Everything you need to know about Holographic Nail Polish

Holographic Nail polish is the most talked about trend on the internet today. Beauty bloggers going gaga over this insanely addictive nail polish after the young sensation Gigi Hadid wore a chrome holographic manicure and the rest remains history.

Ever since, Instagram has been bombarded with holographic fancy nails glittering in all their glory under the summer shade. From pastels to metallic, earthy hues and sunshine strokes, dip your nails in holographic hues and let the envious eyes roll.

Holographic nails are apparently the sparkling and dazzling nail powder which is easily stitched over the gel topcoating. Colors like silver, rose gold, emerald are quite a rage when it comes to painting your nails with holographic texture.

We saw Bollywood celebrities like Tamannaah Bhatia wearing them among others. Here are a few instagrammers who are going berserk with this trending vogue and we can’t resist to share a few glimpses with you all:

Look at this perfectly manicured holograph fame

Oh my! These are one hell of yummy treat for your nails

We can’t stop looking at this gorgeous color. Woah!

How about a little nail art?

Aww! We’re in all kinds of love with this scintillating color and look at that sparking vibe.

The signature silver holographic nails are basically BOMB

How to Apply:

Holographic nail polish is very easy to apply. All you need is a gel polish, base nail polish, brush with smooth and fine cuticles and holographic powder. Follow these simple steps and found yourself love-struck:

Step 1: Apply a base coat of your favorite color to your nails and let it settle. A good coating will help your nails to absorb the paint easily and exude a fine shimmer.

Step 2: Next, apply 2 coats of generous gel paint to your nail post the base coat dries off completely. Ensure that the gel paint is of a good quality since it also leads to brittle nails.

Step 3: In the meantime, you can throw some holographic powder to your gel coated nails, not literally. Just sprinkle suing the brush! Don’t forget the edges.

Step 4: Now that you’re Instagram ready, click click click and flaunt your stunning holographic nails.


You can splurge on a beautiful holographic nail polish and avoid all the hassle of applying the powder. Read more to get yourself a treat and turn heads everywhere.

Best Holographic Nail Polish in the market

There are a few amazing brands that we personally love to shop these flawless holographic nail paints from and today we will be sharing a few of our favorites. Splurge on these appealing colors and make them yours truly with just a click of a button.

Rose never goes old

Immaculately wear this lovely feminine color on your hands and toes, be a date ready or wedding bomb in this spectacular color. Rose with a hint of sparkling accent is surely be a win win for you! Slip on that signature dress, flip open your hair and voila, you’re set to rock the night away.

The Signature Effect

Holographic look best with silver and champagne hues, this color just beats time and stays on your nails forever. We so love the magnificent look of silver holographic paint and it’s strikingly good looks makes us fall in love all over again.

Take me to the galaxy

With interstellar holographic polish on your nails, do you even mind transporting to another galaxy because we don’t. Floored by the bizarre color and texture this polish exudes, this kitschy number should be a must-have in your vanity kit.

Gold is the new black

Own this priceless beauty and say yes to risqué fashion because life’s too short to live with grudges anyway. The exotic summer color will surely compliment your soiree or upcoming wedding event, so gear up and wear this lavish holographic paint like a boss.

Wear your invisible crown

There’s nothing like too much color. Be your own drama queen and spill that sass with this gorgeous red holographic color on your nails. Set those eyes green with envy and laugh away the night while you clutch that Moet in these sultry nails.