this dance workout video is that it takes only 3 minutes of your time to complete one session. So, even when you are in hurry, you can complete this dance workout without getting late.

Lose weight with this fat burning funk dance workout

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Check out this video and you will know the best tricks to burn out those stubborn fats with dancing. This10 minute long dancing video is a thorough cardio workout session that can give you the best weight loss effect. If you are a beginner, you might find it difficult to follow the whole 10 minutes of the video continuously. In that case you can break down this 10 minute long session into two halves to start with and then slowly increase the time of each of the sessions to cover it all.

Tango argentine style workout for weight loss

Learn the unique dance steps of this Argentine style Tango and practice them daily to lose weight. These dance steps are a real fun to perform and they give the best fat burning and toning effects to the body. Following the steps shown in this video might seem a bit critical at first, but with regular practice you are sure to grasp the rhythm and grab all the fun while losing weight quickly.

Belly dancing for a flat stomach and weight loss

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If you have loose fat around your stomach or you want to sculpt your waist, in both the cases belly dancing can be the best way to get the desired effects. Belly dancing targets the fat on your stomach and waist areas that are naturally prone to fat storage. Practice the belly dancing moves shown in this video to get flat abs. This long video shows you many belly dancing moves. You can pick some of them and practice for a week before picking some new ones for a change.

The trend of dancing as a workout is increasing and many of our Bollywood beauties who are known for their sculpted body swear by the effects of dancing in weight management and also to maintain a perfectly toned body. So, if you are looking to get that perfect figure and not only losing extra weight, dancing can be the best workout for you.

It is best to practice the dances at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening to get the best results. You can even start your regular exercise regime with a short dance practice instead of the cardio session. Dancing can give the best warm up effects which can be highly helpful to get more weight loss benefits from your regular exercise. So, if you think that suddenly your exercise regime has become less effective, adding up a 3 minute dance session before the exercises can boost up the total calorie burn easily.