What are the Hair care tips during pregnancy? How to minimize hair fall?

Pregnancy is an amazing experience of your life when there is an unfolded human is growing inside you. During pregnancy, there are many hormonal and physical changes that you experience. You get these changes in your hair as well.

During pregnancy, there are different results in the different pregnant women because pregnancy is unpredictable in the hair condition.

There are two aspects of hair condition, for example, some pregnant women may experience their hair will start getting thicker and longer with amazing shine.

On the other hand, some pregnant women may experience thinning hair, hair fall, and other worse condition in their hair.

Undoubtedly you are going to experience changes in your hair, if you are upset or worried about your hair during pregnancy then you should not be.

There are the tips given below that will help you take good care of your hair and minimize the hair fall while nourishing your skin and boosting your health.

These simple tips are given below can play a vital role to make your pregnancy ease and comfortable while helping you cope up better with the changes you are going through.

Wash your hair twice a week

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You need to wash your hair at least once to twice a week. It will be better if you are using any herbal mild shampoo for the extra care of your hair and do not forget to apply conditioner after every hair wash.

You need to follow all the tips to avoid dry hair and split ends.

Massage your hair

Massaging hair improves the blood circulation that makes your hair strengthens which is more important to take care of your hair during pregnancy.

You should oil your hair at least three to four times in a week. Oil add nourishment to your hair and it gives double benefits if opt for the healthy natural oil like almond, castor, coconut, jojoba, olive oil etc.

Heat up the oil slightly before applying to your hair. Massage gently through the scalp and hair. Hair massage not only strengthens your hair but also prevent the hair fall.

Combing gently

Combing wet hair promotes the hair fall. As much as possible avoid heat and let your hair dry naturally if you are using the hair dryer make sure it should be over medium heat. It will be better if you are using the wide-toothed comb to avoid the hair fall.

Get your hair trimmed

While pregnant you experience several hormonal changes similarly your hair goes through different changes during pregnancy like difference hair texture thinning or thickness.

Proper hair trimming will help you to maintain your hair as well as it prevents rough hair and split ends while giving you new and different looks that enhance your beauty with style and make your mood exciting.

Healthy diet

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During pregnancy, you need extra nutrients for your health and your baby’s health.

Everything that you eat now that play a vital role strengthening the needs to go through the changes. The healthy diet is equally important to avail the nourishment of your hair as well.

You need to include foods that are rich in nutrients like leafy vegetables, egg, fish, milk, meats, grains, lentils, dry fruit, fruit and other foods that have sufficient nutrients.

You should also need to be aware of the foods that may cause you harm. Consult with your doctor or health care provider to find out the proper diet-chart.

Avoid stress

Stress id the major factor that promotes the hair fall usually and during pregnancy, it becomes worse. There can be negative effects of hormonal changes and mood swings in your hair.

You need to avoid the activities or situation that give you stress. You should engage your self in the activities which help you relax. Listen to music, practice yoga, think about your baby and do the thing that makes you happy.

Get to know your hair types

The hair types you posses before pregnancy, you experience changes in your hair types due to hormonal change during pregnancy. It is quite important and necessary to understand the types of your hair for the better nourishment.

You should go for the products that suit your hair types. Using the right product will give the better nourishment to your hair and prevent hair damage and hair fall.

Say NO to hair coloring

Hair color may invite the certain allergies and infections; therefore, it is better to say no to hair coloring. Scientifically it has not been proven yet coloring your hair can cause harm to your baby.