How to use star fruit for health and beauty treatments

The sweet and sour flavoring fruit has its native at Malayan peninsula. Star fruit is a delicious tropical fruit which is also known as carom bola.

It is known as limbering mains in the regions of South East India and is famous as Kazakh in India. It is rich in vitamin C and offers many nutritional values. This yellow flesh fruit comes in two flavors; sweet and sour.

You can get the sweet star fruit from summer to autumn season and from the summer end to middle of the winter sour fruit is available. Now you can get variety of benefits from this fruit. It is good for your skin, hair s well as health.

Health, hair and skin benefits of star fruit

Cures eczema

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Eczema is one among the skin conditions due to which you have skin issues. You need to take care of your diet in order to get rid of eczema.  Star fruit is one of the richest sources of antimicrobial agents that help to cure eczema.

It also combats with the microbial bacillus Cerberus, salmonella typhus and e.coli. It is true that eczema cannot be cured. But, this can be managed absolutely with the help of star fruit.

Helps to reduce weight

Add star fruit in your diet to reduce down the weight with its low calories that are around 30 calories per fruit and high amount of fibre.

It nearly offers you 9.5g of carbohydrates per one serving which covers daily requirement by 3%, along with that it gives 2.5g of dietary fibre that covers 10% of daily requirement.

Prevents heart diseases

Star fruit has good amounts of vitamin B9 i.e folic acid which is essential to prevent the heart from diseases and stroke.

The little amounts of riboflavin, niacin and thiamine made it versatile and is a finest source of vitamins like A,B and C that are crucial for the study metabolism rate in the body. They’re also contains vitamin B5, flavonoids and antioxidants.

Cures sore eyes

This fruit has been under the use since generations to cure sore eyes. If your quest is for magnesium in the diet then have a combination of star fruit and vitamin B6.


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For every individual’s body, certain amount of mineral will be really important. For proper Functioning of the body and making the bones and muscle strong, minerals are ideally needed.

Star fruit contains a rich quantity of copper and also offers essential minerals in low amounts. From a medium sized fruit it serves nearly 14% of copper. It also aids to reduce cholesterol levels and to add moisture to faces.

Glowing skin

It is a fruit for all walks of ages since it is rich in zinc, many minerals and vitamins that are necessary for the glowing skin. It purifies the blood and fights great in reducing acne breakouts.

Who would not like to have a glowing skin all over the face and body? It is the time for you to have it in a natural way. Yes, the star fruit can be a way to have glowing skin.

Cures acne

People with oils over the skin tone suffer from the serious issue of acne. Now this can be removed with the naturally obtained star fruit.

To treat the acne prone skin a star fruit can be used directly on the specific area as a face mask. Also try eating to control the production of oil in the skin. If the technique of applying the star fruit is appropriate, acne curing will be easy.

Hair growth

For the proper growth of the hair the need of vitamin B-complex is big. Get it from the juicy star fruit which available in abundant amounts.

It helps to retain your hair healthy and strong too. Your hair is your asset which you always need to carry along with looks. Apart from your skin and dressing accessories, getting wonderful hair is equally important.

Controls hair fall

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Star fruit works effective in controlling the hair fall through its vitamin C and antioxidants which are known for the wellness and to delay the natural aging process. If you are fed up of the excessive hair fall, do not go for any artificial remedy. Rather get a perfect hair fall control remedy through the star fruit.

Consult your doctor

Yes, it is really important to have consultation with doctor before having the star fruit. This will be true when you have been suffering from chronic diseases. Some medicines and treatment techniques ask to avoid the star fruit.

If you are in the medication course for other illness problems then it is recommended to consult your doctor about choosing star fruit as it may interfere with medicines.

Improving body metabolism

Having a perfect body metabolism will be really important for every individual. But, due to the lifestyle and adulteration in food people suffers from improper rate of metabolism.

But, you can now get a proper rate of your body metabolism boosted through the star fruit. You will be able to comply with all the synthetic functions inside your body.

Free radicals removal

The oxygen derived from free radicals has this inflicted inside our body. Star fruit has the presence of antioxidants that helps in removing the oxidants and the harmful free radicals inside your body. This also has important variety of flavoring named as Gallic acid, Quentin as well as catechist.

Good for nursing mother

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Mother who has given birth to a baby have a concern about breastfeeding. Not all mothers get a good flow of their breast milk. As a result of which babies hardly get the chance of having good flow of milk. But with the consumption of star fruit it will be quite easy to boost the flow of milk.