Natural home exfoliates for the skin care

Keeping your skin well maintained is an important factor associated with the wellbeing. Skin is an important part of your body which needs to be well nourished and cared.  If you want to keep your skin healthy, there are some important steps which need to be followed. Dry skin can give rise to scales of dead skin which is really harmful for your skin. You must remove this dead skin layer from your body in order to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Exfoliation is a wonderful way of keeping your skin free from the dead skin layer. You may easily get variety of skin exfoliates in the market among which the one that suits you needs to be considered. But, sometimes this artificial exfoliates can be harmful for your skin. Thus, natural exfoliates are preferable.

The top layer of the skin known as the epidermis is covered with a layer of dead cells which sheds on its own. There are times when the skin fails to get rid of the flakes which make the skin look dull and rough. It tends to close the oil pores on the skin and cause blemishes.   Natural or artificial scrubs can be used to clear the accumulated debris from the surface of the skin. It helps in keeping the skin healthy and glowing.

Exfoliation, after completing it in good way you can prevent the aging skin and make your skin youthful appeal. There are so many exfoliates are available in the market but they are little costly. Do you know there are natural exfoliates are in your home. Below find the some of the natural home exfoliates.

Natural home exfoliates

Raw honey

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A healthy and natural kitchen ingredient for the skin care, raw honey is a superb antiseptic. This is because it has anti-bacterial benefits Honey contains the natural antioxidants. These natural antioxidants are helps to prevent the skin from aging. There are other benefits also associated with the honey. This can be easily blended with any facial scrub.


It is the good diet in the food. This can be also used as the natural exfoliate. Curd contains the lactic acid, hydroxyl acids are good for the skin care, many of the skin care products are contain this lactic acid. The curd has the skin smoothing property. It is good for the dry skin. Apply the curd on the skin and wash after 20 minutes.

Sea salt

This is the best scrub available widely in nature. This natural exfoliates makes the skin detoxifying and make your skin glow. Adding water to the sea salt and then used as exfoliate for the skin is the best idea. This sea salt helps in open the skin pores and makes them glow. This is cheaply available exfoliate

Baking soda

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All the high end beauty treatment, spa treatments, high quality beauty products contains the sodium carbonate as the ingredient in these procedures and products. microdermabrasion treatment done with baking soda. They may affect the smooth skin and causes for rashes on the skin. Add the pinch of baking soda to the all the beauty treatments at home gives the good and spa results at home. Not toad the baking soda over on to the beauty treatments.

Ground fruit seeds and nuts

Fruit seeds and nuts are best for the skin care. There are many fruits seeds and nuts are available in the kitchen. These ingredients are helpful in removing the dead skin cells and make skin smooth. Make this fruit seeds and nuts as powder and mix the water, lemon juice, and honey as the blender. Make it as the paste apply it on the skin.

Natural homemade scrubs

Homemade natural scrub is best exfoliators for all types of skin.  They must be made of grainy particles like sugar, oatmeal, coffee powder or salt to act as efficient scrubbers. These scrubs are effective have no side effects.


Sugar is an efficient agent that acts as an exfoliant to give a natural shine and glow to the skin. The glycolic acid in sugar helps in breaking down the dead cells and in boosting the production of new cells. The scrub can be made by mixing sugar with olive oil to make a paste. Instead grapeseed oil or jojoba oil can also be used and both brown and white sugar can be used. Massage this paste gently on the body and face  in circular motions and rinse well. Sugar is regarded as a wonderful exfoliates for your skin across your face and body. You can make a wonderful exfoliate by adding a spoon of sugar with 2 spoons of olive oil. Apply it over your face and rub it over in a circular motion. You need to massage your skin gently and wash it away with the help of cold water. All dead skin will be effectively removed with this process of exfoliation.


Oatmeal is a natural moisturizer for the skin and is an effective exfoliating agent to remove dead skin cells. Make a paste with ground oatmeal, honey and buttermilk. Apply this mixture on the face and neck and leave it for 20 minutes before washing with warm water.Health conscious people are very well aware about their diet routine. The healthiest meal in this connection is none other than oatmeal. You will also be very happy to know about other benefits of oatmeal as well. This is a wonderful exfoliate for the skin of each human being that will remove the scales from your skin completely. You can now make oatmeal exfoliate with oatmeal grinded to very small granules and honey. Now mix the two ingredients really well to form a paste. Apply it over your face in a circular motion and then leave for 15 minutes time. You can now wash it away and remove the dead skin completely.

Lemon juice

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We all know that lemon juice contains citric acid in natural form which helps in removing the protein glue on your body that makes the dead skin to stick to your body. You can now make exfoliate with lemon and sugar and apply it over your face. Make a circular movement and remove with cold water and see the difference.

The alpha hydroxy acid in lemon juice enters deep into the skin and helps to break the protein glue that makes the dead cells stick to the upper layer of the skin. An excellent scrub can be made by mixing lemon juice with sugar granules until the sugar is completely dissolved. Apply this paste on the face and wash it off after 15 minutes.


