How to get Lady Gaga’s classic cat eye and vintage wavy hairstyle look

Lady Gaga is enjoying an incredibly successful awards season. A style diva who has always surprised the paparazzi with her outrageous ‘gaga’ look is currently winning in the beauty department.

This cult beauty won an award at the Critics’ Choice Awards for her film ‘A Star is Born’. She also walked away with the Best Original Song award at the prestigious Golden Globes Awards where her gleaming blue hair matching her dress stole the show. This diva donned the platinum blonde look At the Critics’ Choice Awards.

If you have been raving about her classic cat eye and vintage hairstyle look, here’s a break-down how to get it:

The Hairstyle

Long wavy hairstyles for girls

Step 1: Damp hair anLong wavy hairstyles & haircuts for girlsd spritz some volumizing product. You may use products from companies like Bumble and Bumble. They offer Thickening Great Body Blow Dry Creme to protect your hair from heat.

Step 2: Now create parting (you can choose a side or mid parting). Section your hair into sections (measuring 1-2 inch). To make the process effortless, clip strands you don’t need so that they do not come into your way of styling.

Step 3: Mist your hair over using a good quality hairspray. This is important to give your hair some hold.

Step 4: Now start curling your hair in the direction of your face. You need to work from slightly lower on each piece. This is important to maintain a flat look on the top of the hair (close to the scalp).

Step 5: After curling, spritz some hair spray on each ringlet. Make sure the curl is still hot while you wet it with the spray.

Step 6: After the hair cools down, brush each section down. Keep your movements light. You need to spray your hair once more with a shine spray as final finish to ensure smoother shinier locks.

Step7:  The last step is to tidy up those unsightly flyaways. You can spritz some hairspray on a toothbrush and work from front to backwards. This will smooth down the hair.


Best party makeup tips

Prep up your Face – Start the process by applying a mattifying primer. It will create a clean smooth canvas, closes pores and help makeup glide on the face smoothly.

Apply Base – It is now time to apply a mattifying foundation on face.

Settle the Base – Use a translucent powder to dust the face. It helps set the look and keep extra oil or shine away from T-zone.

For the Cheeks – Add some color to your cheeks by using a light blush in a warm shade. Apply it on the apples of cheeks. It will add the much desired ladylike flush to your cheeks.

Eyes –Now it is time to add some drama to your eyes. You need to recreate the traditional cat eye look. Start by adding some color on your lid by using pink eye shadow. Now apply the shadow to the lower lashline.

When drawing a cat eye, you can’t go wrong with a comfortable eyeliner pen. Once you manage to get the perfect shape, it is time to open up your eyes by applying false lashes. Pay more attention to the outer corners of eye.

Apply some mascara to add more ‘Gaga’ to your look.

Lips – Since you had added a significant amount of drama to the eyes, keep the lips simple yet clean, fresh and flushed. Apply a glossy pink lipstick that adds healthy shine to your lips. For that extra sheen, apply a non-sticky lip-gloss on top of the lipstick.

This completes your look. You are now ready to rock an event like this diva does!