What is my face shape? Find shape of your face now

We must have learned and known about variety of facial shapes but probably when anyone asks us about our face shape, we end up with murmuring with doubtful face. Sometime even after we have known something about our face when we go for an actual analysis to the expert, we find something else about our face. Thus, when you are in a verge of knowing your face shape, proper analysis is really an important consideration.  There are certain tips with the help of which you can know the exact facial shape of your. You won’t require an expert to analyze your face. Rather you yourself will be able to get analysis and know about your face shape.

Tips to find out your face shape

Use mirror

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In order to analyze your face you cannot do without having a look at it. Thus, the first step will be to stand in front of the mirror. It will be ideal to go a large mirror that will be capable of covering your entire face. Now stand in front of the mirror and look at it straight. Also the light falling over the mirror is over head and not directional as this might affect the shape of your face.

Outlining face

Now take lipstick, chalk or a marker pen to draw the outline of your face such that it makes an outline of your face. It will be preferable if you don’t use a marker pen as this will make a permanent impression over the mirror which will not be able to remove after your analysis task is completed. While outlining does not take your hair or ears only the facial outline will be enough.

Diagnosis of the outline

So, now you have the reports in hand in the form of facial outline. The next step will be diagnosis by judging the facial outline. Now you need to have a look at every part of your face such as forehead, chin, cheeks as well as jaw line while going for the diagnosis. Whether you have a broader jaw line or a small forehead will define the actual facial shape.

  • Round shape detection- If your outline is such that it resembles a round ball with the features like tapering forehead and jaw along with wide cheekbones you probably have a round face.
  • Oval shape detection- If you have the forehead which is little broad along with narrowness in the cheekbones, it means you have an oval shape face with tapering jaw line.
  • Triangular face detection- If you have a small forehead but at the same time enjoy a broader jaw line, it means that you have a triangle shape face.
  • Oblong face detection- Oblong is nothing but the modification of the rectangular face with moulds in four corners. If you have symmetrical but broader jaws, foreheads and cheekbones, it means that you have an oblong face.
  • Square face detection- If you have symmetrical face shape from both length and breath, there is a good possibility that you have a square shape face. But, you must have a strong cheekbones, angular jaw as well as broadened forehead.
  • Heart shape face detection- This means that your face will be broader at the top but narrow at the bottom such that your jaw line is quite narrow just like the shape of the heart where the lower part is steeper and pointed.  Here you must have a strong cheekbones and a broad forehead.
  • Diamond shape face detection- If you have symmetry view at both the top and bottom of your face along with broader cheekbones, it means that you a diamond shape face. You must have the cheekbones wider than the forehead as well as chin.

Facial measurement

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You can also define your face shape with the help of measurement. For this, you would require a mirror as you have to see yourself while doing the measurement and the measuring tape. Make sure that your measuring take is flexible and not stiff as these needs to cover the curves of your face as well. It is also important to keep a paper and a pen with the help of which you can write down your facial measurement.

  • Cheek to cheek- First of all you have to get the measurement from one cheek to another. You have to place one corner of your tape at one end beside the cheek and then cover it full and get to the end of another cheek. The tape should be placed and ideally get rest at the top of apples.
  • Forehead measurement- Once you have completed the measurement of your cheeks, the next vital portion where you need to measure is the forehead. You need to measure the length and breadth of the forehead and keep it aside.
  • Length of face- The next measurement should be ideally the length of your face. You have to measure right from the top of your forehead just below your hand and stretch it till the chin. Keep the measurement in one place.

Now you can get the measurement of each face type where the measurement of cheek bones, forehead as well as length of face measurement is present. You have to match your face measurement with each of the face measurement and find out what exactly the shape and size of your face type.