Healthy drinks during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period when you need to pick everything that you drink or eat with care. It is a time when you need to be in the best of your physical and mental health because during this period your health is directly related with the health of your baby.

There are some drinks that might not be heavily dangerous for you, but extremely harmful for the baby in your womb. So, before you pick, it is essential to be completely aware.

Taking in adequate drinks during pregnancy is important, and there are many reasons for it. First of all, during this time, your body needs more water and drinking less or even normal as before might cause dehydration in the body which can affect you and your child negatively.

Apart from that, during pregnancy, indigestion and constipation are often common problems in expecting mothers. You can fight these issues easily by including more drinks in your daily diet. The drinks that are most healthy for pregnant women have been included below,


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Often we do not even count water as a drink, and never as a beverage, but it is the drink that makes the preliminary element of our body and the primary purpose of having any drink during pregnancy, is to get more water in your body.

So, simply drinking more water can be a healthy way for pregnant women. If you seem to not to like any drink or anything that is suitable for you during this stage, bank on water alone and it is sure to give you the best benefits of the best drink.

Cow milk

Milk is the other healthy drink for pregnant women. Unless you are allergic to it, including a good amount of milk in your daily diet can be really helpful particularly during pregnancy.

Milk contains a good percentage of water along with protein, fat and a number of other elements that can nourish the body. So, good quality boiled cow milk can be a healthy drink during pregnancy.

Soya milk

This is a plant based drink that can be ideal for pregnant women. Soya milks are high in protein and calcium content. Along with that, they also encapsulate a range of vital nutrients that can give an expecting mother all the nourishment she needs.

Soy milks are also available in different flavors and hence if you do not like drinking cow milk or you are allergic to the taste, drink soya milk in the flavor of your choice to get all the nourishment as well as a high amount of water.

However, before you buy soy milk from a brand check out the composition to ensure that it has pure soy milk and there are no additives that might not be very suitable for the fetus or for digestion in mother.

Green coconut water

The water of the green coconut is filled with nutrients. It not only tastes great but can also be very effective in giving the expecting mothers the required nourishment. The other best thing about coconut water is that it can be very soothing, helping the body to stay cool during hot summer days.

You can drink only the coconut water directly or you can also prepare a smoothie of green coconut water and the young coconut meat to make it more healthy and filling. Coconut water makes one of the healthiest natural drinks for pregnant women.

Fresh fruit juices

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Fruits are loaded with health friendly vitamins and minerals and along with that they also have high fiber content that can aid in better digestion ensuring a better overall health. So, during pregnancy, fresh fruit juices prepared from the seasonal fruits can make an ideal healthy drink.

During the hot days of summer fresh juices made from mangoes, watermelons, pineapple, sweet lime and grapes can be ideal. During winter, oranges are surely your best pick.

It is best suggested to not to mix the fruits for making the juice rather to drink the juice of only one fruit at a time. While making the fresh fruit juices do not add much sugar or artificial flavors rather let it be a pure fruit juice without additives.

It should also be pointed out here, that it is not a good option to opt for the packed fruit juices during pregnancy, because the packed ones often contain preservatives and high amount of additives which might not be very appropriate during pregnancy.

So, the better option is to collect the fresh fruits, wash them clean and make juice from them at home.

Fruit smoothies

Another healthy drink during pregnancy is fruit smoothies. You can easily prepare fruit smoothies by adding your favorite fruits with milk. Banana, guava, strawberries can be ideal for fruit smoothies.

These smoothies taste best and they provide you with all the vital nutrients of milk and fruits along with the required hydration. Again keep in mind that you should prepare one smoothie with only one type of fruits and not with different fruits.


Lemonade or the well- known nimbupani of Indian homes can also be a good drink during pregnancy.

Nimbupani can help in keeping the body hydrated and also the added salt and sugar with the preparation ensures that the body gets proper supply of the essential salts. This drink can also be helpful to cure the morning sickness or nausea in pregnant women.

However, while preparing nimbupani, ensure that you add the salt and sugar not in excess but in proper percentage and try not to drink it in empty stomach, as the lemon in Nimbupani might cause acidity in pregnant women when taken in empty stomach.

Vegetable juices

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You know how good the vegetables are for our body and during pregnancy eating more vegetables become necessary for the best health of the mother and the fetus.

Eating uncooked vegetables in form of juice can be very effective as it will ensure that you get the unspoiled food value of the vegetables. Carrots, beets, spinach are some of the best vegetables suited for making vegetable juice.

When it comes to vegetables you can also mix them in your juice to come up with the taste of your choice.

Vegetable juices not only provide sufficient hydration, vitamins and minerals to the body but also supplies a huge amount of digestive fiber that can aid in digestion and absorption of the nutrients in the body.

So, if you are looking out for the healthy drinks during pregnancy, vegetable juices should make to the top of your list.


Tea can be another refreshing and healthy drink for pregnant ladies. However, always ensure that you use pure green tea leaves with minimum caffeine content to prepare the drink.

Opting for the herbal tea leaves and other combinations of tea leaves is not a good option, as the effects of the herbal teas on the fetus are not clearly known yet. You can add lemon juice, sugar and salt according to your taste to the tea concoction to make your drink.

However, stay away from adding milk to it as that can easily cause acidity in pregnant women. Adding 2 ice cubes with this drink or just letting it cool down sufficiently in the fridge before drinking it, can make it really refreshing during summers.

The drinks mentioned above are considered as safe for pregnant women and the fetus. Most of these drinks can be consumed once, twice or more times a day during pregnancy to ensure that the body is never dehydrated and there is a ready flow of nutrients in the blood.

In case, you are planning to pick a health drink from the market to have during pregnancy, it is best suggested to consult your doctor first.

There are many health drinks that come with different additives and might not be suitable for a pregnant woman and hence you should not drink them without consulting your gynecologist.