Best health benefits of losing weight

Weight loss is an important factor in each and every individual’s life. It not only gives you a toned and masculine structure but also helps you in various other ways. There are multiple benefits of losing weight, such as it reduces the risk of heart attack. In several studies it has been proved that weight gain can lead to multiple healths and other issues like dissatisfied sex life and uneasy work environment. Weight loss is beneficial for you in all aspects. But there is a difference between weight loss by exercise and weight loss by other means. Physical exercises make your muscles to tone up and strengthen your muscle structure. On the other hand, the additional means like operation and other procedures for weight loss are applied, it hampers the metabolism rate and there is a huge risk of weight gain again. It is recommended to lose weight with the help of physical activities, even though it is a slower process but very much effective as it regulates the metabolism rate.

Health benefits

How to lose weight at home

It has been found out by the French Scientists that if you’re moving then it doesn’t matter what type of exercise you are doing. Within a span of 3 – 4 day, gather a total of 4 hours and you will be ranked among the people having the leanest midsections.

Cushion your wallet

If you cut down 100 calories a day from your diet which is also what 18 Cheez-its’ worth then you can save at least $175.20 per year.

Have more friends

It more fun to be around fit people. A study had been done on kids who play at outdoors and those who just spent all of their time in indoors. It had been found that kids who spent time outdoors are more popular than those who remain inside. Also, surprisingly the parents of the outgoing kids are also popular.

Shine your smile

In accordance to the University of Iowa, the enamel on your teeth can be preserved by drinking milk. And if you add that to a dairy’s rep in the role of a weight buster, then it will be in two fronts that you’ll be looking better.

Snack first

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If you are going out for a party then beforehand only eat a big snack, it will help you to avoid the buffet line’s high calorie hazard.

Walk around the block, be better in bed

At the Durham VA Medical Center in North Carolina conducted a study on 178 healthy men, it showed men walking 30 minutes a day or 4 days a week, tends to score more on sex survey. Men, who did more exercise, enjoyed sex more.

Be noticed at work

If you are eating out with co-workers, do no overeat. It has been suggested by behavioral therapist Robinson Welch, PhD that if you eat healthy while eating out with co – workers and boss then you will appear as an outcome-driven leader. Also it will send a message to your colleagues and boss that have the want to be successful and that the way you take care of yourself is the same way you will take care of the business which is effectively.

Save your sex drive

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If you want to save your sex drive then lose your belly. In accordance to a study in Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, that men who have 5-point addition in body mass which is actually 30 pounds extra, have a testosterone level which can be compared to a decade older men.

Pair up for better results

Researchers from University of Connecticut said that people who are healthy eaters also influence their spouses to eat healthy and lose weight. Author Amy Gorin, PhD says that couples by working together supports each other.

Skyrocket sexual satisfaction

According to a survey conducted by the researchers of Duke University Medical Center on 1,210 people of various weights and sizes, have found that people who are obese reported sexual dissatisfaction 25 times more than people who have normal weight. Duke study suggested that a weight loss of 10% can make the sex satisfaction levels reach skyrockets.

Ways to lose weight

Go walking

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A certified nursing assistant from New York, Diane Virginias suggested that walking when the weather is good is the easiest way to carry on walking. Even when she’s short on time she at least goes for 5 minutes walk.

If you don’t have sidewalks in your neighborhood then try these tips for getting more chances to walk:

  • Trade your power mower with that of a push version.
  • Park your car at the back lot.
  • Go out of the office buildings and enjoy meetings while walking.
  • Clean the drive with a broom or rake the leaves rather than using a leaf blower to do it.
  • Get off the bus just a few stops earlier.
  • Hike the mal and make sure you go to all the floors.
  • Whenever you get the chance take the stairs.
  • Sign up for walks for the charity.
  • Turn on some music and get your heart rate increased the next time you mop or vacuum.

Lighten the foods you already love

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One of the easy ways to cut down on calorie consumption is to switch over to lesser-calorie versions of the food that you love. A pizza will taste the same with low-fat cheese, and garnishing low-fat ice cream with your favorite toppers is also a good idea.

Fiber helps you to be satisfied for a longer span of time, when you light down on your favorite foods then you can easily increase the amount of fiber by adding a cup of whole wheat in your pizza dough or also can put some red bell peppers on your pie.

Also don’t forget to lighten the drinks you have with your food. Switch low-calorie drinks to diet soda to light beer or you may also add spirits of seltzer with your wine.

If you hate low-calorie drinks then mix a low-calorie option with your high-calorie drink, this will adjust the ratio. And don’t forget to keep pouring water.

Because hydration helps

Having a glass of water before eating  will help you in watching what you are eating so that you don’t just pick and eat whatever you get if you are not that much hungry, said by David Anthony, an information technology consultant from Atlanta.

How to lose weight in 2 weeks

If you are one of that compulsive snacker then keeping no-calorie foods with yourself will keep you away from snacking on junk food. If you’re in a party then take a low-calorie drink in one hand. Then it will be harder for you to go through the buffet and also you’ll be less attracted to drinking endless amount of cocktails. Also keep drinking lots of water which will keep your body refreshed for working out.