How to remove tan with coconut water? / Fairness with coconut water

Our skin’s texture and beauty is exposed to a lot of things. It depends on the harsh weather conditions, different skin diseases and pollution. But, there are always ways to fix that in a natural and healthy way. Today we will show you how coconut’s water can heal the problems of your skin.

Why did we choose coconut water to remove the tan marks on your skin?

Beauty tips for fair skin

Coconut water is rich in potassium. It is the best electrolyte that is found in nature. Your skin attracts all sorts of impurities, pollutants and dirt. It also has the power to remove dead skin cells.

When you don’t pay attention to your skin dark spots, blemishes, dry patches and different types of anomalies of the skin can be seen. The use of chemical products will cause more problems and that is why to provide the nutrient your skin needs and improve it you need to use something natural like Coconut water.

Benefits of coconut water

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The benefits of Coconut water are way too many.

  • It helps to keep the skin hydrated and moist.
  • The consistency of the coconut water helps to keep the skin moisturized.
  • Production of sebum is kept under control when coconut water is used.
  • You can reduce the outburst of blackheads, acne, itching, irritation, pimples and other causes of inflammation.
  • It blocks the harmful radiations of the sun and protects the skin.
  • Coconut water helps to remove the toxins from the skin that causes damage and cleanses it.
  • It can be used as to remove make-up at the end of the day.
  • Sun tan, hyper-pigmentation and dark spots can be removed from the skin as Coconut water has Vitamin C.
  • Coconut water contains the vitamins and minerals needed to reduce the signs of aging.
  • Last but not the least, you can have radiant and glowing skin with the use of coconut water.

Ways to use Coconut water

We are now going to teach you how to use coconut water along with other ingredients to whiten your skin.

Consumption of coconut water

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You can’t ignore the goodness of Coconut water and this goodness can be received the maximum when you consume it. Apart from hydrating your body it is a great energy booster. It flushes the toxins out of your body and makes your skin look more radiant, clear, glowing and young. Say no to every soda and soft drink and increase your metabolism by consuming more of coconut water. It will also lower your cholesterol and blood sugar level. The pH level of your skin will be taken care of as well.

Ways to use coconut water to have fairer and glowing skin

Face pack made of Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) and Coconut water

When someone wishes to improve the quality and texture of the skin then this is the pack for them. Fuller’s Earth will remove the excessive oil from your skin and maintains the level of sebum production. Impurities, dead cells and dirt is also removed from the skin. Add Fuller’s Earth one tablespoon in a bowl and mix it with coconut water(half a tablespoon). Form a paste that is smooth and can be used to remove the tan from your skin. Apply a layer of this paste on your neck and face. Wash it off after half an hour by gently massaging your skin. Do this thrice a week for best results.

Use of Coconut water and Sandalwood powder

The therapeutic aroma of Sandalwood and the ayurvedic benefits of it will help to remove any blemish, spots or tan marks from your skin. It also cleanses the skin from deep inside and removes dead cells, dirt and excessive oil. It will soothe your skin and give it a natural glow. In a bowl make a paste of sandalwood powder(half a tablespoon) along with a pinch of turmeric powder and appropriate amount of coconut water. Clean your face with lukewarm water and herbal soap before you apply this pack. Keep it unless it dries. Wash with cold water.Use a natural moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

Application of Yogurt and Coconut water

Yogurt is rich in B5 and B12 Vitamins, it is also a rich source of Lactic acid. Yogurt helps to remove blemishes, scars, tan and dark spots from the skin. It also lightens and brightens the skin. One of the best ways to improve the complexion of your skin is by using yogurt. Add plain and flavourless yogurt(two tablespoons) in a bowl and mix it with a tablespoon of coconut water. Clean your face and neck with deep-action cleanser and apply a thin layer of this face pack. Keep it on for fifteen minutes and then wash with cold water. Doing this twice a week will prove beneficial for you.

Face mask made of Coconut water and Lemon juice

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Lemon juice has astringent, anti-bacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antimicrobial properties.  Apart from maintaining the pH level of your skin it helps remove dust and dirt particles.Your skin gets a refreshing look and all the blemishes, spots, scars and tan marks will be removed.Don’t forget that lemon juice is a bleaching agent and when used undiluted or in high dosage will cause damage to your skin. Add half a teaspoon of lemon juice to two tablespoons of coconut water. Mix it well and with the help of a cotton ball wipe your face and neck with it. Make sure your skin was cleansed before you applied this mixture. Keep it for half an hour and then wash your face with cold water. Do moisturize your skin after you have dried it. You can do this every alternative day.

Use Coconut water and Glycerine for glowing skin

Glycerine will cleanse your skin from deep within and keep it hydrated. It gives a natural radiance to the skin and removes dark spots, dry patches, tan, scars and other sorts of skin anomalies. It also fights the sign of aging like wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines with its Vitamins. Form a mixture by adding half a tablespoon of glycerine into three tablespoons of coconut water. Remember to clean your face before you apply the glycerine and coconut water mixture. Gently massage your skin with the tip of your fingers in upward and circular motion. Do this for five minutes and then you can wash it off with cold water. On regular application of this mixture you will enjoy soft, supple and radiant skin.

Mask made of Coconut water and Gram flour(Besan)

Gram Flour is a great ingredient to exfoliate the skin. It removes the dead skin cells, dust particles and impurities from the clogged pores. Form a thick paste by mixing two tablespoons of gram flour with a pinch of turmeric powder and four tablespoons of coconut water. Apply a layer of this paste on your pre-cleaned skin. Keep it for half an hour and then wash it off with cold water.

Remember even though turmeric has antiseptic properties and can heal your skin from the inside, too much of it will leave a stain on your face. So, use only a pinch of it.

The benefits of Coconut water are by far too many. You can simple wash your face with fresh coconut water if you don’t have the time for making and applying a face pack. You can use coconut water on a regular basis to stay away from a buck-load of skin problems.