How to reduce the usage of salt in your diet?

People are constantly getting variety of diseases due to improper and excess consumption of some ingredients. Salt or sodium is one of such ingredients consuming which in a larger quantity can give rise to variety of health issues. One of such problem is increase in blood pressure. In order to add taste to food, some people are recklessly consuming salt in diet. But, this is not a good practice at all. If you have issues in consuming low salt, try out some of the substitutes to salt. Electrolyte in your body would be an important mineral that is ideal to maintain a proper fluid balance in the body. This is essential for transmitting nerve impulses as well as contracting muscles. Even in digestion process it works as a wonder. Around 1500 milligrams of sodium consumption in a day will be ok. But, anything more than this can lead to adverse effect. Thus, there must be some ways through which reduction of salt intake in diet can be reduced.

Some people have a habit of consuming more salt in diet. This can lead to high blood pressure. Dietary sodium should be less consumed in diet.  With the high blood pressure, people can get the trouble of failure in kidney. Thus, it has become a necessity for individual to consume less salt in diet.  There are some tips which can easily help in reducing sodium in food.

Some people have the tendency of consuming excess salt in diet. Different types of diseases can prop up due to excess consumption of salt in diet. High blood pressure is one of the diseases which are now one of the common problems suffered by most of the people. This can invariably take place if you are consuming salt in reckless way. There is a limitation which you must follow when it comes to salt consumption. The presence of sodium in salt will be the reason for all type of diseases. You must learn the technique of reducing salt consumption in diet. If you keep on consuming salt repeatedly, this will easily damage your kidney.

Tips of reducing salt intake

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  • Consume fresh vegetables and fruits as the sodium content over here is quite less. You can also purchase frozen and canned food as these have very low sodium.
  • When you are going to purchase meat from the market, fresh meat must be preferred. It is good to purchase meat like ham, beacon etc.  The sodium content of food which has been kept in refrigerator for weeks and days will be quite high.
  • You must have bought variety of frozen food items from the market. Vegetables are one of the frozen items. But, if you are willing to get less salt in diet, reading the labels will be important. If there are added seasoning and sauces, it will be wise to avoid that frozen vegetable
  • When you are buying packed food from the market, reading the quantity of ingredients present in it will be very important. The content of sodium over the food item will be important to realize. Sometimes higher sugar content can also give rise to high amount of sodium.  Thus, you must avoid the food items which have high sugar.
  • There is certain brand in the market that manufactures food materials with less sodium content.  You have to choose those brands while getting food products from the market.
  • It is important to make a comparison of sodium content in the food materials of many brands and find out the best with less sodium content. You can do this by reading the labels stated at the back side of the packet.
  • While seasoning, you can choose some spices which may taste wonder and can substitute the taste of salt. You can choose garlic powder, pepper powder etc
  • When you are preparing for a dinner out with your family, you must search for the restaurant and the food they supply. You can have a look at the customer review that could state whether the salt content in the food item is less or more.
  • There are many items which may not be salty in taste but have high sodium content.  Cottage cheese is one of its examples. You must avoid such food items.

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It is good to go for the restrictions before the disease becomes fatal and life risky. If you are already suffering from high level of blood pressure, it is the time to reduce the content of salt in your diet. If you are consuming 2 teaspoon of salt in a curry, reduce it to 1 and see the difference. You will feel much better and healthy.

Ways of reducing usage of salt in diet

Develop will power

There is nothing in the world that you cannot do if you want. It is really important to get some cut on consumption of salt in diet. You can makeup your mind that beyond a particular quantity of salt in your diet, you won’t consume. Even if the food item that has been prepared at home has less salt and tastes less, consume it without any hesitation.

Cook with less salt

Develop a habit of preparing food with less salt. For first few days you might feel is extremely difficult to cope up. But, slowly it will become your habit and you can easily grab and consume food items that have less salt. While cooking plain rice, do not pour salt at all. When preparing curries put salt in the quantity which is half of the quantity you used to consume so long.

Rinse canned food

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If you are buying canned food from the market especially the seafood such as tuna and other sea fishes, the quantity of salt will be more as compared to the food we consume on a daily basis. Thus, in order to avoid more salt in your duet, it will be important for you to rinse the canned food before consuming.

Remove salt pit from table

People having habit of consuming good amount of salt in their daily meal would always look out for salt pit on the table whenever they sit for meal. Even if the food is having adequate amount of salt, they would invariably get in touch with the salt pit and pour some salt from the pit to the vegetables and curries. In order to make restriction in salt, it will be important to remove the salt pit from the table entirely.

Avoid chips

Normally the potato chips available in packed form are combined with salt and spices in order to make it tasty. Since they are quite lucrative in taste, you will consume it as much as possible. This will in turn increase the salt consumption in your body. There are some locally packed chips which are much more salty as compared to the once you prepare at home. Even the branded variety of chips have adequate amount of salt. It is better to avoid consuming these chips with salt and consume the crunchy chips that are absolutely made at home and have less salt.

Nuts with salt

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Nut already contains some amount of salt within which can be simply consumed without involvement of salt. Some people have a habit of putting salt over the nuts in order to bring it tastier form. You may also get variety of nuts in the market that are associated with salt. If you are willing to purchase nuts, it will be ideal to avoid the nuts that contain salt within. Generally salts are associated with the peanuts. Even the pistachios has good amount of salt. You should always avoid the packed nuts that have salt prickled as an extra seasoning.

Avoid flavored rice and pizza

Generally the flavored rice contains good amount of salt in it as the manufacturer has the aim to make it tastier. Even when you are consuming pizza that is available in reputed fast food chain establishment, amount of salt with seasoning becomes more. Again, if you require much more seasoning that what is already in the pizza, the supplier will provide you with some more seasoning and salts punched together. You need to avoid those extra seasoning if you actually wish to avoid salt in your diet. Again, the flavored rice is composed of the ingredients as well as extra salt. Thus, even if you are willing to make some special rice dish, make it with simple rice.

Salt after cooking

When you are cooking food, it will be quite natural that, you will add salt to taste. But, when you are going to have it in your dining table, it is always better to avoid raw salt if you feel the content of salt is less in food. It is really hard to do the same but if you try you can easily succeed. If you want to reduce your blood pressure level, it is better to prevent having salt after the item is totally cooked.

Low sodium food

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Sodium is the major ingredient that is the reason to spread all types of problem. If you can consume such food variation that has comparatively less content of sodium, this will help you keep normal and healthy. The problems related to intake of high sodium will be easily reduced. If you are getting the packed food, go ahead with the ingredients and brand name.

Homemade bread

Most of us consume bread in breakfast. Since this is an easy and effective breakfast that is light and healthy, most of the people prefer the same. But, the breads made in the market will be having the content of sodium. If you want to avoid it, better you prepare the same at home. You can get the recipe online which will easily help you get bread that has no effect of sodium.