How to take care of haircut – Post care hair tips

Haircut post tips - Hair care tips after getting haircut

There are several tips to follow after having a haircut in case of men. In fact, you need to have extra care after you have got the desired haircut. In case you see that the hair is growing improperly from all sides you can save it from getting damaged with a simple haircut. After this there are few steps of hair care and hair maintenance and in the way you can really maintain the natural look of the same.

Getting a new trendy hairstyle is a fast and exciting way to change our appearance. It apparently makes you feel new and stylized. The fun way of trying new hairstyles loads you confidence and shows the world you are up the fashion heels.

Best amazing hair care tips

Generally a haircut is a good way to remove out the damaged and split end hair. It will help to increase the growth of the hair, nourishes your hair and restricts the hair fall.

Every must have to remember few things before getting the haircut, includes: the hairstyle that you have chosen is going to set to your face or not. If you have tried a hairstyle to follow your favorite film star and is not a perfect match to your face, it won’t makes you feel happy.

Similarly if you are going to try out any new colors on the hair, make sure to imagine yourself with that color. Make your stylist to conceive your requirements- in which kind of look you really want to look yourself. Tell him the exact length to cut your hair and other thoughts that are moving on your mind.

Hair care tips after getting haircut

Don’t set it with fingers

After the completion of the hair styling don’t keep your fingers over the hair and adjust it. The blow dryer and brush have already set your hair, now retaining the finger over the hair is nothing but spoiling its exact looks. If you note the hair is not manageable, take the help of a comb and adjust it.

Need to condition

How to keep your hair moisturized

Conditioning your hair is a must and should step to follow after the completion of the haircut, your hair tends to twist a little in the styling process. Giving it the effect of conditioning after the hair wash could retain it back and makes it manageable. Conditioning also helps to de-frizz your hair and set the shape, which might have turned frizzy during first few washes.
So, make sure to condition your hair after the haircut.

Don’t be hard

After rinsing off your hair, don’t treat your hair hard with a towel or comb. Wet hair usually breaks when you do tackle it in a rough phase. Let your hair wet for few minutes for the air or use the towel in a smooth way, though it consumes your time.


Serum takes the responsibility of setting your hair, on top of that it is necessary to use serum to make the hair shiny and soft. Apply a dab of serum to your damp hair after rinsing off to make it manageable and airy.

Not the time to tie

Don’t tie your hair into a braid or bun, it will takes out of the shape amidst itunes the hair to develop twirls.

These are the basic cautions one need to follow after having a haircut. They also helps to maintain the glow of the new hairstyle and to retain it glamorous.

Rules for using blow dryer

Blow drying can even damage the hair. This is the method being applied to cause drying of the hair and the area of the scalp. After having a haircut men have the tendency to use the dryer and for this you have some essential steps to follow.

In case you want to save the hair from severe damage you first need to apply a detangle or you can even use a spray for thermal styling. With the application of the same the heat produced by the blower becomes easy to manage and you can even have a perfect combing of the hair.

The blower should not be brought too closer to the hair. Keep it away t least six to ten inches from the hair. You should move the tool briskly from one side to the other. This way you can really save the hair from being damaged.

Chemicals can damage the hair condition

It is not suggested to have a hair colouring directly after having a haircut. These are absolute chemicals which can really damage the quality of the hair.

In case you want your hair to get coloured in the right way without causing much damage you need to visit an experienced hair stylist for the purpose.

He is well aware of the processes to get the hair coloured the right way. This needs prior preparation and so the stylist will tell you what he should do with your hair before getting it coloured.

Please do not shampoo your hair in excess

There is no need for you to over wash the hair. It is required that you shampoo the hair on daily basis. The shampoos that you get from the market have softening agents. They are not so harsh for your hair.

The agents even come with protectants and moisturizers which can well settle within the hair shaft. At the time of applying shampoo you should make sure to clean the scalp well. However, do not overdo with the cleaning process.

After a cut the hair remains vulnerable. Thus, you should handle the same with absolute care and caution.

Not to make the hair look dull

How to get shiny silky hair

After having a haircut is you notice that the dullness of the hair has become visible there are certain things for you to do.

The hair looks dull when the cuticle gets damaged. In case the cuticles are fine they can lay straight and get properly reflected in light. This makes you appear gorgeous under bright light.

Damaged cuticles will look dull under bright light and thus the hair stylist will suggest you the best ways to help the hair appear less dull and he would also suggest you regarding how to mend the damaged cuticles and save the hair from dullness.

Getting the hair moisturized after a cut

After a proper haircut the hair looks imperfect in case it has gone frizzy. This is a condition caused when the hair lacks the required protein and moisture. Thus to avoid the frizz it is time that you make use of the best protein and moisturizing agents for the hair.

You can even make use of the items which can surely help you manage the hair in the right way. You have the shine blasters available in the market and they are definitely good for the hair.

Home remedies for hair maintenance

After having a haircut please take to the normal home remedies. This will help the hair stay in the best of condition and you can in the way avoid the problems with the least hassle ever. The home based remedies are always the best for hair growth and maintenance. Thus you should try them from the kitchen cupboard.