Eating disorder causes and remedies

Eating disorders are illnesses which portray your irregular eating habits. These can be a cause of severe distress and concerns for your body and shape.

This can either happen due to inadequate consumption of food or excessive on the contrary. These can be best explained in three types, are they are, Anorexia Nervosa disorder, Bulimia Nervosa disorder and Binge Eating Disorder.

This can happen to male or female, and it can happen during teenage to young adulthood. This has been classified as a medical sickness and needs gradual cure.


Anorexia nervosa disorder

People who go through this have a fear or getting obese. They refuse to stick to a healthy body as they assume their figure should be like an unrealistic imaginary shape.

Every one of us looks different, we have been gifted with different features and we have to concentrate on looking healthy and not perfect!

People who face this disorder reduce their consumption levels drastically. This can have an effect on your brain, organs, bone, heart and also cause infertility.

Bulimia nervosa disorder

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This disorder happens to people who repeatedly eat, every now-and-then. While on one hand, you like to eat a lot, on the other hand you try to exercise excessively and that worsens your condition all the more.

You fear that you’d gain weight, but you don’t want to leave you unhealthy habits eithers. You will go through gastrointestinal problems, heart difficulties and hydration due to this disorder.

Binge eating disorder

People who have this disorder lose their control on eating. But unlike Bulimia Nervosa, you don’t exercise excessively. You have chances to go through cardiovascular diseases. You might also get obese and find no alternative solutions.


There is no definite answer to this, it can be numerous reasons put together! It is mix of biological, environmental and psychological abnormalities which trigger this condition.

Biological factors include

  • Hormonal disorders
  • Genetic
  • Lack of nutrition

Environmental factors include

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  • Professional/career demands in cases like modeling
  • Sports, dance, gymnastics, etc.
  • Childhood traumas
  • Dysfunctional family dynamic
  • Stress

Psychological factors include

  • Poor self-esteem
  • Negative body image

Remedies for eating disorders

It takes us years to actually realize the health hazards of eating disorders. It is easy to slurp through some packaged food products or simply have weird eating times, but as years pass by, our complications keep on increasing.

It is advisable to follow a healthy routine, which includes a balanced diet. Your body needs the correct amount of nutritions and they can only be obtained from rich and healthy food.

  • You need medical care and monitoring as this is quite a concern. Addressing your health issues and not shying away, is precisely the only way you can deal with it
  • You need to have proper nutrition which can be guided by a nutritionist. They will let you have the perfect routine, which will also go with your regular schedule.
  • You might also like to go through psychotherapy, with a group of people who need to address the same condition. These therapies help you get out of the concerns you have with your body and weight. You evolve out to be content and happy.
  • Finally, if you are recommended by your doctors, you can also start off with medications. These are only for extreme cases, which is why you need be sure of how you want to go about it.

Start from the basic which includes a healthy routine. Waking up early, going through some low key exercises, following a proper diet, is like a task you can help yourself with.

This process will take time, but it will help you in the long run. Promote a healthier you, to promote a healthier world.

How to determine eating disorder?

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There is always a set of questions your doctor would ask you when you consult him. We have listed them down so that you can ask yourself and determine the condition:

  • Do you fall sick when you feel uncomfortably full, even though you haven’t had enough?
  • Do you think that you have lost the control over how much you consume?
  • Have you lost about 5-6 kilograms within 90 days without any proper stress on reducing?
  • Do you feel fat when your outer appearance is thin?
  • Do you think food dominates your life?

If there are most than 2 questions with the answer ‘yes’, you probably have eating disorder! Some symptoms which will make reassure this condition would include:

  • Eagerness to skip meal due to low hunger.
  • Complaining that you’re fat even when you weight is normal. This happens when you feel heavy.
  • Weighing yourself repeatedly and looking at the mirror to spot a difference.
  • Claiming that you have eaten already when you haven’t.
  • Cooking heavy meals for others but avoiding it yourself even when you love to eat.
  • You just want to grab onto some low-calorie element as you feel heavy all the time.
  • Feeling uncomfortable or suffocated when there is no reason to.

After you have already diagnosed the cause and type of your problem, go on with the remedies. If you don’t see significant changes, you should consult a doctor.