How to get rid of blackheads on chin fast?

Some people have an impression that blackheads can form only over the sides of nose. But, there is another place where blackhead can be ideally observed is the chin portion. Since blackheads gets develop due to excessive oil deposits over the skin layer, many people have a tendency of oil secretion over their chin. Thus, you also need to know some tips through which blackheads can be removed in a fast pace from the chin.

You may definitely find some blackheads removal creams in the market. But, if you want to go for natural remedies, home remedies are also available to help you out with this situation. This will solve your problem in a natural way without affecting damaging your skin with cosmetics side effects.  For many people, blackhead is regarded as a commonly annoying skin condition that can hardly be treated.

Blackheads are some small granules like feeling over your skin that is normally seen over the nose rings, nose tips as well as chin. You can also feel them like small pimples forming over your skin. But, in actual sense those are not pimples at all. But acne can be the reasons behind the blackheads. The result of excessive oil secretion from the skin can be one of the reasons. Let us find out the ways in which the blackheads over the chin can be removed easily.

Natural ways to get rid of blackheads on chin

H2O blackhead treatment

Home remedies for blackheads

The chemical formula of water is h2O which also works well in treating the blackhead that is observed over your chin. If you are using the blackhead removal strips that are available in the market, this might widen the pores. But, this can also give rise to production of excess sebum on your skin. The best way to limit it will be H2O solution. The solution is very simple. You need to slash water on your face including your chin so that sebum production is minimized and control of blackheads can be observed.

Pore strips with milk and honey

As we all know that milk and honey are two natural ingredients which have been regarded as a wonderful consideration for your skin. To make this blackhead control remedy all you need will be a teaspoon of milk, raw honey of 1 tablespoon and clean strip of cotton.  Now take a container and mix the ingredients like milk and honey.

After doing this microwave it for few seconds. Now mix again with a spoon so that it gets blended easily. Allow it to cool and get bearable temperature and apply it over your chin where you have blackheads. Now place the dry cotton over it and dry. Keep for 20 minutes and extract the cotton at one go and view the blackheads coming out.

Clay mask for chin blackheads

The blackheads that you can view over your chin can be eradicated with the help of a clay mask. You need to take a teaspoon of bentonite clay and plain water to get this treatment. Now mix both the ingredient to make a thick paste. Apply it on your chin and allow sitting for 15 minutes by which time it will dry. Now wash your chin with the help of warm water. You can see much lesser volume of blackheads on your skin.

Honey with cinnamon

Home remedies for blackheads

Another way of removing blackheads right from your chin will be a treatment that involves both cinnamon and honey. Cinnamon is a wonderful home remedies that will improve your blood circulation. To treat blackheads from your chin, al you require would be  1 spoon of organic honey, a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a strip of cotton. Now in a container mix the adequate quantity of cinnamon as well as honey. Mix them well and apply over your chin. Now take the cotton strip and make a thin layer of it. Press the cotton strip over your chin and allow it to rest for 20 minutes. Now gently pull the cotton from your chin and see the difference.


Lemon has an effective solution of removing dirt and impurities from your skin and makes it look really attractive. Also you can remove blackheads from your chin in a very fast pace. For this remedial action you would be requiring a small bottle, single fresh lemon and few cotton balls.

First of all wash your face with water and pat dry with towel. Now take the bottle and squeeze the fresh lemon over it. Now take a cotton ball, pour some lemon juice on it and apply it over your chin where you can view the blackheads. Now throw the used cotton ball and get another fresh cotton ball. Do this several times and wash your face with lukewarm water.

Jojoba oil and sugar

You can now make an effective scrub with sugar and jojoba oil by taking one spoon each of both ingredients. Mix both ingredients well and apply it over your chin. Slowly move your fingertips over the chin and do it in a circular direction. This will not only remove the blackheads from your skin with the granules of sugar but also keep your skin well moisturized with the help of the naturally obtained Jojoba oil extract. You can also make the solution of jojoba oil and sugar in a bottle and us it whenever you need to scrub your face in order to remove blackheads.

Mint and vinegar

Beauty benefits of neem for face

Vinegar that you are using at your kitchen is also really effective in removing blackheads from your skin layer. For this you would require mint leaves that are finely chopped. Vinegar of around 2 teaspoon is required. You can make a mixture by pouring vinegar in a bottle and adding crushed mint leaves on it.  Mix a cup of water and make the bottle upside down by closing the cap.

Oatmeal with sugar

You can make a pack with oatmeal and sugar to remove the blackheads over the chin. You have to take half spoon of oatmeal and make smaller pieces with grinder. Now add half spoon of sugar in it. Use little oil to mix both and apply over your chin. You’re your fingers to rub them and make exfoliate. Do this for 10-20 seconds and leave the pack for 10 minutes. Wash it away and see the difference.

Egg white mask

The peel off mask can be a wonderful remedy as well when you are willing to remove the blackheads all over your chin. You have to break an egg and separate the white portion from the egg yolk. You also require facial tissue, a clean towel and a small bowl. Now you have to wash your face and make it clean. Pat dry your face especially the place where you wish to apply the egg white. Once the place is ready apply the layer of egg white over your chin area. Now place the facial tissue such that it makes a coat over your chin. Now apply the second layer of white egg over the tissue. Now wait till the layer is dry. Peel the tissue out and see the blackheads reduced.

Baking soda with water

How to cover blackheads

For this you have to take a spoon of soda and water that will be ideal to make a paste of it. Then you have to apply it over your chin portion. Rub it with fingertips and remove the pointed surface. Keep this for 10 minutes and wash with warm water.