10 amazing tips for long hair

Growing your hair long not brings up the beauty. Maintaining your hair according to its texture and type roles a big count. The proteins you are offering either from internal or external also makes the hair strong.  However, retaining little attention and care towards the processes you are making to your hair provides the best results.

Tips for long hair

Tip 1

How to get long thick hair

Applying oil to the hair will give sufficient amount of nutrition to the roots. As nutrition is essential for anything for its growth, hair is no exception. Try to apply oil to your scalp for two times in a week.

Tip 2

Regular massaging to the scalp promotes the better flow of blood, by which it stimulates the growth of the hair. Massaging apparently improves the hair growth inaddition to that, it helps for the relaxation of the mind and body.

Tip 3

Washing your hair is an important process to follow, but washing it more than three times in a week leaves the brittle and dry texture.

Tip 4

It is good to use normal or cold water, but the hot water again promotes for the hair damage. (becomes dry and frizzy).

Tip 5

Never complete a hair wash without conditioning, it is an ideal way to restore the moisture in the hair. Whether your importance is for a market product or natural homemade conditioner never leave it go off. It fosters the moisture in the hair shaft and prevents dryness along with that, it offers protection from the dirt and pollution, sometimes the protection from sun heat too. Simply go with an egg conditioner for the easy move.

Tip 6

Best amazing hair care tips

If your hair is too brittle try to go for applying conditioner for one time in a week. Dab a hair pack that suits your hair, cover up with a shower cap and then leave it for at least 30 minutes. Rinse off with a mild shampoo. It will open the pores and ensures the better absorption of nutrients.

Tip 7

Combing the hair with wide teeth comb eases the process of combing. Most of the people are not aware about the problems like split ends and breakage if they  use an inappropriate comb. Comb it a mild manner, tackling in a rough way nothing gives you other than broken hair.

Tip 8

Though you are feeding the hair with external and internal proteins, some times split ends are more common. Well, trimming the hair between 6 to 8 weeks helps to remove the damaged and split end hair.

Tip 9

Using the instead options like natural methods to get the proper curls and waves is always better than using the heating treatments. But one must need heat while straightening the hair, so, lower the temperature and go on with the process.

Tip 10

Loose the hair, though the fashion trend is moving on with ponies. A tight pony tends to push the hair out from the roots and it also breaks the hair. So, try the open hair or loose pony tails from stopping the further damage.