What is heartburn during pregnancy? What foods that causes it? Best ways to deal with it

Heartburn is the most common issue during pregnancy. There is just name heartburn but nothing to do with the heart. It is the burning sensation in the center of the chest.

Heartburn occurs when acid does not stay only in the stomach while the valve between the stomach and esophagus are unable to prevent acid from passing back into the esophagus.

Progesterone is the hormone that causes the valve to relax during pregnancy, which can also increase the frequency of heartburn. This releases stomach acid to pass into the esophagus and make irritation.

The third trimester during pregnancy is the period when the pressure may send contents back into the esophagus.

During the third trimester, the problem of indigestion increases because the growing baby puts pressure on the stomach and the intestines that leads to acid reflux.

What food causes the heartburn and the solution?

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It is necessary to avoid the food that causes the heartburn. There are some foods that are healthy too while cause the heartburn to deal with them just you need to find the ways to help your stomach and staying away from your problem.

Soda & coffee

Soda & coffee

The beverages that are caffeinated introduce the heartburn. During pregnancy, you should avoid tea and soft drinks too as they also contain caffeine.

Caffeinated beverages must be avoided but the moderate intake of coffee is good for your pregnancy. Before you take coffee must intake something in your stomach or you can also look for decaffeinated options.

Citrus foods

Citrus foods

Intake of citrus food like tomatoes, grapes, oranges etc. may cause heartburn after the meals. These all citrus foods are enriched with high acid that promotes the burning sensation.

Don’t take these citrus foods in the empty stomach you can prefer low acid juice after having your meals and avoid the direct intake of tomatoes.

Fatty foods

Fatty foods

The foods that contain extra fat lead to the cause heartburn as well as the obesity because they are not digested early the digestion of fatty foods take longer time rather than usual. The improper digestion introduces the irritation and the heartburn.

You can easily avoid this problem by choosing low-fat products. And prefer the baked foods instead of fried.



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Nuts are rich in protein and full of fat that is good for health but slows the digestion that causes the sensational burning.

The thing that you can do is intake the nuts in the small amount that can be easily digested and does not allow the irritation of the lining.



There is no need to explain the cons of alcohol that is good for nothing. If you drink alcohol so it is the right time to quit for your health and your baby’s health.



Caffeinate products are not good for health during pregnancy that leads to the heartburn. Chocolate contains the rich amount of caffeine that can increase your problem.

Say NO to the excess of chocolate you intake should be moderate.

The best ways to deal with the heartburn

Slow your appetite

If you have the healthy appetite, make sure to have food in proper amount there will be bad results if you are eating so much.

The overly stuffed stomach may lead to the heartburn problem. You can avoid this problem by dividing your meals into more than three squares.

Slow intake

You should intake your meals while relax and slow that will help you to avoid indigestion and heartburn.

Fluids during meals

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It may be better to avoid intake your fluids while sipping during meals that will help you in your better digestion.

Keep yourself-active after meals

You should be active after having your meals you can walk or engage your self in household work while avoiding the work that requires you to bend over.

Sleep well

While sleeping you should keep your head and upper chest elevated at night.

Maternity wear

During pregnancy you need to be comfortable enough, avoid the tight clothing because it puts more pressure on your baby bump that may worsen acid reflux. You should opt for the maternity wear to avoid the heartburn.

Intake ginger

Ginger is a remedy for the pregnant women that is quite safe with no side-effects. This is the spice that eases your upset tummy while nausea, vomiting as well as the heartburn. You can also prefer ginger candies.