How to protect the sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin care - Tips to protect the sensitive skin

When having a sensitive skin it is important that you take the right care of the same and follow norms to help the skin stay in the best of state ever. In summer your skin tends to become extra sensitive. This is when you need to give that extra attention or else you gave to suffer in the long run. It is recommended that in case you are using commercial products for the skin make sure that they are the right ones suited to your skin texture. This way you can for sure provide that desired relief to the skin.

The skin which turns pink with just one touch and looks so soft and baby like is sensitive skin. Leaving the  remaining lines for the poet, now let us see how to care your sensitive skin from pollution, damage and rashes. How ever, sensitive skin is more prone to many skin problems. It needs more than care than a normal skin.

Tips for sensitive skin

Skin test is highly recommended

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Before spreading any new skin care product on your face, testing is the prior step one need to do. Apply it on your skin other than the face, say like behind your ear. Observe it for at least 24 hours, if you generate any skin rashes, irritation and breakouts say yourself it is not a product made for you. If you find there are no such symptoms then enjoy using your new one.

Read them

Habituate reading the labels of the products that you are going to buy. With no doubt avoid the skin care products that are prepared from excess fragrances and preservatives like parabens. These are the major culprits of the skin flare-ups and irritation. Experts says the less the ingredients of the product the more good it is, most of the complex products may induce irritants.

Healthy eating

One of the significant and effective tip for the sensitive skin is nurturing towards the food that you intake. Rely mostly on fresh fruits, vegetables and liquids, especially water and fruit juices hydrates the skin and helps to remove out the toxins in the body and they aims in giving glowing skin.

Moisturize your face

The very essential need of the sensitive skin is sufficient amount of water content in the body in order to prevent the skin from drying. Get a moisturizer according to your skin type, mostly opt an organic one. Apply it two times a day, in the morning and night without skipping to protect the skin from the external pollutants and other environmental factors.

Wash careful

While washing the face, it needs a proper technique which doesn’t mingled with harsh scrubbing and rough rubbing. Get a gentle face wash and use it on your face, make sure it is not that much gentle so that it takes the moments of hard rinsing the face.  Get the one that is formulated for sensitive skin type to keep your pores clean and free from dust. After cleaning your face, pat it and the very next step must be applying moisture to your face.

Don’t expose to sun

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Sensitive skin is prone to damage and rashes when it is exposed to direct sun light. Fix it by wrapping your exposing skin with scarf, hat and sunglasses, especially by wearing a sunscreen lotion with SPF of 15 or more than that.

Avoid cosmetics

Being with sensitive skin doesn’t mean you need to stay far from the make-up but precautions are must. Use mineral or silicone based powder that doesn’t have any irritants, use eyeliner in the form of pencil but not as liquid, say no to waterproof mascara- it needs hard cleansers to make it off.

Sunscreen lotion is must for the skin

In case your skin is perfectly sun sensitive it is always best to apply moisturizer on the skin before you go out in the sun. This is a great way you can really cause skin protection. However, make sure that you apply the sunscreen lotion at least twenty minutes before going out into the sun. This gives the skin enough time to absorb the moisture and in the way your skin is allowed to feel so fine and absolutely protected. It is best that you use lotion that can save the skin from both UVB and UVA rays of the sun.

Cleansers for sensitive skin

When your skin is sensitive it is time now that you make use of an effective cleaner. This should be a cleanser with glycolic acid or salicylic acid. Both the acids are effective to help the skin stay in the best of order. The cleaners work by loosening the dead skin cells and in the way it can well encourage the turning over of the cells. No, the skin is much saved from damage and the complexion is prevented from further breakouts. It is best that you use the cleansers at night before going to bed or else this can in turn increase the sensitivity of the skin.

Minimum exfoliation is required

In case your skin is sensitive exfoliation is then not a great thing to do. Based on the type of skin you have it is necessary that you at least exfoliate the skin once in a week. This is a great way you can remove the dead cells and keep the skin fresh. However, it is always recommended that sensitive skins should not be too much exfoliated. Then it can really cause damaging to the skin texture.

Use products without any fragrance

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In summer your skin becomes too sensitive. This is also the time when we tend to use more fragrances and perfumes. It feels awkward to move out into the street without applying a perfume. This is however, not recommended in case you have a sensitive skin texture. This is the time you are asked to look for products without fragrance. Products having strong smell have lots of chemical contents and thus these are not the right components for the body. Moreover, fragrance can cause skin irritation. Therefore, it is suggested that you go for simple products without any strong smell.

Regularly wash your brushes and sponges

When your skin is sensitive you should be extra careful regarding the stuffs that you are using for make-ups and the rest. When you are using brushes and sponges to put on those brightening agents please make sure that you keep these clean and safe. Just as you wash your clothes after wearing in the same way you should treat your sponges and brushes. You should clean them appositely using warm water and mild detergent and then dry them well in the air. These are stuffs that you are directly applying on the skin. Thus, it is important that you be extra careful.

Protect the skin from overnight makeups

When you have sensitive skin, please make sure to apply lots of water. It is best that you bathe twice in a day to help the skin stay so normal and fresh. You should also make sure to put off the makeup before you go to bed. It is not good to feel lazy and let the chemical stay on the skin for the whole night. The chemicals can really damage the skin texture and cause immense skin irritation. Thus, it is advisable that you take the right care of the skin by saving it from damaged caused due to the application of heavy chemicals.