Causes of split ends & ways to avoid them

Seal those ends, today! Dreading those comments that will fly your way when you muster your courage to leave your hair untied, inviting people to glare at those split ends? You unknowingly are the proud owner of not one but innumerable ridiculous habits that have led their way to cause those split ends.

Rushing for that brunch date with your loved one you forget the seriousness of combing your wet hair and inviting various hair problems one of which is split ends.

You prance out in that cute, summer dress oblivious to the wrath of the sun on your delicate, uncovered and unprotected hair. You must remember that stress and anxiety are not your friends and you need to break up with them to lead the healthy life you desire. When you start stressing over something that is beyond your control you expose your hair to a lot of damage.

The happy news is you haven’t lost the battle yet and you will live to fight another day to protect your damaged hair from further degradation. Yaay!

Alternate day rule

How to control hair splits during summer

Don’t get the wrong idea inside that head of yours. No one is asking you to enjoy your life as though you were a pig. Gross as it might sound, stop washing your hair every, single day.

Yes, only your hair is subjected to such restrictions not your body.  When you wash your hair everyday you rob it off the natural oil that is produced repairing and healing your damaged hair.

So, without much delay put on that shower cap before you hop under the shower or soak your body in that tub which seems like a promise to bid your worries goodbye.

Oil it up

The best way to bring back the nourishment and moisture to your dull and damaged hair and prevent those split ends is by giving yourself a massage with your favorite oil.

Apply oil all over your scalp, roots and tips and gently message. You can choose from a wide variety of oil. The best ones are almond, coconut, jojoba and sesame. Easily available in your nearby supermarket.

Do this every time you plan to shampoo your hair. Keep it for at least an hour before washing.

No heat

Yes, do it right away. Put them far beyond your reach. It might seem to be a plausible idea to dry your damp hair before you head out, but it sure as hell will only bring grief.

You love the way your hair looks when you’ve straightened it or the way your artificial curls make you beam with happiness. The moment you shake hands with these appliances you bid goodbye to your healthy hair and take a leap to damaged, dry, rough and hair with split ends.

It threatens the quality and moisture level. So, let your hair dry naturally and enjoy the longevity of your beautiful and lustrous hair.

Color it naturally

Your hair dye is full of chemicals that is nothing but poison to your hair. It will leave your hair brittle and you will end up with lifeless hair not to mention the split ends that will pop up. So, cover those signs of aging naturally with home remedies.

The beauty of balanced diet

Everything that is wrong can be cured by the magic of balanced and proper food habits. Say, Hi to food rich in zinc and omega – 3. You need to fill your plate with whole grains,eggs, oysters, salmon, pumpkin seeds, pecans, apricots and walnuts. It will strengthen your hair bringing back its shine and luster.

Hair mask

Foods that stops hair loss

No one is suggesting you hair products that you’re tired of trying out and wasting money on. Hollow promises and zero results will come to an end when you introduce your hair to this homemade mask.

Make a hair mask with one teaspoon of coconut milk, three tablespoons of milk and four teaspoons of honey. Cover all your hair follicles with with this mask i.e. root to tip. Leave for an hour and wash off.

Aloe Vera

The name of Aloe Vera rings only one bell and that is its’ ability to heal and repair. It is a power house of phytonutrients, lignins, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and folic acids.

It will stop your hair from splitting and repair those split ends. Combine Aloe Vera gel about four tablespoons with two tablespoons of lime juice and apply this all over your head. Scalp, roots and tips, all of it.

Before you wash it off with an herbal shampoo keep it on for at least an hour.

Choose your comb wisely

It will all make sense to you now as to why they put up such a wide display of hair combs. You need to pick up the comb that has wide gaps which will easily untangle those knots.

The second you put in all your strength on your comb with no gaps to undo those stubborn knots you are leading your hair to some serious degradation. Use wide tooth combs to unravel those interested locks to keep your hair safe and free from breakage and split ends.

Stop feeling nauseated every time you spot those splits and end this vicious and never-ending circle of dull, dry, and damaged hair.

Don’t hesitate to trim your hair every now and then leading your way to healthier and happier hair days.