How to measure your bra size at home

We all know the standard size of our bras, but there are necessities to have the accurate one. Wearing wrong bra size not only ruins your outfit but also leaves your breasts shapeless.

It is one of the most integral attires and they need more attention that the external dressing up. In this article, we will discuss the signs which tell you that you are wearing a wrong size for your bra.

We will then tell you the easiest way to measure it at home and the signs which would confirm that your next purchases were correct!

Signs that you’re wearing a wrong bra size

How to calculate cup size of breast

  • Your straps keep falling
  • You have spillover on the tops, sides and bottoms of cups
  • Your cups are wrinkled or baggy
  • You tie it on the last hook
  • Your band rises up
  • Dents on shoulders
  • Center of the bra is lifted off the chest
  • Underwire poke your body
  • Back bulge
  • Pain in the neck or back

Measuring bra size at home

Step 1: Band Measurement

  • At first take a measuring tape.
  • Make sure you are wearing a non-padded bra or you are braless.
  • Take the take and put it below the bottom of the band. This should be the area, directly under your breasts.
  • The measuring tape should be held tightly and in level.
  • Round it off to the nearest whole number. If the number is even then add 4 more inches if it is odd then add 5.
  • This is your band size.

For example, if you measure 30 inches then your band size is 34. If you measure 31 inches then the band size is 36.

Step 2: Breast Measurement

  • You again need the measuring tape
  • This time you have to cover the area of your breasts
  • Hold it around the fullest part and check the number.
  • Round it off to the nearest whole number.

Step 3: Measurement of Cup Size

Subtract your band size from breast size. For example, if your breast size is 36 and band size is 34, then 36-34= 2. The number 2 means the alphabet B, which means that your cup size is 34B.

Signs that you’re wearing a right bra size

Tips to get beautiful breasts

  • Bend forward at your waist. Slip the bra and hook it. This will ensure that your breasts are perfectly in the cups.
  • Your band should be easily adjustable as it is in level with the front.
  • The bra will not be loose. You can slide it off with one finger under your band.
  • Tighten your band and shorten the straps so that it doesn’t fall off.
  • Wear a close fitted shirt over your bra. The cup wouldn’t pucker or your busts wouldn’t bulge.
  • Take a look into the mirror as you stand sideways. Your breasts should fall midway between shoulders and elbows.
  • You need to make sure that the bra you choose perfectly fits in the outermost hook. The bra might loosen with time, so you need to tighten the band and move it towards the tightest hook.

Finally, to ensure optimum results, you can go up one band size if you need to go down with a cup size. This can also be reversed as needed.

For example, if you feel that 34C is big for you try 36B. Now, that you know that best way to measure your bra size, get yours checked and purchase with its help.