Simple ways to protect your skin

Whether it’s blazing sun of summer or chilly rough wind of winter, pollution or harsh chemicals in the beauty products, your skin is under a constant threat. Lack of care might cost you much more than you can imagine. With a little patience, concern and right knowledge you can shield your skin against severe to mild skin issues easily. In this article, you will find some useful tips that will help you retaining your natural beauty.

Everyone must have to protect their skin because of the important duty it is doing-protecting our body. The care must be from all the corners in order to retain the skin soft, supple and free from skin ailments such as skin cancer, premature aging, chapped and dry skin. Skin care neither be time consuming nor tough, it must go easy and interesting in order to cope up with again and again.

Limit sun exposure

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You may have crossed this massage over more and more times in your life, the repetition is due to its great reason of skin protection. The harmful ultraviolet rays emitting from sun damage your skin texture and further calls for wrinkles, skin cancer, age spots, discolorations, freckles and benign growths.

Check your skin care products to have sun rays protection formula  or apply sunscreen everyday and every time after certain period. Try to stay indoor when the sun heat is too intense i.e from 10 am to 3 pm. Covering the skin with long length sleeves and pants, wearing hats as per your styling choice also cares your hair health.

Health precautions

On every move of the body what touches our skin really matters a lot. Taking good care will keep the germs away otherwise our skin get affected with viral infections. Do you know cold sores are caused due to the viral infection of the lip skin border! Likewise acne and other skin problems are in the active state with the presence of bacteria .

The carriers of germs and infections spread the problems from one to the another. So, never share your personal belongings with any one such as toothbrushes, lip balms and other personal items.

Avoid sharing drinks with your close one’s or pals, do not touch your facial skin with the fingertips or with the objects that are used by some others.

Gentle skin care

Avoid the usage of chemical based skin care products which may leads to skin allergies,  redness and inflammation. Wash your face daily two times with the cleanser and warm water to flush out the germs, bacteria, bad, dead cells and dirt from your skin.

Rather than rubbing your skin with scrubbers that cause irritation and chapped skin massage your face with a smooth washcloth in the circular motions. Wash off with warm water to remove the soap and debris.  Without rubbing pat your skin and wear a dab of skin moisturizer.

Skin hydration

To prevent the chapped, dry, scaly and itchy skin texture one success mantra you can follow is that keeping your skin hydrated.  So, drink lots of water and use right kind of moisturizing cream or lotion as per the skin type. Don’t use hot water to wash your skin instead go with lukewarm water.

Know your skin

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Stay attentive towards your skin and identify the problems early to hitch-hike them. For instance a change in the mole nature subjects potential skin cancer. Similarly keep an eye on your skin growths and odd freckles.  Consult your doctor immediately if you notice any of these, also visit for skin conditions like frequent acne, skin irritations, rashes and inflammation.

Shelter from the sun

No matter the season is hot or cold, the UV rays of sun never ceases to take a toll on your skin. Although it is a fact that a minimal exposure to sunlight is necessary for the production of vitamin D in the body, overexposure always leads you to the highway of hell, quite literally. These ultraviolet rays can cause even the deadly skin cancer. If not that much always freckles, skin pigmentation, premature aging can be easily triggered in your skin. The best way to protect your skin is to cover your body with comfortable clothes to avoid pigmentation. Also use a sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 and aloe vera for maximum for radical-free skin.

Wash thoroughly and gently

You cannot simply avoid washing your face several times a day unless you wish to look like an alien. It is naturally the easiest and most fruitful way of cleaning the impurities from the skin pores. Dust particles, dust, extra skin oil, dead skin cells-these all form a layer on your skin which makes the skin look dull, lifeless, and rough. Washing with cold or lukewarm water, mild face wash, cleansing milk, gentle scrub will get you rid of the blemishes. Every time you wash the face and look in the mirror, you can easily spot the difference between the skin before and after washing. Do not wash too often using too much pressure. Go gentle with the skin, pat softly with a dry towel instead of rubbing it hard.

Lock the moisture, stay hydrated

During winters your skin is prone to lose its natural moisture quickly. It results in chapped skin which burns, bleeds and steals your peace of mind to say the least. In summer, the process of dehydration is quickened because of the heat. Adequate hydration keeps the skin pores tight and makes it supple. If you drink 5 liters of water everyday, the chances of acne, blackheads, dark spots, and skin roughness will remarkably reduce.

Always keep a bottle of a mild body lotion handy near your bathtub. After taking a shower, apply a generous amount on your body to make moisten the skin. For the shower purpose, it is highly recommended to avoid hot water bath as it breaks the protective tissue layer of the skin. Either use cold or lukewarm water for bath. Make sure the soap and body lotions you use do not contain harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl. Precaution is the best cure.

Eat better, look better

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In order to complete the garrison you want to build around your skin nourishment and protection should be supplied into the inner realm of your body as well. The dose of care is best taken orally. To a certain extent, the quality and the defense mechanism of your skin depend on the foods you consume. Vitamin A, B complex, C, E, minerals and antioxidants have individual role to play to your skin, no need to mention none of these play the role of a villain. From the treasure of nature, you can have a lot of edible substances that will give you a flawless, glowing skin, from green vegetables, milk, fruits to meat, nuts etc.The list never ends. Include natural foods in your diet and you will hardly have any skin problem.

Comfortable clothing

Secure your skin by preventing it from the touch of fabrics that cause skin irritation. Synthetic fabrics like nylon are heavily used in making clothes in these mainly because of its low cost but it is not skin friendly. Often the itchiness, red rashes that spout on the skin occur due to such fabrics. Clothing is about comfort and safety both. Wear attires made of skin-friendly fabrics such as cotton that will let the air pass inside the body, saving you from perspiration, body odor and skin irritation all at once. Also make sure the outfit you are putting on properly fits you, it must not be too tight otherwise the friction that also trigger rashes.