How to remove tan with green tea? / Fairness with green tea

We love the heat of sun rays on the cool winter days. During the summer season also, we like to enjoy spending time in outdoor space. However, after coming back to our home, the major concern arises. We find tanned skin due to the contact with intense sun rays.

The skin pigment, melanin absorbs the UV rays, giving the best protection to skin cells. However, the direct sun rays have the power of darkening the pigment due to oxidation. For this reason, our skin becomes tanned in due course. Usually, we use sunscreen and think that it is the best stem for preventing our skin from getting tanned. You have to apply sunscreen after every two hours. Most of the women do the mistake of applying it only one time in the morning. However, what will you do while your skin is already tanned?

To get a natural solution, you may rely on green tea. Many of us know the green tea’s ability to make our body slimmer. It acts as an antioxidant, and prevents the ageing signs, like facial lines and wrinkles. Now, for removing the skin tan also, it is the potent ingredient.

How to use green tea for face mask?

Green tea – How it adds glamour to your skin

Beauty tips for fair skin

In the field of cosmetics, green tea has really good value.

  • It cleanses all the impurities, present in your skin.
  • Gives the herbal solution to the black spots of skin.
  • The researchers have found that green tea is effective in the reduction of poly-phenol (that causes rough skin).
  • The tea prevents free radicals from affecting our skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory capability reduces the potential of acne.
  • Nutrients and vitamins in it improve our skin tone with the decrease of melanin formation and with the increase of elasticity.
  • The flavonoids of tea are also good to avert any skin disease.

Drinking green tea in every morning is really beneficial. However, to have its effect on your beauty, you have to directly apply it on your skin, making face packs or masks.

Cool tea bags

  • Buy two green tea bags, and then, store them inside fridge for thirty minutes.
  • Rinse the face thoroughly, and dry it.

This will give you cool and fresh feeling. After spending hours under scorching sun rays, you can apply this technique. While the bags are rubbed on face, they work as cleansers. You may also place those bags on your eyes. Moreover, it will help you in reducing dark circles.

Honey and green tea

Tan face packs with glycerin

  • Make a paste with these ingredients. You can take the used green tea bags. Add honey (two spoons) to it.
  • For better result, you may choose lemon juice as another ingredient of the face mask.
  • Wait for fifteen to twenty minutes to get the face dried naturally.
  • Wash it with water.

On every week, you have to do it one or two times.

Green tea with turmeric

Skin lightening face packs with tomato

Turmeric has lots of potential properties to make our skin health much better. However, in addition to the turmeric and green tea, you have to add besan. While these three ingredients get combined, you will get a good face pack that gives fair skin.

  • Take some turmeric and besan in a bowl.
  • Add milk to it for making the paste.

Use the paste for your face. Rinse the face after twenty to twenty-five minutes.

Multani mitti and green tea

It is another formula for the sunburnt skin. The damaged skin layer will have a soothing sensation by applying this solution. You have to freeze your green tea, and then apply those frozen tea cubes on your tanned parts. However, you may also add multani mitti to the tea. Use it as your face mask. This will also make you feel cool. It reduces the redness that is caused due to sun rays.

Steaming green tea

Steam the face by putting green tea to hot water. This is the best option for removing sun tan from your skin. You will find the result within a short time. It is also much effective to give a fresh look to your skin.

Cold water with tea

  • Take green tea in powder form and add cold water to it.
  • Directly apply it to your skin.

Do it everyday to have soothing sensation.

Baking soda with green tea

  • This mask is also good for all skin.
  • Take honey and baking soda with green tea to prepare the mask.
  • Apply the paste on the sunburnt parts.

Spray with green tea

Tan face packs with baking soda

  • Pour brewed tea into a bowl and then cool it.
  • Add essential oil to it.

Use spray bottle for applying it on the tanned portion.

Scrub using green tea

By scrubbing your skin, you can remove the old cells.

  • Prepare a solution with green tea, water and sugar.
  • Apply it on all the burnt parts.
  • Scrub those parts gently with your finger.

We have something to say while you use green tea for removing tan

  • Do not think that you will get result overnight. Natural therapies may much time for showing the results.
  • Never try out all the above formulas. You may choose any one of them to include it for your everyday beauty treatment.
  • Put on sunscreen lotion while you go out of your house.
  • Eat diet that is rich in vitamin and also drink more water for skin hydration.
  • Keep away from the ingredients which irritate the skin.

Thus, rely on green tea to reduce the tanned parts of your skin. All the burnt spots will get lightened. As green tea is a very common ingredient in everyone’s kitchen, you can easily make your face mask and get lots of benefits. Buy green tea of the best brand, and then, you may try out the formulas. As these are natural components, you will surely have no allergic reaction from these face packs.