How to calculate cup size of breast

Today people are highly depending upon the Ecommerce websites in order to shop. Since they have become quite busy they hardly have time to go out and shop. Even the World Wide Web has made everything available to us in a platter. Even when we are going to shop undergarments, online shopping sites will be ideal.

All you have to do is know your size and you can easily order it without any trouble. Most of the ladies might have felt really awkward to pronounce about requirement of upper undergarment such as bra to the shop keeper especially when you are facing a male shopkeeper. But, this thing will never be faced when you are shopping online as there is no physical person whom you are going to speak with.

All will be done automatically with your computer with several clicks of your mouse button. When you are going to get a bra for yourself, you must be very much sure about your bra size. There is a step by step procedure of calculating cup size of your breast.

Getting a well shaped breast is the aim of every lady. But, not all women are lucky to get it right from the beginning.  They need to go ahead with exercise, diet tips and also well appropriate bra size. Wearing appropriate bras that will suite your breast size is an important consideration. The calculation of the cup size is very important in such a situation. Here we are going to find out the perfect cup size of breast with simple calculation. Once you wear the bra after knowing the cup size, you will feel comfortable. Even the confidence level in yourself will be boosted.

Step by step process of calculating your breast size

Bending towards ground

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The first step of calculating your breast size will be bending towards the ground. You should bend in such a pay that your breast gets a position of being parallel to the ground. In this way you will be able to measure every breast tissues unlike the standing position where you could measure the tissues that gets protrudes outwards.

Torso measurement

Secondly, you need to measure around your torso as well in such a way that the tape covers the full breast area. Do not close the take in such a position where your breast is tight enough, rather give some space where your breast is not crunched but stays in an original position. You should note the number in the tape such that your breast cannot move.

Straight measure

You should also be sure that your tape measure is straight enough, rather it should not be hanging at your back with few inches. If the measurement is not straight, you will get the wrong idea of your breast size and even the choice of bra will be wrong. If you are not in a position to hold it properly, ask your close friend or your partner to do the same.

Cup size calculation

There is a particular technique of measuring the cup size. All you have to do is take the band measurement of your breast first and then the cup measurement. Now subtract the band measurement from your cup measurement and you can get your cup size.

You can now get branded lingerie companies online that will provide you with the best size with measurement. You can get the size along with the measurement of your breast and cup size through which buying the bra will be really easy.

Correct fitting

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If you have never bought bras yourself or you have been wearing wrong fitting bras, this is the time when you should be aware of the correct fitting bra. The band associated with your bra is the material that helps to keep your breast in a right position with all support. Some people have a misconception that straps do the same but in reality it is the task of band. If the band provides the good fitting such that you are not feeling too much uncomfortable or too shabby, it means your bra selection is correct.

Side coverage

When you are choosing a bra, it is important to note that it has sufficient side coverage. Sometimes if the breast becomes too much bulky, there is a tendency that the tissue of breast would come out from the two sides. It looks really odd when the tissue comes out from the armpit.

Gore type

When you are choosing your bra, make sure that you have flat gore. You must not be familiar with the word gore. It is basically a band that connects two bra cups in the middle. This should be flat without digging your skin towards the inside position. This will be absent when you have chosen a wrong bra type. Thus, this particular element is really important while choosing bra.

Ways to calculate cup size of breast

Let us follow the step by step instruction of getting the full measurement of bra. Following are the instructions.

Measure bra size

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Wear only your bra and stand straight. Now ask one of your friends to take the measurement around the rib cage. You will need a measuring tape in this connection. This is the portion which lies just underneath the breast. You must hold the take in such a way that it is horizontal from back and front.  The tape should not drop from the back. If you do it alone, there might be tendency that the tape at the back will drop. But, if anyone else does it for you, it will be more specific.

Measuring the cup size

After measuring the band size the next important thing which you must consider is the cup size of bra. Here also you need to be with your bra and stand straight. Now take the measuring take and measure it fully around your bust. You need to ensure that the tape is covering your entire breast without getting any portion fall out.