Tips to make your hair thicker

There are many stubborn reasons for the hair fall like pollution,  hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, hereditary, allergies and so on. But the thicker hair, it won’t come to you in a single night through a magic, it comes with the day by day care and the products that you are using. Well, here are some tips to get the thicker hair.

Hair wash

How to get long thick hair

Do you like to pour the water on your head all the days in a week! But head shower on everyday is not an ideal job. Apart from cleaning the scalp and hair, it also removes the natural oil that is required for the protecting hair. So, limit the washing exercise for three to four times in a week. Might you feel like a new process it is and oily, but it will balance with a week or two. Always try to use the cold and plain water rather than the hot water which makes the hair  dry and brittle. Cold water washing makes the hair shaft lie flat, which it protects from damage and breakage.

Dry the hair with care

Don’t roll the towel left and right so frequently after your step out from the shower, it leads to the hair breakage. Manage your drying gently. To get the thicker hair you need to pat smooth with a towel and leave it to dry for air.

Another reason for the hair breakage is using the hair tools when the hair is dry. Use a wide tooth comb. Combing the hair from downwards to upward helps in removing the tangles without giving damage to hair.

Stay away from the heat styling tools

In a hurry move you may feel better using a blow dryer but it is not an optical condition to go with. It is one of the biggest reason for thinning out the hair. n this method you’re pulling on the roots and heating the shaft, it is nothing but damaging it every time. Instead, let your hair air dry through natural methods.

Throw the products that contains harsh chemicals

Best amazing hair care tips

If you are searching for the thicker hair, you need not to take the help of the products which are encompassed with the chemicals, they damage the hair, scalp and the shaft gradually. Just check the label of the product you are picking out, if they are containing with sodium laurel and laureth make your step out from that path. Because these ingredients are too harsh for the hair and they are also seen in dishwashing detergent.

Similarly choose the conditioners which does not having silicones, if you apply a silicone contained conditioner then it takes many washes to come down. This increases the number washes, which is not good for growing thicker hair.

Go with the ingredients which help your hair growth

Search for the shampoos and conditioners that are having natural ingredients like aloe vera, castor oil and avocado oil. An aloe vera contained product is known to stop the hair fall and promotes the hair growth. Castor oil helps for the thickness by offering a natural coating. Avocado oil promotes the healthy hair growth and make the skin to absorb the vitamins.