Is it shows adverse effects of eating microwave cooking food on health?

Microwaving is the most popular method of cooking that is simple and convenient for busy people for the last 30 years. According to number of scientists around the world it has been found that microwave cooking is not a healthy cooking. There are many more cooking methods that ensure the protection value of the nutrients in the food. Nutrients from the food and vegetables are lost in most methods of cooking like boiling, frying and roasting. It has been found that the minimum loss of nutrients from food is found in steaming, sautéing and baking dishes at a low temperature.

Microwave cooking is done through non-ionizing radiation. The food is cooked at a very high temperature in a very short time which leads to a maximum loss of nutrients present in the foods as compared to other cooking options. The non-ionizing radiation changed the nature of the food.

People wish everything in a perfect order and with a click of a button. Even while cooking they face issue with the heat the emits from the gas oven. Also they have very less time in hand for cooking due to other official or household work. Thus, most of the ladies have chosen microwaves as the best option. But, even they are not aware of the fact that the microwave can be really very harmful to their health. Let us find out some details.

Health adverse effects of eating microwave cooking food

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  • The body will not recognize and consequently not metabolize radiolytic byproducts (isomers) conceived in microwaved food. These by-products accumulate in the body.
  • Male and female hormonal changes are occurred if they are continuously eating microwaved food. The hormonal changes lead to many health hazards. Minerals, vitamins and nutrients are quantitatively reduced and qualitatively
  • Declined when nourishment is prepared nourishment in the oven. Microwaves do much impairment to the food interior. So that the human body gets little or no advantage, and absorbs these changed compounds that will not be broken down.
  • The minerals in vegetables are changed into cancerous free-radicals.
  • Microwaved food causes stomach and intestinal tumors as well as cancerous cells in the body-fluid.
  • The long time consumption of microwaved food causes increase of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL).
  • Prolonged consuming food processed in a microwave baking oven step-by-step causes mind impairment by de-polarising or de-magnetizing brain tissue.

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  • Continual ingestion of microwaved food cause body immune system deficiencies through lymph gland and blood serum alterations (increase of white and decline of red blood cells).
  • Taking Microwaved food loss of memory power and concentration, emotional volatility and a decline of intelligence.

So avoid the Microwaved food to be healthy.

How does microwaving affect the food?

  • The original nutrients of the food are lost in cooking and heating in the microwave. The water molecules in the food get deformed and breakup in the microwave. These impaired molecules mix with the food causing molecular friction and changing the nature of the food.
  • It is not possible for the human body to metabolize the by products produced in the food by the microwave.
  • Vitamin B-12 benefits in foods like pork, beef and milk are completely destroyed when the food is heated in the microwave. Studies have revealed that the vitamin B 12 is changed into an inactive agent when the food is placed in the microwave.
  • Breast milk given to kids after heating in the microwave at high temperature is found to have lost its bacteria fighting property. High amount of E-coli is also found in breast milk heated in the microwave. If the breast milk is heated at low temperature in the microwave it has been examined that there is growth of harmful bacteria in the milk.
  • Food wrapped in plastic bags and cooked or heated in the microwave has been found to have created toxic chemicals leading to cancer. The plastic bags heated in the microwave release carcinogens which is mixed with the food and is later absorbed in the body.
  • The nucleo-proteins in the meat are lost when it is heated or cooked in a microwave

Harmful health effect of microwave cooked food

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  • Studies have stated that the nature of the blood changes in people who take foods and vegetables cooked in microwave. They have also revealed that there is increase in white cells and cholesterol levels and the red blood cells count has decreased.
  • It has also been found that the radiation from the microwave cooking has affected the heart rate of a person.
  • Brain damage can be caused if microwaved food is consumed for a long time because this food has a tendency to decrease the impulse from the brain.
  • Microwaved food is found to bring changes in the hormone production in males and females.
  • Findings have shown that microwaved food can cause cancerous growth in the stomach and intestines. It is further stated that the minerals in the vegetables are changed into cancer producing radicals in the microwave. Blood cancer and colon cancer are on the increase in the world as a result of people consuming more of microwaved food.
  • Microwaved food has a direct effect on the brain which leads to lack of concentration, loss of memory and emotional instability.
  • The amino acids in the cereal and milk are converted into carcinogens in the microwave.
  • The body resistance against the viral and bacterial infections gets lowered because of microwaved food.
  • Mental and physical birth defects are noted in males and females who have used excessive microwaved food for a long time.
  • Microwaved food has the tendency to decrease the hemoglobin in the blood which can lead to anemia.

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As noted above microwave cooking has all the health hazards but it can be generalized that microwave is unsafe for cooking or heating food. The safety of food depends on the power rating of the microwave and the water content in the food. Thick pieces of food are not cooked or heated properly in the microwave which can lead to health hazards as the microorganisms are not properly destroyed because there is lack of heat. Microwaved food should be used after some time, so that the heat gets distributed inside the food. Hence food cooked in microwave is safe and does not lose its nutrients if cooked under proper temperature with enough water content.

Adverse effect of microwave in cooking

Strip away nutrition

Food that you consume is loaded with adequate amount of nutrient that is required for your health and well being. But, if you use microwave in cooking food, it will zap food nutrition.This is caused due to the dielectric heat produced by the microwave oven. While cooking food inside the microwave, the molecules rotate very fast and create friction. Thus, the change in molecular structure takes place and removes nutrients.

Removes vitamin – B 12

The studies say that if you cook food in microwave oven, it eradicates vitamin B 12 present in food. This is one of the effective vitamins that is found in breast milk. The microwave cooked food even removes the nutrient content in the breast milk. This happens when you heat any mammalian milk in the microwave oven.

Disruption in heart rate

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Your heart beats in a particular rate. But, if you keep on consuming the food cooked in micro oven this will provide a different rate to your heart. Due to the radiation of 2.4 GHz, there will be a variability of heart rate. Even this has been viewed that people consuming the food made with the microwave oven on a regular basis can get chest pain and heart attack.

Can lead to cancer

The radiation that emits from the microwave oven is really harmful for you. This microwave oven can lead to cancer. The cancerous element in your body can lead to spread of the cancer virus. It is the time for you to stop consuming the food that is cooked in microwave.