Banana peel for acne scars & pimple marks

Acne and the scars it leaves behind is an awful sight. Whether during the teenage years or in adulthood, these persistent blemishes on the face, especially the nose, chin, cheeks or forehead do not simply go away, but they leave behind scars that are quite hard to heal, however much you try to. One will come across many suggestions that will help get rid of acne scars, but these stubborn marks simply do not go away.

Instead of using chemical based products that are available in the market in the form of pills and creams, it is better to use few home remedies that are known to work effectively on acne scars. One such remedy is the use of the banana peel.

How does banana peel help?

Home remedies for acne scars

The antioxidants present in the banana peel takes care of the skin by preventing damage to the skin by the sun, and also fight germs. The fatty acid present in the banana peel is also used in medicines that are used to treat many skin diseases. The presence of zinc, iron, and potassium in the banana peel guards against the formation of acne and inflammation. It is better to use ripe yellow bananas, rather than the green ones. Organic bananas are an even better option.

Use banana peel over your face and rub it

Rub a banana peel all over the face, which has been washed using a cleanser and dried. Then massage the face using the inside of the peel for some time. Use a fresh peel if this turns brown. Leave it on for quite some time before washing the face. This can be done once everyday. The fatty acid and the antioxidants in the banana peel makes the skin healthier, gives a soothing effect so that the skin can heal faster from the acne breakouts and also acts as a protective shield.

Use mashed banana peel with turmeric powder

Baking soda for acne scars

Mix equal quantities of mashed banana peel and turmeric to make a fine paste. Then spread the pack on the face and gently massage for some time using circular strokes. Then leave it on for some time before washing the face with lukewarm water and dry with a soft towel. Use an oil-free moisturizer to retain the effect.. Do this once everyday and you will see the difference. Turmeric, as we all know is antibacterial in nature. When mixed with banana peel it destroys a bacterium that is the root cause of acne.

Use mashed banana peel with lemon juice

Bio oil for acne scars

Make a fine mixture of mashed banana peel and lemon juice. With a piece of cotton ball dab the mixture onto the acne scars on the face. Wait for a few minutes and then wash with lukewarm water and then dry with a soft towel. If done once everyday regularly, there will be a noticeable change, as lemon acts as a bleaching agent that will reduce the acne scars and its acid content will kill bacteria that cause acne too.

Use mashed banana peel with apple cider vinegar

Mix mashed banana peel and apple cider vinegar in the ratio 1:2 with little water. Then apply this on the areas that have a lot of scars. Let it on for a few minutes before washing off with some lukewarm water and dried with a soft and clean towel. Then gently apply some oil-free moisturizer for better results. This can be done once everyday.  Apple cider vinegar works as an astringent and keeps a check on the secretion of oil in the skin. It kills acne-causing bacteria because of its antioxidant nature.

Use banana peel with oatmeal

Use a blender to mix banana peel with some oatmeal and a little sugar until you get a smooth paste. Then apply this mixture to cover your face with the help of your fingers. Gently massage the face using small circular strokes for a few minutes. After sometime wash off the face with lukewarm water and dry with a soft towel. Then use an oil-free moisturizer to get desired results. This procedure should be done once everyday. This scrub exfoliates the skin, nourishes it, and prevents the formation of acne. But do not scrub vigorously as it might aggravate acne and the scars. These remedies may sound a bit weird, but these are tested ones. So save the banana peel for your skin care.