How to light and bright up the skin tone with homemade face masks

A wish of becoming fair and beautiful will never come to an end and is really effective to the ladies with whitish skin or dark complexion. But, today you can easily see your favorite celebrities or people quite close to you with whitish skin to get a transformation to fair and bright skin. All credit goes to makeup of superior quality.

Makeup can easily make a black person to a lighter skin tone but that will be for a temporary basis. But, if you want to get lighter and fairer skin tone on a permanent basis, some natural homemade tips will be preferable. Homemade face masks are really effective to remove dark tinge over your skin layer.

Makeup can make your skin rough and dry after some years if you continuously apply them without cleaning it after coming back from outing. If you don’t clean up your skin on a regular basis, this will give rise to wrinkles.

Girls love to look beautiful and we make many things to enhance our looks. Whatever we do, if we are caught by pollution, sun rays and work stress the efforts kept in the skin will all go off. So always prefer to apply sun care and to wrap yourself with scarfs while you are going out, prefer a hat when it is too hot outside.

To rejuvenate your skin from the dull and dryness might you have gone with many cosmetic products which promises to give charming color and look. Most of the market products don’t work to the level they explained and on the other side they are the containers of chemicals and irritating ingredients. So going on natural with the usage of the home ingredients will assure no side effects and makes your tone light and bright. Check out few face packs that can be dished out with in the home.

Having a bright and beautiful skin will be an aim of every individual. Ladies are always having a competitive mind among their community that includes their flaunting beauty to the other ladies. Even some of them wish to stay attracted towards the opposite sex.

This however create the whole thing connect to one another. The use of cosmetics and care of skin tone is also related to the reason. Today we can get variety of homemade face masks that will ideally help brightening and lightening of your skin tone in a natural way.

Homemade face masks to light and bright up the skin

Lemon with the punch of honey

Top homemade multani mitti face packs for beautiful skin

No, don’t mix them and drink to lose your weight. Apply this time to hit the bright skin texture.  Take two tablespoons of lemon and equal amount of honey, mix them properly and apply over the face completely. Mae sure to leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse off.

Gram flour face mask

Gram flour is the easy available ingredient in the kitchen, so can you can try this face pack when you want.  Prepare a paste from two tablespoons of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric powder and one tablespoon of raw milk. Mix all together and keep it a side. Before going to apply the face pack wash your face clean and then apply gently to face and neck. Allow it to sit for up to 20 minutes. When you feel it was dried, scrub and wash it off.You can add lemon extract if your skin is oily.

Milk powder

The yummy milk powder can give you amazing color like its own. Take a tablespoon of milk powder and add it with one tablespoon honey, one tablespoon of lemon extract. Mix them well and form as a paste.  Apply it on your clear skin and neck, wait for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off.

Cucumber face mask

Beauty tips for your face to glow and shine

Squash and squeeze the cucumber and  take one tablespoon of cucumber juice add it up with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Dab over the face and rinse off after 15 minutes.

Tomato and gram flour face pack

Squeeze the tomato and get two tablespoons of tomato juice from it, add this juice two or three tablespoons of gram flour. Mix to form a paste and apply over the entire face. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse off.

Dried orange peel and yogurt

Prepare the orange peel powder by retaining the peels under the sun light and powdering after wards. Take two tablespoons of this peel powder and mix it up with two tablespoons of fresh yogurt. Mix them, apply, rinse off after 15 minutes and got the amazing light skin.

Homemade face mask for light and bright skin

Banana face pack

Banana is a natural fruit that helps your face to stay glowing for a longer period of time. You can now make a face pack with the help of banana. The ingredients that you will require include mashed form of a half banana, curd – a single tablespoon and white portion of a single egg.

Best banana face packs for glowing skin

Take a container and put the banana pulp in the same. Now add egg white and the curd that has been calculated. Apply it over your face and keep for 20 minutes. Wash out with the lukewarm water. You can easily get the parlor effect after using this face pack at least twice in a week.

Bread crumbs face mask

Have you heard about the face mask made up of bread? Very few people must have heard the same. But this is a wonderful variety of face mask which will always keep your face glowing.  The side portion of the bread which you generally slice it out and throw away can now be utilized to create a natural face pack.

The ingredients you would require include Milk cream or malai and the breadcrumbs. You have to take a handful of the breadcrumbs and keep it in a container. Now add milk cream to the bread crumbs. Mix them and allow it to soak for 2 minutes. After sometime you can see the breadcrumbs becoming soft. Apply the face mask over the face and keep the mask for 15 minutes. Wash it and observe the light tone of the skin along with an extraordinary glow.

Oatmeal face mask

Get a spoon of oatmeal and grind it to make half broken face mask. Take two tablespoon of yogurt and also tomato juice extracted from fresh tomato. Combine all the ingredients in a perfect order and apply it over your face. Keep this for 15 minutes and then remove it with cold water. Remember to slowly rub your face with the finger tips so that the dead skin is removed. It works as a scrubber as well as an exclusive face pack for beautiful glowing skin.

Sunflower seeds face mask

Best beauty face packs for skin lightening

You can now get sunflower seeds from the market as this is regarded among the cereals. The natural sunflower seeds can surprise you by making a wonderful face mask for all those who have dry skin and wishes to get back the natural glow that they have been missing.

Very simple ingredients would be required to make this face mask. You need to soak sunflower seeds in water overnight.  You can also use milk to soak the sunflower seeds. Now grind the sunflower seeds along with the milk that has been used to soak the same overnight.  It will be much more effective if you can dip some saffron strands in it while grinding it. Now apply it over your face in such a way that it covers all parts of your skin. Also cover your neck and outer portion of your ear so that once it show the effect, only the facial skin must not become fair, rather the neck and ear portion must also look fair.

Chamomile tea with lemon face pack

Chamomile tea has got a wonderful health benefits just after the green tea. You can now make a wonderful face pack with the help of the chamomile tea and also the natural lemon juice.  The other ingredients include almond oil – 2 drops, oatmeal powder – 1 tablespoon and two tablespoon of honey.

Take a container and add the ingredients one after another and mix them all in a perfect way. Now apply it over your face in such a way that it covers entire face from the forehead to chin. You have to keep it for 10 – 15 minutes and then wash with the lukewarm water.

Aloe vera

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The utility of Aloe Vera has not been realized by all at the very beginning. People used to throw this tree away by treating it as an unwanted tree. But, through research it has been found out that Aloe Vera works in a wonderful way to treat variety of skin problems. Now, you can also apply simple Aloe Vera gel from inside of leaf and watch the brightening result.


Papaya in the ripe form can also be really beneficial for your skin. You have to cut very small portion of ripe papaya and mash it by getting it in a blender. Now add some lemon juice and mix. Now apply it all over your face and skin. Let it stay on your face for 30 minutes. There after you can remove it with the help of plain cold water. This is a brilliant remedy to make your face look bright with lightening effect.

Turmeric and milk

You must have seen turmeric being used in many customs of marriage occasion. This is applied on bride’s face so that she can stay beautiful on the day of marriage. Thus, you must be rest assured about its benefit in making you look beautiful. Yes, you can now take 2 spoons of raw milk and add a pinch of turmeric in it. Apply it over your face and keep it for 10 minutes till it is dry. Once it is dry you have to wash it away with the help of plain water.