Amazing benefits of Epsom salt for health

Epsom salt can be easily regarded as the jack of all traits. This white colored salt has various applications, starting from household usage and use in gardening to beauty care and health. While the normal salt only adds the taste and supplies iodine to the body, Epsom salt can offer a bunch of health benefits. However, Epsom salt is not suitable for regular consumption in diet; it is best used as a bath with water or as a hot compress. At times it is suggested to take Epsom salt internally in restricted dosage for the purpose of detoxification of the colon.

This salt is actually a compound of magnesium and sulfate, and studies have shown that both these minerals can be easily absorbed through the skin. Magnesium is a vital mineral for the body and it plays an important role in activating the different enzymes in the body. Sulfates offer anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties and also help in flushing out the toxins from the body.  Hence, Epsom salt bath can be really good to enjoy better health. Here are the best health benefits of this salt,

Helps in relieving stress

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Stress is a serious problem in our busy life and it works as a silent killer. Stress drains the body of Magnesium and promotes secretion of more adrenaline.  The magnesium present in dissolved Epsom salt can be easily absorbed by the skin and helps in replenishing the magnesium pool of the body. Magnesium is also related with production of serotonin, which can effectively lift the mood and help in relaxing the nerves and the brain. Magnesium can even be helpful for better energy. Taking a bath with Epsom salt dissolved in water three times a week can be effective to maintain a better psychological health and also to calm your nerves.

Promotes better cardiac health

The minerals of Epsom salt can be helpful to prevent heart conditions as it helps in proper blood circulation in the body and also promotes better elasticity of the arteries. With aging, the natural elasticity of the arteries are lost, which often works as the main reason for increased blood pressure with age. Epsom salt can be effective to keep the arteries more flexible, helping in keeping the blood pressure in check. This salt even prevents formation of blood clots in the arteries which can effectively reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Helps in maintaining blood sugar level

Studies have proved that a proper balance of magnesium and sulfate can help in increased insulin sensitivity in the body. As Epsom salt supplies both of these minerals to the body, hence naturally it can be effective to maintain better blood sugar levels. It can also reduce the severity of diabetes and limits the fluctuation of sugar levels in the blood. Fluctuating blood sugar level is considered deadly and Epsom salt might be actually effective to reduce that risk.

Detoxifies the body    

Epsom salt has the ability to detoxify the body when taken internally. However, before you take this salt internally, it is important that you are cautious about the dosage and it is not certainly something that you should consume regularly. The detoxifying action of Epsom salt has also made it a preferred ingredient for body spas and detoxifying baths.

Helps in relieving constipation

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Epsom salt is known for its mild laxative action and can be an effective ingredient to clean the colon and to relieve constipation. However, before you take this salt internally for treating constipation, make sure to have a talk with your doctor. Consuming Epsom salt without the suggestion of a doctor is not safe.

Relieves muscle pain and cramps

Another health benefit that makes Epsom salt the preferred choice of athletes’ is its’ ability to relieve muscular pains and cramps quickly. Muscle cramps and pains are often caused due to electrolyte deficiency and a hot compress with Epsom Salt dissolved warm water can be really quick to give relief from cramps and pain. It can also effectively reduce muscle sprains.  

Helps in soothing inflammation and bruises

Epsom salt is also effective in soothing small cuts and bruises. It not only helps in sanitizing the wound but also aids in reducing the inflammation caused due to the wound.

Treats fungal infections

Epsom salt has natural antifungal properties, which makes it ideal to cure any kind of fungal infections on the skin or on the nails. One of the very common applications of Epsom salt is treating toenail fungus. The salt not only reduces the pain caused due to the fungal infection but also helps in killing the fungus, promoting complete healing.  Compressing the infected area repeatedly with an over-saturated Epsom salt solution can be most effective.

Helps in treating boils

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Epsom salt can also be very effective in treating boils on the skin. It not only helps in reducing the swelling and eliminating the pain, but also promotes quick drying up of the boil. To use Epsom salt on boils, you need to prepare an over saturated solution of Epsom salt by mixing more and more of the salt in boiling water to the point where it stops getting dissolved in the water. Use this over-saturated solution to compress the area around the boil and you will get quick relief.  

Epsom salt in skin and hair care

Epsom salt can also be used for skin and hair care. On skin, it best works as a cleanser cum exfoliator. This salt can also be helpful to remove the blackheads from your face. When used in hair care, Epsom salt can effectively clean your scalp and hairs from any debris and can also cure fungal infections on the scalp.