Do’s and don’ts during Diwali

Just a week more of waiting and Diwali is here. Diwali is celebrated with high enthusiasm and spirit across all the parts of India and even in many countries abroad. Diwali is the festival of light and drenching with colors and happiness certainly make this festive special in every Indian home. In most of the Indian homes, Diwali preparations start as soon as the Dussehra is over and people are always ready to cover the extra mile to make this festive really bright and colorful not only for their near and dear ones but also for their neighbors and people around.

However, every year during Diwali, you will get the news of small to bigger accidents, caused due to negligence at some part or other. When it comes to fire, in any form, it is really important to maintain due caution. A small mistake or negligence in dealing with fire or fireworks can cost you and the people around you dearly. So, no matter how you are planning to decorate your home this Diwali or the fireworks you are collecting to light up during Diwali, make sure that you take the due precautions at every step.

To make your Diwali really beautiful and free from any unexpected incidents that may turn your Diwali to a nightmare it is important to take precautions. This article will inform you in brief about what you should do and what you should not do during this Diwali.

Do’s during Diwali

Clean your home

Before the Diwali arrives make sure that every corner of your home is free from dirt, wastes and debris. Diwali is the festive during which goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity is worshipped and it is believed in Indian culture that cleanliness in your home is a must to get her blessings. So, clean your home and make sure that no room is left dirty or packed with stuffs that are of no use anymore.

Opt for new paint on the walls

There are many homes where a new paint on the walls before the Diwali is a must. A new coat of paint on the walls can quickly transform the look of your home, giving it a new and vibrant appearance that can match really well with the festive mood. So, if there is option, you can always opt to give your home a fresh look with new paint on the walls before Diwali.

Decorate your home

After cleaning, next comes the decoration part. Decorating your home in the right way is really vital during Diwali. You can decorate your home with showpieces, rangolis, flower garlands as well as with lights, candles and Diyas. Make sure that no corner of your home is left dark but light it up while maintaining the right safety measures.

Share happiness

Happiness is one thing that is increased with sharing. Do not keep the festive mood confined only within your family and friends; also include the people around you who might not be able to have such a bright Diwali as yours. Share gifts to make sure that everyone around you is happy.

Take precautions while decorating your home

During Diwali decorating homes with electric lights and candles or Diyas is common, but before you start with the decoration, it is important that you maintain some precautions. Read on to know the Do’s while decorating your home with electric lights or Diyas.

Do’s for using electrical lights

  • Buy only quality electrical decorations for lighting up your home. Poor quality materials come with wires that are more prone to tearing and shocks. So, first of all make sure that you are buying quality lights that can give proper service and will ensure complete safety.
  • While arranging the lights in your home, make sure that the wire is not attached with the electricity source. Attach the wire with the plug point only after you have completed arranging the lights and no part of your body is in direct contact with the wires or the lights.
  • At the time of decorating your home with the lights keep an eye that the electrical decorations are well away from the reach of children and they are not even close to any inflammable objects, like curtains or paper decorations that can easily catch fire due to the excess heat of the lights.
  • Unless you are experienced about making the electrical connections for all the lights on your own, appoint an experienced electrician. Electrical hazards can be really severe and can ruin your Diwali, so take precautions and do not take unnecessary risks.

Do’s for decorating with Diyas/Candles

  • Decorating your home with Diyas/Candles make an inseparable part of Diwali, so even if you are decorating your home with electrical lights, make sure to add some Diyas with the Rangolis and other decorations to create the right environment in your home.
  • While lighting the Diyas/Candles ensure maximum precaution. Do not get very close to the lighted Diyas and make sure that your clothes are not close either. Instead of using match sticks to light the diyas, use a long candle for the purpose. It will make the lighting easier, quicker and also safer.

Safety precautions during diwali

  • Before placing the diyas/candles, make sure that there is no chance of any curtain or paper to come close to the lighted diya. If you are placing Diyas at the door steps, which is a custom, make sure that there is sufficient space to move without being too close to the lighted diyas.

