Cosmetic surgery for acne scars – How much it costs

What are acne scars?

Acne scars are abnormalities of the skin texture that are left behind after the control of acne breakouts. They can be a troublesome problems as the scars may remain for the lifetime. These scars range from shallow depressions to sharp pits or white elevated bumps. There can also be brown or red discolouration behind which generally fade over time and need no treatment.

Small, deep acne scars can be treated with surgical excision which will flatten the scar.This is usually followed by other resurfacing techniques like laser, chemical peel or dermabrasion to make the skin smooth and minimise the colour of the scar.

Acne and scar marks over your face can be visible. It feels really awkward when you have such marks and need to approach the mass in a party or a social gathering. Even after trying acne scar home remedies, very expensive creams and cosmetics it becomes really impossible to remove such marks. The best way will be to go ahead with the cosmetic surgery.

Acne scar treatments

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Treatment for acne can be as problematic as the disease itself. A successful treatment for acne scars requires a team approach with a dermatologist and a cosmetic surgeon.

Multiple types of treatments are requires for a successful approach. It takes several months of treatments and many options to get rid of the scars. The treatment will depend on the depth of the scars.

There are several ways of treatment by which the cosmetic surgeons commonly treat acne scars. They are: chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion and microdermabrasion.

Chemical peels

In this method strong chemicals are used to remove the top layer of skin to smoothen the depressed acne scars and provide the skin with an even colour. Different chemicals are used for different depth scars.Chemical peels exfoliates the skin and help to produce fresh new skin cells.

Light peels on shallow scars do not require healing time but deeper peels usually need about two weeks to heal.  The after effects of light peeling is only some stinging or irritation feeling and redness and puffiness on the face.Light peels usually do not require anaesthesia but the deeper peels normally need local anaesthesia.

Laser skin surfacing

This is another popular technique for treating superficial scars with the use of a laser which is a device that uses a high-energy on the top layer of the skin.  It works instantly and is done under local anaesthesia or mild sedation. The ultra-pulsed carbon dioxide laser, the erbium YAG laser and the pulsed dye yellow light laser are commonly used by cosmetic surgeons for treating acne scarring.


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It is the process of mechanical sanding of the upper layers of the scar, in which the new layer replaces the ground layer of the skin. This method is performed under anaesthesia and the recovery usually takes 2 weeks.

Micro dermabrasion

This method of treatment is performed by scraping away the top layer of the scarred skin by passing tiny particles through a vacuum tube.  Mild scars can be treated with this method but multiple treatments may be required for effective results.

Soft tissue augmentation

It is another successful method to remove shallow acne scars. This is done with the help of an injectable filler in the tissues. These fillers last for about nine months but depict instant results.

Micro needling

It is the process which uses acupuncture-like needles to pierce the skin. These “micro-injuries” help to restart the skin’s self-repair mechanism, that leads to the production of new collagen. The result is typically smoother, firmer looking skin.

Fat grafting

This is a technique to treat acne which   takes fat from other areas of the body and injects it into the scars to fill the depressed areas.  Some deep pitted scars are treated by cutting the core of the scar with a small needle and then stitching up the hole

Are the cosmetic surgery acne scar removal treatments efficient?

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It has been found that there are permanent results laser abrasion and dermabrasion. But it may be necessary to repeat the other mild treatments every year Collagen fillers by injections are temporary and need to be repeated every three to six months.

In most cases two to three treatment sessions are required to reach a positive result. There is no single treatment for acne scar removal that is best for everyone. Different methods may have to be adopted or a combination of some methods may be recommended by the surgeon.

What is the cost of an acne scar treatment?

Treatment for acne scarring is considered cosmetic and is not a medical treatment. Thus this expense   is not covered under medical insurance. The cost depends on the on the area of face involved, depth of scars, type of treatment used, clinic, location etc.The more advanced techniques of laser treatment and dermabrasion require a considerably larger investment of time and money.

The cost of a dermabrasion treatment requiring less time can be approximately $125. On the other hand more aggressive micro dermabrasion treatments requiring more time normally costs about $200

The cost of the chemical peels that does not require downtime can be as low as $95.   The more aggressive the peel, the more costly they become and can be up to approximately $400.00

Laser Resurfacing can be done in stages. Each stage can be about $2,500-$4,000 a treatment. There can be slight changes depending on the amount of area to be treated.

Light treatments done alone are usually inexpensive and cost from $75-$125depending on the length of time taken for the treatment.

Cost of laser treatment

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Laser for acne scars is said to be one of the best choices to get rid of acne scars. On an average, laser treatment costs $700 to $800 per session. Besides the cost of the sessions there are doctor’s fee, medical facilities charges, transport charges, and materials and equipment cost used for the procedure.

The cost of laser treatment in India is  about Rs. 1500 ($30) per sitting. Laser treatment sessions are done once a week or once in 2 weeks.  Effective results are need minimum of 6 sessions, that means about 10 thousand rupees for the sessions and then there is expenditure on the skin care products that are recommended in between the sessions.

Usually laser treatment comes as part of a deal with a huge discount.  This treatment must be taken from renowned clinics and not on huge discounts and performed under professional cosmetic surgeons.

Dermefface FX7

It is yet another effective and cheaper alternative to get rid of acne scars recommended by doctors. It has no side effects. This therapy soothes and flattens acne scars. This is done while increasing the production of healthy cells which gently replace the scarred cells. In case the patient is not satisfied in 90 days of time there is money back guarantee.

Evolution of cosmetic surgery

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There was a time when the plastic surgeries or cosmetic surgeries were not very effective in treating the makes over the face. But today the science has taken a different step forward.

You can easily see your favorite film stars getting clean and smooth facial skin even when they had pimples and acne all over. Yes the magic is created through the cosmetic surgery.

Cost of acne scar treatment with cosmetic surgery

The cost of treating the acne marks and pimples through the surgery will absolutely vary from one establishment to another. Even this has been changing in every consecutive year. The price varies from $ 2500 to $ 3000. But it will be changing with the upgrades and degrades in the health facilities and experts carrying on with the procedure.

Treatment of acne scar marks

Rolling acne scar

Sometimes high pitted brush is used to remove the depth of the pitted scars. The experts will carry on with buffing it over the affected area where the acne or scars are developed. If you have rolling acne scars, this will be a wonderful treatment that you can ideally adopt. You can easily flatten the particular skin area where there is a bulging appearance.

Micro dermabrasion

This is another particular variety of acne scar treatment which can be done once you can visit the dermatologist. The tiny crystal is sprayed over the surface of the skin so that a layer that creates bulge over the skin can be removed.  You can also try this remedy for treating the acne or scar marks.

Before going for a treatment for removing acne and scar marks over your face, it is really important to consult with a renowned dermatologists.