Great benefits of onions for your health

Onion is a common ingredient in every kitchen around the world. It is the basis of various dishes which may be taken raw, cooked, sautéed, steamed or boiled. The curative powers of onion are remarkable. Onion belongs to the lily family like the garlic. It contains potassium, iron, sodium and fibre. Raw onion contains number of sulphur compounds which are very beneficial for health.  Parts of these compounds are lost in cooking.

The reason that the onion is so much more active in its raw state than when cooked, is that it contains a variety of organic sulphur compounds, contained in a volatile oil, that provide the health benefits. These are partly destroyed by heat. When eaten raw, its juice can act as an irritant and some people find it difficult to digest. Those who are not tempted by the idea of eating raw onions can follow simple cooking methods that may make them more palatable. For people with sensitive stomachs, this is a far suitable way to enjoy the healthy benefits of onions. Onions baked in their skins, in a similar way to baked potatoes, are also delicious. This method of cooking keeps all the goodness inside, but the resulting flavour is milder and more aromatic than that of raw onions.

Onion is an important ingredient which is used to make the curries taste well. The flavor of the onion when put over the hot oil makes our mood better. You can now easily come across variety of health benefits of onion. We will discuss such health benefits in this particular article. People who do not consume onion will be bound to have it on a regular basis after knowing its health benefits.

Health benefits of onion

Health benefits of onions

Red onions are beneficial for hair and beauty care also. They help in getting rid of warts that develop on the fingers and toes.  It is used as an effective remedy for hair loss in most Arab countries. They mix salt and pepper in onion paste and apply it on the scalp.


Onions are useful to give relief from asthma. Onions contain an antioxidant that acts as an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine agent which is helpful in reducing the allergic reactions in the body. This is a great help to overcome the condition of asthma. Studies have depicted that the antioxidant quercetin in the onion helps to widen the respiratory tract.


The risk of cancer can be reduced by taking onion mixed with turmeric. The combination of onion and turmeric help to reduce the risk of colon cancer by reducing the size of the precancerous cells in the intestine. The quercetin in the onion prevents cancer cells in developing in the tumours of breast, colon, prostate, ovarian, endometrial, and lung.  Onions also help to detoxify potential cancerous cells with the help of sulphur compounds that are found in the walls of the onion. These compounds are released when the onion is chewed or cut.


How to use onion juice for hair growth

The glucose level can be lowered by regular intake of onions. It has been proved by scientists that   the essential oil in the onion leads to a significant fall in the level of glucose and rise in the insulin level. The chromium in onions assists in regulating blood sugar.

Heart disease

The compound quercetin in onion helps to reduce high blood pressure. It is also a heart protective agent which controls the hardening of the arteries and maintains the elasticity of the arteries with the help of quercetin present in it. This helps in lowering the risk of heart attacks. The sulphur compound present in onion acts as a natural blood thinner and prevents clotting of the blood which is the greatest danger for heart stroke or heart attack.

Tooth decay

Raw onions are good for oral health. They help to strengthen the teeth and remove bacteria from the tooth to prevent tooth decay. It is believed that chewing of raw onions for a few minutes will help to kill the germs in the mouth.

Immune system

How to use onion for dandruff

The unique properties of onions help to protect the body against free radicals. This elimination of free radicals will develop a strong immune system. Onions also stop the body from producing histamines which are the allergic conditions that cause sneezing, itching and crying.


The fibre part in the onions encourages good digestion and helps keep the bowel movement regular. It also helps in reducing the risk of gastric ulcer and be helpful in treating different types of diarrhoea.

Bone density in older women

Regular consumption of onions by women have depicted improvement of bone density especially after menopause. They develop a lesser risk of hip fracture which is usually very common at this age.

Reduce heat

During a hot summer day you will feel really help less to sustain the weather condition. The humidity level will bring sweat to your body. The great feeling of discomfort is something you will be feeling in such a situation. Onion is something which will make you stay away from such discomfort. Yes, you need to bite and consume raw onion along with your meals and experience staying away from intolerable heat.

Eye problems reduced

Onion juice for hair growth

These days most of the people are suffering from vision problem as their eye gets exposed to the rays of the computer screens and television. They repeatedly have to visit the eye specialist to stay away and cure this situation. But, there is also a natural way for combating such issues. You might never have found it but the juice extracted from onion is a great way to stay away from all vision problems.

Boosting memory power

All of us have a strong need to get our memory power boosted. Remembering things becomes really important in each field of our work. The way the students require proper motivation and good memory power, the adults working in different field will require having a good memory. Thus, having onion in your meals will be an added advantage to boost your memory power.

Removes lice in hair

Lice are small insects that stay in your scalp or in between the hair. This impacts an individual in many negative ways. It takes away blood and makes your itching all over. Surprisingly onion juice helps in removing the lice from the hair and scalp of individuals. You can apply the onion juice  over your hair and see the difference.

Antiseptic properties

It is quite common to have cuts whether we are in kitchen or we move out in road. Accidents can happen any time. But this minor cut can be easily removed with the help of these antiseptic properties. Onion is such a vegetable that has antimicrobial, antibiotic and antiseptic properties. This will help you stay quite away from all types of infection.

Nutritional facts

Onion is also having some nutritional facts. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, Sulphur, potassium and fibers. These are the vitamins and nutrition which are very essential for individual’s health. Since it is low in fat, you won’t have any risk of getting your body flabby.