Lemon & Lime juice for acne scars & pimple marks

The skin is the most sensitive part of human body and it needs to be taken care of. The skin is the exposed area of the human body which is prone to acne scars. The eruptions of acne scars are a common phenomenon which each human beings come across. Yes, the acne scars can damage the glow of the skin and can destroy the beauty. What to worry about? Lemon/ lime juice is the actual treatment which allows individuals to regain spotless beauty skin.

Types of lemon juice remedies preferred for removal of acne scars

Home remedies for acne scars

The essential remedies with lemon/ lime juice are just enough to cleanse acne scars. The array of remedies depending on skin types are just enough to come up with and one can get the instant effects.

A mixture of lemon juice and pomegranate poultice

It is one of the essential remedies which help to block blemishes. As a result, the blackheads are extracted and pimples are dried out. In order to have a respite from these skin disorders, it is surely the pomegranate which can cure. The peel of the pomegranate is very useful to serve the purpose. The peel of the pomegranate needs to be roasted in a temperature of 375 degrees for a time period of 20-25 minutes. After the roasted peel gets cooled, it needs to be done in fine powder and with it, one spoon of lime juice is to be added. After that, the fine paste is to be applied and once it gets dried, it needs to be washed with cool water.

A mixture of lime juice and milk

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Both the kitchen ingredients are extremely essential for curbing the acne scars from the skin. Lime juice and milk are the two essentials which can erase all the spots. Lime juice is to be added to a glass of boiled milk. Once it gets cooled, it is suggested to rinse the face and have a wash with it. Lemon juice and milk will bring certain beneficial impacts.

A mixture of lemon juice and white egg

A portion of the white egg will be sufficient to make healthy skin. The portions of egg whites are extremely useful to remove excess oil from the skin and impurities. A blender is required to form the smooth mixture of lemon juice and egg white. The mixture needs to be applied to the skin with the application of fingers. It is to be kept overnight and once it is dry, one is allowed to wash it with some lukewarm water. One can surely regain the freshness of skin and can cleanse the impurities from the skin.

A mixture of honey and lemon juice

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Yes, it the sweet taste of honey which contains multiple uses. One can detoxify skin with ample use of lemon juice. The blend of honey and lemon juice can do wonders on the skin. The skin will remain hydrated for hours and the antioxidants will make the chance to get less damage to the skin. The application needs to be applied to the skin on a daily basis and one will get some shine to skin. Extra add-on of virgin oil can be added. The mixture will be immensely beneficial to treat skin acne scars and it is suggested as one of the effective remedies.

A mixture of lemon juice and almond oil

Lemon juice consisting of vitamin C and olive oil consisting of vitamin E can resist the damage of the skin and the removal of acne scars will be pretty fine. The darkness of the skin will disappear with the application of this mixture.