Amazing health benefits of horseradish

The pungent smelling roots of horseradish can not only add flavor to your dishes but can also work as an excellent vegetable to provide a bunch of health benefits. Horseradish can be effective in losing weight and also for controlling blood sugar. These plant roots can boost the immunity system and can also work as an effective cancer preventing agent. You might have already known some of the health benefits of horseradish but many of us are not aware about the range of health benefits horseradish can offer. This article intends to inform you about these amazing health benefits of horseradish, so that you are convinced to include more and more of it in your regular diet.

The health benefits offered by horseradish are mostly contributed by its compositions. Horseradish has high fiber content along with a range of vitamins and minerals. It is high in Vitamin C and folate and the range of minerals that you can get from this vegetable includes calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium and others. Horseradish also contains a number of enzymes and oils that gives it the characteristic pungent smell.

Horseradish can reduce the risk of cancer

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Studies have associated horseradish to the prevention of a number of types of cancers, including, lung cancer and colorectal cancer. The glucosinolate concentration in these roots is very high and this chemical gives horseradish the ability to fight cancer. This chemical works as an effective antioxidant in the body preventing the formation of toxins and carcinogens. In addition to that it also stops tumor formation and prevents the growth of the cancer cells. The high glucosinolate concentration in horseradish makes it a great diet even for the cancer patients as it deters the metastasis of the cancer cells.

It boosts the immune system

A healthy immune system is the lye to enjoy a healthy life and horseradish due to its chemical and vitamin composition can be highly effective to strengthen the natural immunity system of the body. Horseradish is known for its high phytochemical content which offers maximum antioxidant benefits to the body. Compounds like isothiocyanate and sinigrin can be highly effective to boost the immunity system and to strengthen it coupled with the Vitamin C which is also available in good quantity in these roots. So, for a healthy immunity system that can ward off infections quickly including more of horseradish in your daily diet can be a good idea.

Helps in digestion

Horseradish can be highly effective in promoting a better digestive health. It helps in digestion and also supports better absorption of the nutrients in the gut, which leads to an overall better health and well-being. The dietary fiber content of these roots helps in bowel formation and bowel movement. In addition to that, the range of phytochemicals present in horseradish also boosts the secretion of the digestive juices from the different glands which ensures quick and better digestion. It can work effectively to cure problems like constipation and can give you best results even for digestive irregularities like acidity and intestinal gas.

Helps in maintaining blood pressure

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Horse radish has a high potassium content which can be easily absorbed by the body. Potassium plays a very important role in the heart health. It works as a vital mineral for maintaining the elasticity of the blood vessels, helping in reducing the blood pressure. Potassium deficiency in the body can increase the risk of different heart and cardiovascular ailments. Horseradish being a good source of this nutrient reduces the risk of cardiovascular complications and even the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Helps in weight management

Horseradish has minimum calorie content and it is high in fiber, hence it fills your stomach without adding calorie to your diet. For weight loss, checking your calorie without starving yourself is important, and horseradish can easily make the right choice to help you keep up to your limited calorie consumption. The dietary fibers of these roots also promote satiation for longer which can be very helpful to stop unhealthy snacking. Moreover, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are also available from horseradish and these fatty acids are known to increase the burning of fat in the muscles during exercise. Hence, horseradish can make a perfect food for any weight loss diet plan.

Promotes bone health

Horseradish is ideal for bone health. It has a decent calcium content which is readily absorbed by the body. As we all known calcium makes the primary element of the bones and hence more calcium can ensure better bone health. It also prevents bone density loss and can be effective to prevent conditions like osteoporosis and spondylosis.

Super food for pregnancy

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Horseradish can be easily regarded as a superfood for pregnant women. These roots have high folate content in an easy absorbable form which cures any folate related anemia in the body of the expecting mother and eliminates the chance of neural tube defects in the fetus. Folate plays an important role in proper growth of the child and by including sufficient horseradish in their diet the best health of the unborn fetus can be ensured. Apart from folate, the calcium content of horseradish can also be very helpful for ensuring better bone health of the mother. It also helps in curing digestive conditions like constipation and indigestion, which can again help the pregnant women.

Can be helpful to treat respiratory conditions

The phytochemicals present in horseradish that gives it the characteristic pungent smell also makes it effective in clearing mucus from the respiratory tract. A strong concoction of horseradish can be effective to fight cold and allergies of the respiratory system. It can even give relief from mild respiratory tract infections and problems of sinus.

Helps in detoxification

Horseradish has a mild diuretic property and along with propelling all the excess water out from the body it also helps in discarding the toxins, providing an effective detoxification to the body. It also helps in cleansing the kidneys as well as the digestive system.

Antibacterial properties

Horseradish contains allyl isothiocyanate which is an effective antibacterial component. Hence horseradish can also provide protection against bacterial infections and you can use a paste of it on your skin to treat different skin infections and problems like acne and pimples.