Home remedies for hair growth and thickness

Hairs are dear to every one of us. They not only play a vital role in the way we look but also add to the overall beauty of a person. Long and beautiful hairs are praised in every society and women are often ready to go the extra mile to get those lustrous locks. However, with the increasing work pressure in our daily life along with junk eating habits and the increasing amount of pollution in the environment, having long lustrous locks is not really easy any more. Hair fall and hair thinning has become a common problem in every developed society and that has made the hairs even more precious.
However, that does not mean you cannot have thick and healthy hairs. If you are ready to take the right measures and do the right things for your hairs, you can always get long lustrous locks.

How to get long thick hair

Always keep in mind, no matter what the advertisements vouch there are hardly any chemical based products that can help you for hair growth and hair thickness. Obviously, we are keeping the medicated products out from this list, but the cosmetic products are not surely the best friends with your hairs. For hair growth and thickness it is really important that you look for home remedies. These remedies will cost you minimum and will offer results that are completely free from side effects.

When using home treatments, keep in mind that these remedies are highly effective but their ability to work quickly varies from person to person. While someone can get the effects in just one month, someone else might need 2 months to get the same results. So, know the home treatments for hair growth and thickness and continue following them religiously for a prolonged period of time to get the best results.

Before we move to the home remedies for hair growth and thickness, it is important to mention the importance of the right diet and lifestyle for better hairs. The right diet provides the right nutrition to the body that can boost hair growth from within. Maintaining a lifestyle that is healthy and free from bad habits ensures complete well-being and problem free skin and hairs. For a diet that is good for your hair-health include more of vegetables, fruits and fatty fishes in your food list. Eat what is light for your digestive system and good for your body.  Now let us straight get into the home remedies for which you are waiting so long. Read on,

The essential oil therapy

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When you are looking for home remedies for hair growth and volume, the essential oil therapy naturally comes at the top. Essential oils like rosemary essential oil and evening primrose essential oil works as natural hair tonic and they can boost hair growth when used religiously. According to studies, essential oils might be able to initiate hair growth in 70% people and hence this therapy is something that you should not miss.

It is simple to follow this home treatment. Take 20 drops of almond or coconut oil in a container. Add 8 drops of rosemary essential oil and 10 drops of evening primrose carrier oil to it. Blend the three oils properly and use it to massage your scalp and hairs thoroughly. You should keep the oil on your hairs for the whole night and wash off with a mild or homemade hair cleanser in the morning. Take this treatment at least thrice a week or more.

The hot oil therapy

Hot oil therapy is just another way of using oils to ensure better nourishment of the scalp and hairs which can boost hair growth and result into more hair thickness. When you are using essential oil therapy, it is not suggested to use heat. As heat can deactivate the active compounds present in these volatile oils. So, when you are using hot oil therapy you should not use essential oils in it.

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Heat a steel container in the flame and then pour in 30 drops of olive oil and 20 drops of castor oil in it. Mix the two well and massage your scalp and hairs with this oil mixture for at least 10 minutes. Now, soak a thick towel in warm water, squeeze out the excess water and cover your head and hairs with the hot towel for 10 more minutes. Wash off your hairs with a mild cleanser in the morning. Using this treatment thrice or more in a week can give you the best outcomes.

Aloe vera for hair growth and thickness

Aloe Vera can be highly effective to stimulate hair growth and also to promote better hair thickness. Aloe Vera banishes any dryness from the scalp and it provides nourishment to the hairs. To use Aloe Vera and to get all its natural benefits, collect the fresh Aloe Vera pulp from the Aloe Vera leaves.

The Aloe Vera gels available in the market essentially comes with additives and will never provide the same results as the original Aloe Vera gel extracted directly from the leaves at home. Apply this Aloe Vera pulp onto your scalp and hairs in excess and let it stand for at least 1 hour, but do not let it get dry.  Wash off with plenty of water. Use a mild hair cleanser only before going out.

Egg and olive oil treatment for quick hair growth and volume

Egg is a great source of protein. Giving your hairs natural protein treatment regularly can ensure better nourishment and growth of the hairs. To make this pack, mix 1 whole egg with 2 spoons of olive oil and apply the resulting mixture onto your scalp and hairs. Let it stand for 30 minutes before washing off with a cleanser.  Use this treatment every week for best results.

Indian gooseberry and shikakai for hair growth and thickness

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Indian gooseberry or Amla can be highly effective to boost hair growth and the shikakai works as the best natural hair conditioner. Crush the flesh of 5-6 green Indian gooseberries along with a few strands of shikakai. Apply the resulting pack onto your scalp and hairs. Let it set for 1 hour, covering with a shower cap. Wash off with water. Use twice a week or more.

Get long thick hairs with curry leaves and coconut oil

This is a hair growth treatment that can hardly fail. This home remedy can also be highly effective to stop hair fall all together. Take 2 cups of extra virgin coconut oil in an open container and start heating it. Add 40-50 curry leaves to this oil and bring it to a boil. After it has boiled for 5 minutes, cover the pan and let it stand. Once it gets cooled, strain the curry leaves and store the oil in a clean container. Use this oil for massaging your scalp and hairs as frequently as possible.

Hibiscus mask for thick and long hairs

Hibiscus is naturally good for the hairs and it is also known to boost hair growth. Using hibiscus mask on hairs is as easy as anything and it can give you great results without fail. Collect 15-20 hibiscus flowers and hibiscus leaves in the same number. Grind all of these together to make a sticky and slightly runny paste. Apply this pack onto your scalp and hairs. Let it set for 1 hour covering with a shower cap. Wash off with water. No need to use a cleanser.

Fenugreek seeds for hair growth and more hair volume

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Fenugreek seeds have arginine which can be highly effective to stimulate hair growth. It also makes hair black and voluminous. Soak a handful of fenugreek seeds in fresh water over night. In the morning strain the water and grind the seeds to make a paste. Use this paste directly onto your scalp and let it stand for 45 minutes, covering with a shower cap. Wash off with plenty of water. Repeat as frequently as possible for the best results.

Onion extract for thick hairs

Onion is high in allicin content, which is the compound that gives onions the characteristic pungent smell. Allicin is a sulfur based compound and it enjoys great anti-bacterial and antifungal properties. This compound can be very effective to boost hair growth, resulting into hair thickness.  Take a big sized onion, remove the scales and crush it. Now squeeze out the juice and apply it onto your scalp with the help of a cotton ball. Let it stand for an hour and then wash off with a natural hair cleanser.

Avocado and banana for hair growth and thickness

A hair pack made from Avocado and banana can be highly nourishing for your hairs and can stimulate hair growth effectively. This pack will banish any dryness or lack of nourishment from your hairs promoting hair growth and hair health. Smash one over ripe avocado and 1 over ripe banana together. Add 1 spoon olive oil to the smashed fruits and mix well. Apply this pack lavishly onto your scalp and hairs and then let it set, without letting it get dry. Wash off with water and follow with a natural homemade hair cleanser.