Top hair combing techniques for good looking hair

Your hair is a delicate part of your body which should not be pulled or handled roughly. Even when you are combing your hair, your hair might fall due to excessive stretching and pulling. There are some techniques which must be adopted when you are combing your hair. Choice of proper comb is also important when you are in a process of combing your hair. You must be envying ladies and gents with very attractive hairstyles over internet or television screen.

Whether you wish to get an attractive side parting or back comb of hair, right technique for combining will be an important step.

I have had long hair for all of my life, usually till the waist or longer. It takes a great deal of care to help to keep it nourished, free from split ends and minimize any breakage, in order to hold it long and attractive. One of the most significant tips that you can ever obtain is the correct way to brush. The correct hair brushing technique is one way to keep your hair glossy and healthy.

First and foremost try to choose the right hair brush. The vintage fashion bristle brush is a thing of the past. I favor a brush with broad spaced plastic bristles which has encased tips that will exert pressure when pressed upon with your finger. This permits for gentler scrubbing. This brushing method is perfect for long hair. You part your hair in the middle and slide it over each shoulder. Starting at the base gently work your way up through the tangles a little at a time until you come to the hair root. This will minimize any breakage.

Top hair care tips

Each one of us wishes to have beautiful hair with a perfect shine and luster. But, how many of us know the perfect way of combing hair? Even due to wrong hair combing process there is a chance that the hair fall takes place due to wrong combing technique. There is also a tendency that individuals keep particular hairstyle for an extended period of time. They do not change it as they think the personality won’t match with other variety of hair.

But the young generation would do ahead with different types of hairstyles. But while changing the styles, the combing style can make you look beautiful.

Another great brushing method for long hair. After all the tangles are taken and the brush easily makes its way through your hair, bend over at the waist and brush your hair starting at the nape of the neck following all the way through to the end. This method will stimulate the scalp and maximize hair development.

A very important tip to be considered is to never brush your hair when it is still damp. When wet, your hair is like elastic, and stretches. Brushing wet hair will make the roots feeble and brittle. If you feel you should detangle while your hair is still damp, use a wide tooth comb and beginning from the end, step-by-step work your way to the scalp.

Before going to bed brush your hair to eliminate tangles, as always start brushing the hair from the end, gently work your way up through the tangles a little at a time until you come to the hair root. Once this is done, beginning at the scalp run the brush down the whole length of your hair. Extend this for a full count of 100 strokes. This stimulates the scalp as well as spreads the vital oils from the scalp equally till the ends of your hair.

Best tips for long hair

Once you have completed the night routine of brushing your hair with 100 strokes, roughly braid it and bind off the ends. This technique will help to reduce the tangles that build up during sleep and makes the hair tangle free the next morning, thereby minimizing impairment.

Be mild while brushing your long hair. Don’t hurry through the tangles. This can break the hair, develop split ends and even drag the hair out from the roots. Always brush softly.

Good hair brushing methods are a must to follow for those who desire to have healthy and long hair. Through the correct brushing of your hair, the vital oils are circulated to the ends thereby assisting in moisturizing the fragile tips.

Tools for hair combing

In order to get best results in hair combing, right tools will be essential. You can get combs with small brush, large gaps, push back etc. Even if you wish to tease your hair, particular type of comb is used that has very small gaps in between.  It is important to get tight tease so that your hair does not falls back. Right technique of combing with give rise to attractive and mess free hairstyle.

Three row teasing brush with natural bristles

People willing to get different hairstyles can purchase this hair comb. But, it is ideal for all those who wish to get a bump with tight tease under the hair.

Large hair pick

These are generally prescribed for all those who have curly hair. Even people with straight hair with a tendency of hair getting overlap can also use this comb for ease in combing activity without any hair breakage.

Back combing comb with tail

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If you are willing to get an ideal back combing hairstyle, this particular comb will be ideal for such situation. People with both short and long hair can ideally use it which also has a pointed tail that helps in parting your hair.

Three row teasing comb

This is another variation of comb that will provide a scope for teasing is the three row teasing comb. You can get this type of comb made up of plastic or aluminum. It is better to go for plastic as it will be light weight, handy and also have no reaction on your hair.

Technique of backcombing

Take the comb and first of all comb at the end of your hair as that is the portion where you can get overlapping hair knots. You also need to hold your hair from the root while combing. When you are combing, make sure you do it very slowly and steadily.

If you are willing to make curls to your hair first of all comb and make it smooth with not a single knot.

If you want to get an ultimate hold to your hair, best way will be to apply little spray so that it gets a wonderful hold.

Again, when you are willing to get a fuller knot top bun, the tail must be back comb once it is tied up. You can also twist your hair and use pin to make it tight.

Steps for hair combing

Clean your hair

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Before combing your hair, it will be important to clean it. It will be ideal if you can use a mild shampoo so that dirt and dust gets ideally eradicated from your hair.

Clean your comb

Sometimes due to dirt sticking up to you comb, you might not get a smooth feeling while combing your hair. You must make sure to clean your comb ideally with some soap solution and brush. It will be really important to get a wonderful hair.

Brushing hair

While brushing your hair do not randomly comb in from top to bottom. Rather make a separation of two parts over your head. You may also make three section of your hair to make fuzziness and lumps less.

Bristle inside brush

In order to create more ease in combing, you also need to get the bristle inside the brush. Now you can brush up against your hair. You can start doing this from the root and then slowly come to the end portion of the hair. Remember that your hair is very delicate, thus it is important not to rush.

Hair combing techniques to look good

Comb for bun

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These days’ people are aiming to get variety of hairstyle. One among which is known as making a bun at your back. Even to make this hairstyle it is important to comb hair in a perfect way. You must let all the knots stay away from the hair at first. They take all the hairs by combing back brush. Now make a knot and make a bun.

No combing on wet hair

Some people makes mistake of combing the wet hair. When your hair is wet, the root remains very sot and weak. If you comb you hair at this very stage, there will be a chance that your comb will extract wide number of hairs. It is quite true that people are vigorously getting hair falls. But, combing wet hair will give you more hair fall as compared to the combing of dry hair. Thus, stop combing wet hair.

Use clean comb

People hardly get the chance of cleaning comb. Rather, people totally ignore the fact. But, this is a necessity for all those who are using comb on a regular basis. If you don’t clean your comb, even if your hair is clean, it will give rise to dirt accumulation. If you don’t have time to clean regularly, do keep two or 3 combs so that you can use alternate ones if the other one is dirty. This way your hair will look good and healthy.