Add these ayurvedic herbs to your diet to live longer

Are you looking for the secrets to get longer and healthier life? Reducing stress through meditation and exercise, taking proper sleep and eating the right food in the right quantity are major things that helps you live longer.

But do you know adding Ayurvedic herbs to your diet helps to achieve these things easily? Ayurvedic herbs helps to reduce stress levels, boosts your immunity, helps you fall asleep and detoxifies the body.

It improvises your life and helps you live longer. Dr. Perumbudur Naresh who is a senior Ayurveda physician at Ananda in the Himalayas talks about the most beneficial ingredients that helps you to get longer and healthier life.


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It is also known as Mulethi or Liquorice. Accordingly to Dr. Naresh, it helps to increase the blood circulation in the central nervous system and balances the sugar levels. It helps to increase memory and is effective for patients who suffer from dementia.

Yashtimadhu is an anti-inflammatory ingredient. The red and irritated skin is a result of Pitta energy and the dryness symbolizes the Vata energy. Yashtimadhu balances both these energies and calms down the body responses.

It also reduces stress, depression, controls cholesterol, boosts immunity, treats sore throat and cough, lightens the pigmentation and scars, boosts hair growth and keeps the liver healthy.

Dosage: Every morning take 1 teaspoon (3-6 gms) with water.


This ingredient is also known as Guduchi. Its juice is widely used in India for brain enhancement. Dr. Naresh confirms that it is safe for consumption as it soothes all the 3 doshas. Its roots acts as an anti-stress, anti-leprotic and anti-malarial ingredient.

It has high amount of zinc and copper which acts as an antioxidant and protects the cells from adverse effects caused by free radical cells. It also boosts immunity, improves digestion, treats diabetes and arthritis, reduces stress and anxiety, treats asthmatic conditions, improvises vision and reduces signs of aging.

Dosage: Take 1 teaspoon (3-6 gms) of powder with water


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Amla is also known as gooseberry which acts as an effective anti-aging Ayurveda ingredient. It is rich in Vitamin C which boosts the immune system and reduces high lipids. Because of its hepatoprotective activities, it helps to protect the liver.

Dr. Naresh says Amla is good for vision and diabetes. It also strengthens the lungs, improves the health of the heart, treats throat infections and improves the skin and hair.

Dosage: Every morning on empty stomach, take 10-20 ml of fresh Amla juice or mix 1 teaspoon (3-6 gms) of powder with water.


This ingredient which is found on the hills of Himalayas is largely used in Ayurveda since ages. It treats bacterial infection, induces sleep, acts as an anti-inflammatory ingredient, helps in memory enhancing and is beneficial for uterus.

It has calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body which makes it a best herbal ingredient. According to Dr. Naresh, its roots are used to treat hysteria, epilepsy and convulsions.

Dosage: For better sleep: At night, take 1 teaspoon (3-6 gms) with warm buffalo or nut milk.

To reduce stress: In the morning, take small amount with water.

2Gotu Kola

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Gotu kola is a famous Chinese and Ayurvedic herb. It has high levels of amino acids, fatty acids and beta-carotene. It is used to fight against bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. It is also used as an antidepressant to kill anxiety, depression and tiredness.

It improves memory and is suitable for Alzheimer’s. It can be applied on wounds to heal them quicker and on scars to reduce them. It works great on pregnancy stretch marks and repairs hair, skin and nails.

Dosage: Every morning take 10-20 ml of fresh juice.


Brahmi which is also known as Bacopa grows in the wetlands and in abundance since thousands of years. It is used to improve memory which makes it an effective ingredient to treat Alzheimer’s.

It also boosts immune system, acts as an anti-inflammatory ingredient, reduces anxiety, treats asthma, backache, joint pain and seizures, epilepsy and helps to heal wounds.

Dosage: Daily take 5-10 gms of powder or 8-16 ml of infusion or 30ml syrup.