How to do makeup for dark underarms

Underarms generally remains covered when you do not lift your hand. Hair growth in this portion is quite common for both men and women. There was a time when people did not used to bother about the formation of dark underarm quite visible once the hair is removed. But today, with every passing time people are becoming very concerned about their beauty and looks.

The fashionable and sleeveless dresses would not complement if you have dark underarms. Thus, this is the time when you need to be choosy about certain activities and practices. If you have dark underarms, nothing to worry as the makeup can easily cover it. Some of us may not like cosmetic makeup and wish to keep our skin naturally well. In such a situation you can easily trust the home remedies.

If you have dark layer over your underarm portion, it becomes really difficult to show off your arms by wearing the sleeveless costumes. You must have been advised by your friends and relatives to use several creams and cosmetics so that the dark underarm layer is removed. But, if you are lucky you may get proper creams and cosmetics. But, if you are not lucky which most people are not, you will end up with variety of side effects right over your skin layer.

Remedies for dark underarms


How to wax your underarms

Darkness on your underarms can be a reason of dead skin formation. The best way to remove the dead skin layer from the skin is nothing except exfoliation. Just take a spoon of medium sized sugar and mix it in a teaspoon of olive oil. Apply it over your armpit and slowly rub with your finger tips. Do the movement in an anticlockwise direction and again back to the clockwise direction. Keep this for 10 minutes and remove with water. Do this regularly and enjoy light skin tone in your underarms.


The whiteness of milk will be directly reflected on your underarm once you choose it to remove the dark skin layer. Just take a spoon of thick milk either it is extracted from cow or that of mother dairy. Apply the milk over the underarm and slowly massage it. Do this slowly till the time the skin absorbs the entire liquefied milk inside it. If you want to get much more effectiveness, combine the same with saffron. It will give a light yellow color. Along with making your dark armpit white, this remedy will also make your skin soft andbeautiful.

Gram flour pack

One of the effective ways of hiding the dark patches over your underarms will be covering the same with lightens skin. Gram flour or besan works in a wonderful way in this situation. Along with removing the darkness on your skin, this will also work well in eradicating the scar marks as well. Take a spoon of gram flour and mix the same with lemon juice as well as yogurt. Now apply it over the underarm portion and keep your hands up so that the pack dries easily. Then remove it with plain water.

Pumice stone

How to lighten dark underarms

Generally, the pumice stone is used to remove the dark skin layer from the skin. Even it is used in heels when your heels crack. Now, this can also be used in your underarms in order to remove the dark skin layer completely from your skin. Just apply some water and cleansing milk over your armpit and slowly rub the surface with the pumice stone. This helps in removing the dark skin layer that has become a dead skin and get back the white and youthful skin.


As we all know that lemon has a natural beaching property, it helps in making your skin tone lighter. Thus, you can easily use lemon juice to remove the darkness that forms under your arm. Take a spoon of lemon juice and apply over each underarm. Now massage it with your fingers and hands in soft hand. Carry this on for 10 minutes and then remove it with plain water.

Yogurt and orange peels

Orange peels also works in a wonderful way in making your skin tone fairer and attractive. You can keep some orange peels aside after eating up your orange fruit. Let them dry under the sunlight and make powder out of it with the help of a grinder. Now take a spoon of orange peel and a spoon of yogurt in it. Combine it properly and apply over your underarm portion. You must wait till the time it is dried. As soon as it is dried wash it with the cold water. This will easily remove discoloration over your skin and replace it with fairer skin.

Ways to makeup dark underarms


Home remedies to lighten dark underarms

You can take the help of cosmetics in order to cover your dark underarm region. You normally do use the foundation in order to cover your face when you have a dark skin layer. This is just the first step of makeup application.  You can now easily apply the foundation over the underarm portion of your hand. But you need to keep your hand straight upright so that it dries up easily.


You can also use the concealer to make your underarm really attractive after driving out the dark as well as unattractive skin layer. Concealers are normally used to hide the black spots and patches over the skin. Now, this can be easily done over your underarm layer. This will easily correct the spots that you have formed over your underarm portion of the skin. You can now get the concealers in the market in variety of brands. Check it out today.

Translucent powder

Once you have applied the concealers and foundation over the underarm portion, the next thing that you should do will be the powder that is translucent in nature. This will make a wonderful get up of your underarm. Just like you have applied the makeup over your skin, the translucent powder will make the makeup complete over the underarm portion of your skin. This is the time for you to get beautiful with the attractive underarm. You can easily wear the sleeveless dress after you have applied these makeups over your underarm portion.