Latest curly hairstyles & haircuts for women 2019

Curl your hair and sport a sassy and chic look! Let your curly hairstyle change your lifestyle this 2019. It’s time to celebrate your womanhood with glamour and style. We bring you with 16 unique and astonishing hairstyles to enhance the beauty of your curls and make your own style statement.

Short curly hairstyles for women

12The Afro up-do

Hairstyles for girls with curly hair

The short length Afro hairstyle best suited to oval-shaped faces is popular with tomboyish women. This coiffure is a hit owing to its short length and the easy to handle curls. The hairstyle remains intact even if you go through an extensive workout for long hours.

11The celebrity short-curls

This short length curly bob hairstyle is adorned by many movie actresses. It gives an image of a strong personality in addition to bringing out the beauty of the face. For a natural and compact hairstyle look, nothing can beat this. This goes very good with a heart-shaped face.

10The hippy look

This short length curly hairstyle gives you more like the 1970s’ hippy look when people used to throng discos. The fringe and the cut on edge give it a professional messy glamour. The elegance of this hairstyle is seen in every little detail. It goes best with an oblong-shaped face.

9Curly colors of punk

Curly hairstyles for saree

This trendy short shoulder length curly hairstyle looks classy with color patterns like blonde, red and chocolate brown creating an artistic and emo look. The hues and the curls of the extensions make it a punk hairstyle. This hairstyle works best for women with a broad forehead and/or a square-shaped face.

Medium curly hairstyles for women

8Ready to rock and roll!

This medium shaggy afro hairstyle will give you precisely the wild and sassy look you want. The braids give a texture of soft and shiny mane. It creates the popular modern hippie look with a touch of glamour. This style goes well with an oval-shaped face.

7Curls that kiss the shoulder

This curly hairstyle with medium length hair suits a heart-shaped face perfectly. With the mix of golden-brownish color and a glossy outlook, this hairstyle attracts a lot of attention. These sweet and romantic braided curls can certainly allure the crowd with its dashing appearance and finish.

6Blunt tied-up curls

Best plaited hairstyles for curly hair

This medium length brownish curly hairstyle gives a feeling of waves flowing through a ray of sunshine. This hairstyle imparts tempting aura for its natural shape and smooth texture. Easy to handle and ready to match with the flow of the wind. This goes best with an oval-shaped face.

5The camouflaged braid let loose

This chocolate brown, medium length curly hairstyle will make you look sweet as honey. The color combination of this hairstyle not just makes you resemble a 1970 actress but also brings out the charm and glory of being a classy woman. This hairdo goes well with an oblong face.

Long curly hairstyles for women

4Be romantic with a twist

This twisted braid hairstyle is perfect to go with when you are having a crunch on time yet it gives a romantic wave to your appearance. It goes spectacular with an oval-shaped face. Whether it’s a date or a girl’s night out, it goes with every occasion.

3Going on a road trip? Go Afro!

Easy hairstyles with rotating curls

This crochet braid Afro hairstyle in trend since the 1990s gives you a stunning Afro look. Not only does it look unique and simple, but it’s also a protective hairdo as you can wear it for a longer duration without manipulating the hair constantly.

2Women and chocolate! Why not?

These dark and classic chocolate brown curls can be flattering for all kinds of occasions. They are easy to maintain relieving you from the efforts of visiting parlor repeatedly. This hairstyle looks richer and denser giving you both wild and Barbie look at one go. It’s best suited for round-shaped faces.

1The curls of a goddess

This messy brownish red and black long curly hairstyle best suited to heart-shaped faces looks way more natural and breezy. This hairdo adds a strong yet alluring look to your personality making you stand from the crowd as a tigress. The turns towards the end can be game changers at occasions.