How to remove blackheads with steam

Blackheads are often a common problem of the matured skin. They steal away the smoothness of the skin and give the skin a porous appearance. Blackheads are not painful, but they might give rise to painful pimples over time, in case an infection occurs. blackheads are most common on the nose and the skin around the nose.

It is so common, that there is hardly any adult person who has not suffered from the problem of blackheads ever in their lives. First let us take a look at what the blackheads are and then we will get into the easy way of removing the blackheads at home with steam.

What are blackheads?

How to get rid of blackheads on chin

Blackheads are formed due to the collection of dead skin cells, pollution and dirt in the open skin pores.

As the skin pores are blocked by these elements the oil from the pores gets stuck within it and in case there is a bacterial infection, it can form pimples or acne.

The best way to solve the problem of blackheads is to ensure that you do not have any open pores on your skin and your skin is always free from dead skin cells, dirt and other debris.

Why stem is effective for removing blackheads?

Steam is considered as one of the most effective treatments for removing blackheads from the skin and it also comes without any side effects when used in the right way. Steam actually opens up the clogged pores and thus makes it possible for the stuck in debris and dirt to be removed easily. Steam can be used once or twice a week to clear all the blackheads from your skin surface. It can actually help in keeping your skin smooth, soft and fresh.

How to use steam for removing blackheads?

Steam can be used in more than one ways for removing blackheads from your face. You can pick either of the two methods depending on the extent of blackheads you have got on your skin and also the sensitiveness of your skin.

While the first method is ideal for clearing out old and stubborn blackheads the second method can be used effectively in case you have light blackheads or just as a precautionary measure.

Method #1 for removing blackheads with steam

Honey for blackheads

Things that you will need:

  • One large bowl
  • Sufficient hot water that can produce enough steam for 10 minutes
  • One big towel
  • Face cleanser
  • A mild Scrubber
  • Normal water
  • Skin toner
  • Skin moisturizer

Step 1: The first step of using steam for removing blackheads start with cleansing your face properly. Never make the mistake of using steam on your face without cleansing it first, because steam will open up the pores and in case there are dirt on your skin the chances of the open pores getting clogged with the dirt to form more blackheads will only be multiplied.

So, before you start with the steam, cleanse your face properly with cleansing milk or face wash that actually removes any dirt or residue from your skin. Always use clean normal water for washing off the face and then pat dry.

Step 2: Take sufficient steaming water in a large bowl and place your face over the bowl at a distance of 8 to 10cm. You can start with placing your face a bit more away, and then take it closer to the steaming bowl as your skin gets more accustomed with the temperature.  Now take a large towel and cover your face along with the bowl and let your face enjoy all the steam coming out of the hot water.

You need to take the steam for 8-10 minutes. Always keep in mind that the distance you maintain between the steaming bowl and your face is very vital. If you keep your face more away, the effectiveness of the steam to clear out the blackheads will reduce, and if you keep your face more close to the steaming bowl, there are chances that you might suffer irritation on the skin or even scalding on your skin.

The steam will open up the clogged pores making it possible to remove the dead cells and dirt stuck within the pores easily.
Step 3: After 8-10 minutes remove your face from the steam and scrub your face very lightly with a mild scrub. It is best if you can opt for a homemade coffee-honey scrub or a scrub made from citrus peels and sea salt for this step. However, remember that the scrubbing should be very light and not rigorous in anyway.

The scrubbing will remove the dead cells and dirt from the pores that have been opened through steaming.  After you have scrubbed the skin lightly for 1-2 minutes wash off with excess normal water. So, that no trace of the scrub or the dead cells and dirt remains on your skin. Finally pat dry with a clean towel.

Step 4: Now comes the next part of it when you need to close up the open pores on your skin. Keep in mind that this step is very important as open pores on the skin will only add to the problem of more blackheads.  After you have pat your face dry with a clean towel, soak a cotton ball in a toner and dab it onto the skin in excess.

It is best if you can use chilled pure rosewater as a toner for this part. Let the toner dry off on your skin and then follow with a moisturizer. The chilled rosewater will close up the pores effectively and will also minimize them. The moisturizer will balance any dryness on the skin caused due to steaming.

Method #2 for removing blackheads with steam

The other milder way of using steam for removing blackheads from your skin does not involve direct steaming of the face over hot water.

As already mentioned, this method can be more effective as a follow up and it is best if you can use both of these methods alternatively on different days of a week with a gap of 2-3 days in between. This one is also an ideal method for preventing blackhead formation.

Daily skin care tips

Things that you will need:

  • Sufficient steaming hot water
  • Two smaller, clean face towels
  • Face cleanser
  • Face scrubber
  • Normal water
  • Face toner
  • Face moisturizer

Step 1: Start with cleaning your face thoroughly with the face cleanser. Wash off with normal water so that no residue of any dirt or the cleanser remains on the skin.

Step 2: Soak one of the face towels in the steaming hot water and squeeze out as much of water as possible from it.

Step 3: Place this towel over your face and take the hot steam coming out of it till it remains hot.

Step 4: Now soak the other towel in the hot water, squeeze out the excess water and replace the older towel with the fresh one. Continue the process for 7-8 minutes.

Step 5: After 7-8 minutes scrub your face lightly with a mild scrubber, preferably homemade and then wash off with excess of normal water.

Step 6: Follow with a natural face toner (preferably chilled rose water) and a moisturizer to close up the open pores and also to balance any dryness caused due to steaming.

Some added tips for removing blackheads with steam

Home remedies for blackheads

  • In order to add to the effectiveness of the process and also to get anti-pimple effects, you can add a few drops of tea tree essential oil in the steaming water before you take the steam.
  • This will ensure that any germ on your skin is killed effectively and will certainly minimize the risk of any kind of skin infection including pimples and acne.
  • Often, steaming of the facial skin is linked with skin dryness and hence the latest trend is to use hot milk instead of the hot water for steaming the face. The steam coming out of the hot milk contains milk protein which will prevent any type of skin dryness while providing all the best benefits of steaming. Steaming your face with hot milk can make it more soft and supple.
  • While steaming, never place your face over boiling water. Always make it a point to remove the boiling water from the flames first and then use it for taking the steam. Placing your face directly over boiling water adds to the chance of getting scalded and can be actually risky as in this case with time the temperature of the steam coming out of the boiling water will increase.
  • Never use steam on your skin when the skin is not cleansed properly and always make it a point to close the skin pores with a toner after completing the process,