Best salt alternatives or salt substitutes

To be blunt and honest, salt is irreplaceable. Just how some people, some material, some moments in life are, salt is an ingredient which our recipes just can’t do without! Salt is one ingredient which we do not think twice before adding in any of our culinary recipes. We just have to understand the quantity of food we are cooking and we know how much of salt we’d have to add! Just as all good things come with some bad aspects too, salt is one element which can cause numerous diseases. Salt consumption should be reduced from early childhood, so that children don’t end up getting used to additional amounts of it.

Diseases which are related to salt, differs from hyperthyroidism to high blood pressure. Sodium is the main element present in salt but that can also been found in numerous natural herbs. The maximum amounts of food that we eat include some amounts of sodium. These herbs or spices aren’t used for their distinctive taste but also for their benefits and medicinal values.

In this article we will discuss about some of the ingredients which can substitute salt for you. Instead of adding excess salt you can simply alternate it with herbs and spices like garlic, pepper, basil, ginger or cardamom. They give your dish a lively touch and spices up your eating experience! Add more of these and less of salt, so that your taste buds are satisfied and you are reduced of diseases.


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Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices the world has discovered. It is quite abundantly grown in India. It happens to be one of our precious ingredients which spice up our curries. This can be a great alternative for salt. It is known to regulate our blood sugar level and reduce our cholesterol level.


This happens to be another great substitute for salt. This spice has a strong essence, which can reduce your want to ask for salt. This tastes well when you add some cumin and coriander seeds. So for recipes where you can add all three, you can surely reduce the amount of salt you add, or not add at all.


Basil leaves are quite popular among our Indian culinary recipes. If you look Indian dishes, you know the magic of basil leaves. They come with a pungent taste, but it improves when cooked. They are known for their medicinal benefit and can also alternate salt for you.


Cayenne is also known as red chili peppers. This can substitute salt for you and is greatly used in Indian, Mexican and Spanish cuisines. They come with a hot and peppery flavor which can replace the taste of salt and still work for you.

Bay leaves

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Bay leaves add a special scent to your culinary recipes. If you have meat, you would know its need! The sweet aromatic of these leaves are dried to give you a perfect flavor. Redefine your recipes with some added amount of bay leaves and reduced amounts of salt.

Garlic powder

Garlic powder can be replaced with salt. This enhances your food and makes your recipes really tasty. Garlic is so good that people often don’t recall its medicinal values. You need garlic is most of the food you make and of course for all meat recipes.

Black pepper powder

Salt and pepper go hand in hand, but when it comes to replacements, pepper can substitute salt. Black pepper has intense aromas and they are often referred to black gold. Among all the replacements you read here, black pepper could be your best option!

Soy sauce

Soy sauce happens to another alternative for this case. If quite a good amount of salt is replaced by soy sauce, you will attain better nutritional values and eliminate the negative aspect of salt consumption. A little amount of a soy sauce in everyday diet helps you in the long run. The only limitation is that it can permanently change the taste of your recipe.

Onion powder

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The pungent smell and taste of onion is what makes it a commonly used seasoning. They can be used as replacements for salt, but you will have to know how much you add to your recipes.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds come with heavy nutritional values. They are rich and they give your food a different touch. They can alternate salt for you and give your recipes a new touch.


You cannot miss out on ginger when onions and garlic have already been spoken about. Ginger acts like another taste enhancer and makes your dish a little more delightful. It is a strong flavored spice which reduces the need for sodium content!


Tomatoes work like vinegar and lemon – they improve the taste of your meal. Be it fresh frozen or smashed, tomatoes are really tasty for any dish! Don’t replace tomatoes with tomato ketchup as you won’t get a similar taste. Even canned tomatoes don’t promise a good taste.

Benefits on cutting down salt intake

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When you cut down on salt, you take a step ahead towards healthier lifestyle. Read through the top benefits which occur with low salt diet:

  • When you consume low sodium for your body you have low blood pressure. This reduces chances of hypertension and normalizes the pressure. You have lower chances to face heart diseases or early death.
  • Reduced salt content also reduces possibilities of stomach cancer, kidney disorders and other intestinal issues. A lot of people are known to have diabetes and cataract due to high salt content. When you have less salt you have less risk to face these.
  • Reduced salt intake is also known to reduce your weight. Salt retains water which makes your body feel bloated. You can reduce the weight of excess water and get a toner body by replacing salt.
  • Having excess salt makes your taste blunt! This alternatively means that there would be food items you wouldn’t get taste without more amount of salt added to it. To reverse this situation, you have to replace salt with other alternatives and totally stop consuming salt. Once you regain your taste, you can add pinches of it and consume.
  • Many times, water retention makes our face fat and bloated. This is why numerous people have skinny figures but their faces are comparatively big and chubby. To eliminate such condition, you should reduce the consumption of salt immediately.