Take precautions for lighting fireworks

Fireworks make Diwali really fun but you need to be cautious while lighting them to minimize any risk or chance of accident. Here is what you should do while lighting fireworks during Diwali,

  • Select an open place for lighting the fireworks. Parks, garden or an open terrace might be the right place for such activities. Never light fireworks or crackers on congested streets, near the electrical wires or under the roof.
  • Fire only quality fireworks manufactured by registered well-known Indian brands. Poor quality fireworks might come cheap, but they will certainly hamper your Diwali experience and can be the reason of accidents as well.
  • Children should light fireworks only under the supervision of an elder. For lighting bigger fireworks, it is best that an adult take the responsibility and not the kids.
  • Always keep a bucket of sand and a bucket of water handy near the place where you are lighting the fireworks. These simple things can save someone’s life.
  • After lighting a firework, make sure that it has been completely spent before moving to the next one. It is best to put on some sand or water on the firework after it has been spent.
  • If a firework is not lighted in the first try but the wick has been wasted, do not try to light it again. Place some water or sand on it to ensure that there is no fire left in it, which can make it burst later leading to some untoward incident.
  • While lighting the fireworks do not get too close and use a candle or fuljhari for lighting the fireworks instead of a matchstick which will need you to get too close to the firework. Always keep your face and eyes away from the firework while lighting it.
  • For lighting rockets and other fireworks that are supposed to fly high in the sky before bursting into light, make sure to place it in a proper and steady stand so that the firework has the right direction while leaving the ground.
  • Keep a first aid box handy while lighting the firecrackers. You never know when you might actually be in urgent need of it.

Don’ts during Diwali

Do not go over your budget

Rangoli designs for diwali

Diwali is a big festive in every Indian home and it is usual to spend for celebrating it to the fullest. However, always keep in mind that spending for the festive should not turn into a burden for you, which can disturb your financial planning. So, do not go over your budget for spending during the festive.

Do not eat more than you can chew

It is the festivals like Diwali when we seem to become really hungry. All the sweets and nice dishes prepared during Diwali actually keep on calling to have more of them quickly. However, if you are past your 20s, no matter how appetizing the sweets and other rich dishes might look, keep an eye on the quantity. Eating a lot more than your normal diet can make you feel sick, ruining your Diwali completely.

Do not wear synthetic, loose fitting clothes

During Diwali it is never a good choice to opt for synthetic and loose fitting clothes with free flowing edges. Synthetic materials can be dangerous if they catch fire somehow and for lose clothes the chance of catching fire is much high. So, during Diwali, it is best to opt for tight fitting cotton clothes. If you are wearing a frilly ethnic wear for the puja, make sure to change it afterwards before you start with the firecrackers.

Do not buy low quality lights or fireworks

We often make the mistake of buying low quality lights and fireworks during Diwali particularly because they are cheap and you can buy load of them with much less money. However, these low quality lights and fireworks are a common reason of accidents during Diwali. So, spend on quality products.

Do not lit fireworks in bare feet

Rangoli designs for welcome

While lighting the fireworks, make sure that most part of your body is covered with clothes and also do not forget to put on proper shoes before starting with the fireworks. Burning the feet by accidentally stepping on a spent but still warm firecracker is very common during Diwali. So, Take the right precautions and reduce the risk of accident.

Do not throw firecrackers for fun

Firecrackers may look safe, but when lighted or used in the wrong way they can become really harmful. If you are lighting firecracker, be responsible and light it in the right way. Throwing lighted firecrackers in the air or at someone or at a stray animal can even be considered as a deliberate crime.

Your enjoyments should not be a botheration for others

Everyone has their own ways to celebrate Diwali and you never know what a situation a person is going through in his/her personal life. So, when you are enjoying your Diwali, make sure that your enjoyments are not becoming the cause of pain and trouble for someone else in the neighborhood or around. Be responsible for your acts and celebrate a safe Diwali.