What are the Hair care tips during pregnancy? How to minimize hair fall?

Hair fall has become quite a regular affair these days. Ladies with long hair might suffer from hair loss due to a variety of reasons. Environmental factors are also associated with the hair loss trouble. But, during pregnancy, hair loss trouble becomes extremely strong. The baby inside your womb will start adopting several activities which will result in hair fall or loss in a lady. Movement of thumbs and leg also gives rise to the same trouble in the individual. If you are carrying on with a variety of styling procedure, hair fall can take up worst shape.

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During pregnancy you need to be very cautious about your health as this is the time when you are not alone, rather a small member growing inside you will also get affected. Along with your diet and skin care routine, it is also important to keep your hair healthy and free from harmful chemicals. Due to hormonal changes in individuals with long hair will face the problem of hair loss. You should totally stop using the hair drying machines as well as styling iron.

Today, due to environmental problems, people are recklessly suffering from the problem of hair loss. And the pregnancy will be an additional attempt of affecting your hair. Thus, try to keep your hair healthy by regular oil massage and consume healthy food with proper vitamins and minerals. There are some natural ways to minimize hair fall as well.

No styling

How to prevent hair loss after pregnancy

If you have the habit of carrying on with a variety of styling procedure of your hair, this is the time for you to have a control on it. During the pregnancy period, you will definitely need to stop your hair styling. Blowing hot air over your hair will be very harmful for your hairs. If you are worried about not getting your wet hair dried, the best way to dry it will be using moderate or cold air source. You can sit under a fan and get your hair completely dried. If you want to keep you hair healthy, avoid the cosmetics, hair serum and keep your hair without using any hair dryer.


Regular oiling is very important if you are going through the pregnancy period. If you cannot oil your hair on a regular basis, ask your family member to provide you with oiling and hair massage. Along with your body, hair also needs ample nutrition right from the root. Thus, apply oil at least twice in a week before going to bed so that your oil will be nourished with the oil throughout the night and make it strong and beautiful even after washing it away.

No chemical cosmetics

You can definitely find variety of chemical cosmetics in the market. There might be a strong urge for using these cosmetics by women. But, if you are pregnant this must be avoided. Formulas for making the cosmetics are usually changed by the manufacturing companies. They do not check the chemicals and evaluate its effect on the pregnant women. Even if you use a small amount of chemical cosmetics in your hair, this will be absorbed in women’s bodies and affect the baby inside the womb of the pregnant lady.

Some ladies wish to make their Hair straight with the use of chemicals and cosmetics. Same is equally harmful for a pregnant lady. You must avoid these types of styling process when you are pregnant.

Safety with hair dyes

Is it safe to color my hair during pregnancy

Today, people are getting their hair gray due to adulteration as well as pollutants in the environment. According to the American college of Gynecologists, it is not very unsafe for the pregnant ladies use hair dyes as very little dyes is absorbed in the hair will not cause any damage to the baby inside the uterus of the pregnant lady. But the permanent dyes can be quite harmful for the babies. Even the doctors and health care professionals do not recommend the use of permanent hair dyes when the lady is going through the first trimester of pregnancy. The breathing fumes in the process will not be safe enough in the process of baby development. The hair dyes that contain ammonia must be avoided during the pregnancy period. Instead, you can go about the process of highlighting or application of the semi permanent dyes. You can apply herbal dyes such as henna during pregnancy as those are quite safe for a baby.


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Ways to stop hair fall during pregnancy

After giving birth to a baby, hair loss is quite alarming. You can change your style of hair partition and hair combing process to avoid hair loss. You must avoid shampooing and brushing hair less often to stop the hair loss process. You can cut your hair and go for a hair spa to keep your hair healthy. Hair fall will be much more reduced with periodical hair spa treatment. You must also consume a healthy diet on a regular basis so that you can get lesser hair fall during as well as after the pregnancy period for a long time.