Papaya the enzyme papain present in papaya helps to get rid of the old dead skin cells without any side effects. This enzyme is believed to reduce brown age spots and fine lines. Besides papaya other fruits like pomegranates and pineapples also help in clearing dead skin cells… These fruits also contain the enzymes that are help in disentangling dead skin cells. Papaya is a natural fruit that contains the enzyme named as papain. This is a particular enzyme known for dissolving the old and dead skin replacing the same with young and fresh ones. Most of the people already has new cells just under the dead skin layer. After removing the dead skin layer, it will be ideal to get back the newest variety. You just need to smash papaya and apply it over your face and skin. Remember to get a green and raw papaya instead of the ripe one. You can also add little honey with papaya to make a smooth paste and apply it over the skin layer. This will definitely help you remove the dead skin from your face and replace the same with young looking skin tone.

Ground coffee

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Ground coffee rubbing of coffee seeds on the skin help to remove dead skin cells. Prepare this scrub by mixing coarsely ground coffee seeds salt and any massage oil. Moisten the skin with a warm bath and then rub this mixture in circular movements.  Clean the body with cold water. Get some coffee beans from the market and grind it well with the help of a grinder. Do not make a complete powder out of coffee as in order to make exfoliate with coffee granules will be really essential. Mix a spoon of ground coffee with massage oil and apply it over your face in a circular motion. This is an effective exfoliate for all those individuals who have dry skin and is having tough scales as well. After keeping it for 15 minutes, remove it with the help of water.


Yogurt Many housewives have a habit of making yogurt at home as this is a wonderful food to be consumed and is really good for your health. But, today you will be amazed to learn its benefits for skin as well. Nutritionists say that Yogurt contains lactic acid which is generally used in various skin care products. You can now apply this yogurt over your face and skin to make it smooth. You can now add a spoon of sugar with the yogurt and apply it over your face and rub it to get a wonderful exfoliation.

Homemade exfoliator recipes

  • Chocolate sugar face scrub: This is an efficient exfoliator made with brown sugar, vanilla extract, cocoa powder and olive oil. Make a paste by mixing all the ingredients. Rub the mixture gently on the face for a minute and then leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it clean using warm water.
  • Coffee, lavender & sugar scrub: This found to be the best exfoliator to get a calm, spot free skin.
  • Salt & lemon: These two exfoliating ingredients make a perfect scrub for oily skin.

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  • Smashed strawberries: Mash few strawberries in a bowl and apply the paste on the face. Rub the paste on the face vigorously to remove the oil and dead skin cells.
  • Tomato & sugar: This is a simple scrub doing wonders on the skin, cut the tomato into half. Cover the fleshy side of the tomato with sugar and rub it on the face. Leave it for 10 minutes before washing it off.
  • Coffee scrub: This strange scrub uses the leftover coffee grounds from a freshly brewed coffee. The caffeine from the coffee boosts circulation of the blood and cleans the skin.  This fragrant scrub is made by using used coffee grounds, olive oil, vanilla extract, and sugar and peppermint essential oil. Blend all the ingredients to a paste and store it in a jar. Store this scrub in the refrigerator to use it daily before bath. Rub the solution all over the body on wet skin especially on the feet, ankle, knees and elbows. Wash and  clean the body  with a mild soap

Natural homemade exfoliator for your skin

Chamomile tea with sugar

Exfoliation means something that will remove the dead skin layer from your skin. When you are going to deal with your facial skin, it is going to be the best deal especially with the skin care remedies. You can now get a great combination of chamomile tea along with sugar. For this you would require to take a spoon of sugar where the granules are moderate in size and 4-5 spoons of chamomile tea. Combine both and apply over your face. Use your fingers to rub it against your skin. This will remove the dead skin layer.

Lentil with honey

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You must be aware of the red lentil which you normally use as a cereal. Now, this can also be proved as a wonderful exfoliates. To make this exfoliate, all you have to do is take 1/4th cup of lentil and soak it in water overnight. Now get up and see the lentil has become bigger as water went inside and made it soft. Now take it in a grinder and grind it very little as you need the granules of lentil for exfoliation. Do not make it a complete pulp. Now take the grinded lentil in a container and add 2 spoons of honey in it. Mix them and apply on your face. Wait for 20 minutes and then use your fingertips to slowly rub.

Ground nut with milk

The ground nuts are wonderful way to keep your skin filled with all types of nutrients. Even consuming them on a regular basis will give you good health. Even for the heart this will be amazing. Now, let us make a natural exfoliate with this ground nut. Make very small pieces of it by taking them in grinder. Take it out and add some milk. Make a paste out of it. You can also add some honey with this. Apply it over your face and use fingertips that will slowly rub it against the skin and remove the unwanted dead skin layer. You can wash it adequately after 20 minutes.