Health benefits of cycling for women

Cycling is a physical activity, a fitness mantra, and related with a desire of a healthy body. Cycling is fun since it the first ride one could ever achieve on its own as a child. Cycling for women is a treat to attain a slim figure, and that too by involving into a fun activity. The two wheels can induce several health benefits, and there is no second opinion about it. A recent study has shown that, four million Aussies who ride a cycle each week, it helps in gaining them some serious health benefits.

Then why not, get harnesses to ride on this amazing two wheeler and surrender yourself to the hills, mountains or a normal track. A 61 kg woman pedalling for 19-20 km can burn up to 2000 calories in 60 minutes. If you live within 8km of your office, you can pedal up to your office twice a week and mark some change in your physical health and your daily routine. Moreover you can save extra bucks for your pocket by conserving petrol. A toned body is a desire of every individual which is thus achieved by this amazing activity.

Health benefits of cycling daily

In this modern world of busy schedules, meetings, and heck of responsibilities; we human beings are getting busier day by day and working harder everyday. Who knows? In futuristic world we might even be as equivalent to robots! With the excessive burden of work and responsibilities most of us tend to forget to take care of our health and in this way we usually start to neglect important health issues for example fitness.

Well, how important do you think fitness is in our lives? The answer is fitness is the most important factor of our lives! Fitness and health are two sides of one coin, because they both go hand in hand. There are many ways to be fit without compromising with our responsibilities of day to day lives. There are many options to remain fit as in; walking, swimming, aerobics, and even cycling. But it has been seen by latest study that cycling is by far the most effective way to be in an overall good shape and also to be fit which will enhance our entire body metabolic stamina as well.

As it is a universal fact, we all are busy people but we can always imbibe fitness to our daily regime of hectic life! For example, you can always opt for cycling instead of travelling through public transport. Not only will this make our body function properly, but it will also be useful for burning quite a sumptuous amount of calorie.

A cycling session of even twenty minutes is good enough to burn about 100 calories! And it has been observed that sitting in traffic is bad for health too, so next time when you head toward your workplace do remember to travel by the means of cycling! Follow this every 4 to 5 days a week and you will begin to feel fitter and healthier! Cycling is an amazing thing, so now let us discuss the benefits of cycling.

Let’s see how a woman health get benefits from cycling

Boosts energy

A heavy round of cycling helps in gaining that extra energy and makes you fit and energetic for the upcoming tasks. It decreases fatigue and triggers the Brain to emit neurotransmitter dopamine, which is linked to energy. A high ride which is full of harnessing is   not essential, you can ride according to your ease as well to get the comforts of life.

Saves your joints

Benefits of cycling exercise in gym

Riding a bike, puts less stress on ankles, knees and spine than walking which stresses more. In riding a bike, the knee should be bent just slightly such that joints won’t face any joint injury.

Protects your heart

Most of the women in Austria are prone  to heart diseases,  and suffers from life long ailments. The two main factors are high blood pressure and high LDL cholesterol. In a study, 32 women are observed riding a bike for about half an hour, 3 times a week. After a years time, they have witnessed a lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol.

Every muscle fits it

Riding a bike induces an overall muscle exercise, in which muscles will develop an ache for few days. It is a result  of your efforts being put in your riding exercise. Riding on a hill can help you to ride with half way paddling and Half way free. When you are climbing up, the results are severe and more calories you may burn.

Tones you all over

Cyclists possess a toned body and high spirits to achieve one. Their quads, glutes and calves are propelling the bike. The upper body gets toned too as the handlebar sculpts your top structure. Elite athletes have a great body with toned structures, helps them to remain healthy and active to accomplish any task.

Benefits pregnancy

How to lose weight with cycling

Regular cycling may help in improving cardiovascular fitness. Regular cycling also helps in easing childbirth.

Burning calories

If you are looking for an effective way to burn down your calorie intake or if you feel the need for weight loss then, to do so cycling is a great method. Cycling not only regulates the movement of the lower body but it also corrects the entire body posture and effectively helps in shredding the unwanted fat level by tightening the body muscle. A steady session of cycling for an hour can add to lose more than 500 calories! That makes way for losing about 12 pounds of fat a year!

Builds strength and stamina

Cycling is a very effective workout for building great stamina and strength level. It not only shreds off the excess fat but it tightens the remaining muscle and shape it in such a way that it makes us stronger and thus effectively increases our stamina level as well.

Reduces stress

Cycling also helps as a great stress buster. As we have already discussed cycling helps in the proper functioning of the body, in the same way it also facilitates in the release of happy hormones due to which we start feeling healthier and feel fresh. 

Cancer and cycling

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It has been found out by recent studies that cycling helps in reducing the growth of cancer forming cells. Especially in case of colon and breast cancer, cycling is effectively a good option. Also chances are if you do cycling frequently, it will lower the chances of bowel cancer too.

Diabetes and cycling

Diabetes is a very common disease these days, which can happen to anybody. There are two main causes for diabetes out of which the 2nd type of diabetes is mainly due to lack of physical exercises. So it has been recommended by researchers and doctors that if one cycles for about 30-40 minutes per day it has about 40 per cent chances of lowering the diabetes.

Mental illness and cycling

As we have already discussed, cycling releases the production of happy hormones for which it is very effective for reducing stress level and for anxiety and depression. So cycling also contributes in lowering mental illness and improves the overall health.

Obesity and weight control

Cycling is amazing for people obsessing over weight! If you feel that you have put on a bit of extra pounds, you need not worry any longer. Cycling is your ultimate solution! Cycling not only ensures in making use of the entire body for weight loss but it also makes our muscle very strong and flexible. If cycling is regularly done along with a healthy diet plan, then surely you will start to see a difference in your body weight. It has been found out by recent surveys that if cycling is done as an exercise throughout the entire week, it will burn up to 2,000 calories! So the next time you feel like to burn some calories, do not forget to hit this routine.

So, you need to search for a track where you can pedal to the path of fitness. A healthy soul, can rise only when spirits are high. A track where you can ride unstoppable or at least for 30 minutes and maintain a high pace. You cannot ask for any other form of fitness once you are into cycling. Furthermore, in order to maximize your enjoyment of cycling, make sure you have all the accessories you need to make it fun. A bike trunk bag, for example, can carry changes of clothes, extra shoes, laptops, picnic items (including wine!) and so much more. Enjoy your ride!