Hair care tips during pregnancy

Regular trimming

One of the main reasons behind hair fall is keeping the hair without trimming for a long time. Some people have a wrong conception about the hair growth. They think not cutting hair from its edges can increase its length. But this concept is totally wrong as the hair growth from its root and not tip. If your hair becomes long the tip will become frizzy and split ends will form which will give rise to damage of hair and falling of hair will be common. Thus, even during pregnancy you must trim your hair after a specific interval so that while combing your hair shaft gets easily cleared between two combing teeth.

No wet comb

Best homemade hair packs for hair fall

If you have a habit of combing your hair just after completing your shower when your hair is wet, this is the time to avoid this habit. When your hair remains wet, the root becomes really soft and easy to pluck. Thus, when you comb your wet hair there is a tendency of wider hair fall. You can see many hair trapped within the teeth of your comb. Thus, wait till the time when your hair has become dry naturally under the sunlight or a ceiling fan. If you can use towels to dry your hair soft, getting dry hair will be quite easy.

Healthy diet

Diet is an important consideration when you are within your pregnancy period. This is important both for your baby’s health, your health and even your hair health. Your food must contain right amount of all vitamins, minerals as well as protein adequately so that your body gets nourishment and even your hair. The balanced diet with all types of vitamins, minerals and proteins will be essential for a pregnant lady who wishes to not only stay healthy but also make her hair healthy. These foods are vegetables, fish, grains, milk, fish and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Stress free

One of the prime reasons of hair fall during the pregnancy period is stress. The pregnant lady remains too much stressed out thinking about the delivery time and the negative consequence if any. This becomes a nightmare to them at an initial stage.  Stress like this can also be one of the reasons behind the hair fall. All you have to do is do whatever that makes you feel happy. Your family members and partner should also help you out in getting back from the stage of stress during this lactation period. Since a change in hormonal level takes place at this stage, you need to be very careful as the mood swings can give rise to stress. But if you can win over the stress level, you can easily stay well with healthy hair.

Amla and coconut oil pack

Best hair oils for hair fall control

Amla or Indian gooseberry is a wonderful natural herb which is very good for your hair. You can take a spoon of amla powder dipped in two spoons of coconut oil. You can also add a drop of two of lemon juice and mix it well. Now you can apply this pack on your hair covering every single hair strand along with the scalp. Apply this pack and massage your hair with your fingertips rubbed over your scalp. Keep this for a night and then wash with mild shampoo after getting up in the morning.

Oil massages for hair

Great ways to take care of your hair during pregnancy include good hair oil massage. Oil your hair for at least 3 – 4 hour times a week. It is suggested to use better natural hair oil that works great to add some nourishment to your hair. Choose healthy hair oil with the following ingredients like olive, coconut, almond, jojoba, castor oil. Heat small amount of oil that is required for your hair and scalp. Make sure the oil is not too hot, just warm it and massage this through the scalp and hair. Hair massage helps you to strengthen the roots and prevent hair fall. You can wrap a warm towel around the head to add some extra benefits. It helps to open the pores of the scalp and helps to immerse the oil into the scalp.

Shampoo and conditioning

Shampoo and condition your hair also helps to keep your hair healthy. It also stops hair fall. Make sure to have shampoo for at least once or twice a week. It is better to use and suggested to have a mild shampoo and that too herbal. Apply a conditioner for every time and wash your hair. You can also follow some tips for the hair to control hair fall and split ends. As soon as you wash your hair, apply a good conditioner to your hair. The conditioner helps you to protect your hair from pollution and dirt. It also protects your hair from UV light.

Go organic

Best shampoos for hair fall

Use natural and organic products for hair that makes your hair healthy and good looking. They also help to reduce hair fall and protects your hair from skin infections, allergic reactions on the scalp. There will be no side effects and safe for use among individuals having sensitive skin. Organic products never harm during pregnancy.

Neem leaves

Neem is rich in antibacterial agent that helps you to prevent growth of bacteria that leads to infection and cause hair fall. Neem leaves are natural herbal remedy to reduce hair during pregnancy. Hair fall occurs due to skin infections and this herbal product helps to reduce infections. Make a fresh neem leaves paste by adding the required amount of water. Apply this paste on your scalp and leave it 1 – 2 hours. Wash it off with lukewarm water and then shampoo your hair.

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