Best ways to clear clogged drain

As soon as the water flow starts to become slow through a drain, it is a warning sign for you! No matter how much you try to keep the bathrooms or sinks clean and rid of the unwanted particles there will always be a chance that they get clogged once is while.

Seeing water stand stagnant can be a situation to panic for any house owner. The thought of water increasing and ruining other things around can be even more intolerable. But what if your drain clogs in the middle of the night or any other hour of the day when you cannot seek help from outside? This could have happened with almost all of us. And there is nothing much to worry about in such a scenario, all you need to do is find some rescuers (things) present in your house to get that nasty clog out from the drain.

If you are new to this drainage problem, then follow any of the below mentioned ways to unclog the drain in your house easily:

Hanging it out

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A great way of unclogging the drain is with the help of a hanger present in everyone’s wardrobe. All you need to do is bring a wire hanger and other than its hook, straighten the arms of it, as much as possible. Remember do not unshaped the hook because he is the hero in this act.

Next what you have to do is remove the drain cover and insert the hanger inside the hole. Continue to move the wire deep until there is some blockage found. Just when you feel some resistance, push and pull the wire few times to extract that junk out to unclog the drain!

Vinegar and baking soda

This method works well for the times the blockage is not too hard to get away with. Also, if you do not like fishing for the junk in that drain, it is going to save you from the need to do so!

To begin with you will have to heat up two pots of water. One will be used before the process and one after that. So, firstly you need to pour down the boiling water into the drain, leave some part of it to mix one cup vinegar. Just after flowing the water, you need to dump baking soda, about 1/3rd cup and allow it to settle for a while.

Next, pour the vinegar solution and give it another 20 minutes to show the magic. You might see some fizz because of vinegar, do not panic seeing that. Lastly, flush the drain with another pot of hot water and check whether it actually worked or not.

Get a plunger

Using a plunger to unclog the drain is a cheap and less messy way to open the drain blockage. You can easily find such mini plungers in the supermarket near your house. They are quite easy to handle.

Guessing what they actually do? Well, you will have to place the plunger right above the drain, the design of the plunger will create pressure around the clog and with just 5-6 jerks the mess is going to get down the drain clearing the way for water to escape freely.

There is no need to make extra arrangements or mix the chemicals to make solutions and then later keep on clearing the dirt for long while following this method to unclog the drain. You can also store the plunger for future uses!

Apart from these ways that allow you to manage unclogging the drains with little or no need to move to the market, you can opt to look for the chemical based products available in the market to unclog drains. However, make sure the product or the solution bought by you is not unhealthy for the environment and also it should not include any ingredient harmful for the plastic pipes running down your drains. Even if your pipes are metallic, there can be chances that they get corroded due to use of harsh chemicals.

Also, try to protect your drains by placing drain covers and not letting any type of waste to flow in it. And as soon as you sense something, prepare yourself to unclog it quickly!