Best 10 healthy habits you must teach to your child

Children must be always taught with simple but healthy habit starting from the day one. If the bad habits grow up and establishes forever, this can even affect wellbeing of individuals in a long run. Being parents you are much more experienced than your kids and know very well about various harmful and fruitful habits. Since you love your baby, making themselves aware on such unhealthy habits will make your child survive in a healthy atmosphere. Even he/she will be treated among the good children in the society among their friend circles, relatives and office colleagues.

Every parent wishes their children to stay blessed with good habits. Adoption of healthy habits will make your child a good citizen. Good habits of children during the day will give them appreciation in their society and also the circle. You can now have a look at the list of healthy habits which you can easily teach your child in advanced so that your child become really a good citizen. You will get a scope to appreciate your child as they grow up with the healthy habit all together. Let us discuss about the healthy habits that your child can easily adopt.

Best 10 healthy habits for children

Avoid skipping breakfast

Best good habits for children

Breakfast is one among the regular routine which every individual should accomplish along with regular work and meals. People generally have breakfast early in the morning as they are consuming food after 8-9 hours of empty belly as when they fall asleep at night; there remains absolutely no scope for them to have food. Children must also have a routine of consuming breakfast at a specific time everyday which many children do not make a routine. You must make your children understand that regular consumption of breakfast will supply energy to brain due to which you can easily concentrate on your studies and other activities. 

Keep children away from sofa and couch

Kids should stay away from very soft surface such as sofa or couch as this can head your child to variety of health problems. Rather, send them out in the open air and ask them to visit grocery shops near to your house and bring small household necessities. If they keep on sitting in one place that too on a very soft surface, there will be a good chance that they will suffer from the problem of obesity. Sleeping meaninglessly after passing the bed time should also be change in children.

Develop habit of drinking water

From very early stage develop the habit of drinking water in your children as this can lead to solution of various health issues. Children drinking less water will get ample amount of toxins in their body which will again give rise to many health issues. If they start developing the habit of drinking water on a regular basis all the toxin from their body will be flush away along with the scope of proper hydration in your body.

Restricting too much watching television

Health care tips for kids

Today, children are no more having a desire to go out and play with their friends; rather they are always glued to the television set which can lead to variety of problems in eyes and brain. Just allow them to watch television for 2 hours in a day in a routine so that they do not stress their eyes too much. Also do not allow them to watch adult movies and daily soaps as this can create complications in their mind and can even give rise to a certain obsession in watching particular series on a regular basis. Instead ask them to watch cartoon serials and other educational movies.

Develop habit of physical exercise

For every child, physical exercise will be an important consideration as this helps in improving the blood circulation of every child and also helps in getting the body metabolism in well balanced situation. Since all kids are not similar with their thought and mentality, you can expect every child of yours to have same type of likes. Some children might be very interested to play around and abide with the physical activities but others are lazy and lack energy. Being parents it will be your responsibility to make your children develop the habit of doing physical exercise.

Reading regularly

Reading is a very good habit which must be developed in every child from the time he/she is in a state to read well. Regular reading will increase your knowledge in variety of subjects and you can easily be competent in your school and later on at your college. Just ask you child to read half an hour everyday even if they have vacation.

Develop reading labels

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Take your child to departmental stores and teach him/her to read the labels over the food packs. All the packed foods have labels with all the list of ingredients that is used to make the food. Your child should also know what quantity of carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamin is present in each food. This is a very good habit that will make your child independent while shopping essential products next time and even in future.


Some habits must be developing in your children so that even in the long run they can be appreciated by people. Ask them to share things when they are in group or with friends. Children have the habit of possessiveness towards their things may it be food or drawing pencils? But, being parents, you need to teach your child sharing.


Try to wash away the feeling of negativity within your children as this can affect your child even when they become adult. Children always have a great expectation towards what they thing. Their soft heart repeatedly breaks when things go in a negative direction of what they have thought. Teach your child to stay positive and hopeful. This habit will help them overcome vary big hurdles in their life.

Enjoying with family

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Some kids stay very lonely and keep on thinking some unnecessary activities. When no one in their family cares and love, they keep themselves away from others. But, this is altogether a bad habit. You must involve your children in variety of home activities and keep them around the family as a whole. Make a habit to have lunch and dinner together in a table along with family. This will develop a strong family bond.

Keep your children active

These days’ children are too much glued to the computer screen that, they hardly get the scope of playing and getting active. But, if you want to develop healthy habits in your children all you have to do is make them play, swim and carry on with variety of outdoor games. Football and cricket matches to organize will be another boost if your child is male personality.

Inspire your children

You can now become a role model to your child with your good habits. Do something positive and healthy which your child will ideally adopt from you and become a good citizen. You must get up early in the morning, eat healthy food, dress up in a neat and clean fashion and be soft spoken. This will inspire your kids to adopt the same style and positively this can make your child stay healthy with healthy habits. Your kid will copy you and develop good habit.

Limitations in on screen games

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The on screen games are the video games, online internet games etc. You must place a limit to the on screen games in your child. Your child will invariably feel like adopting these online games and video games. Most of the children also become highly obsessed with the same. You must be really strict and restrict your child playing the game at home that is dependent on the online games and the on screen games.