How to remove tan with glycerin? / Fairness with glycerin

We always dream of having glowing skin that makes our look gorgeous. The original skin complexion of every person is different. Some have fair skin, while others are slightly dark skinned people. However, due to the constant contact with sun rays, our skin gets tanned. You know that lots of fair skinned people loll on sea beach to tan their skin. They only try to maintain the healthy tan. However, it is not good to have excessive level of tan. Your skin turns out to be unappealing, dark and dull.

You may find several skin care products to restore your fair skin tone. From sunscreen to screen whitening lotion, everything is available in the market. However, they are not only pricey but also not much effective at giving you the best results. The simple solution to you is to use homemade face packs. As you have to prepare the packs, you won’t have any concern on the presence of harmful chemicals. But, the commercial cream may have unsafe ingredients in it. One of the best ingredients to remove tan of your skin is glycerin. Use different face masks by adding glycerin, and make your skin healthier and more attractive.

Various ways in which glycerin is beneficial

Beauty tips for fair skin

The simple liquid component, glycerin is slightly thick in nature and tastes sweet. This colorless liquid has good power to show magical solution to your skin.

Lightening capability

You can use glycerin to have lighter tone for your skin. This ingredient also gives ultimate skin protection against tanning. All the impurities of your skin cells will get removed. That is why you will get fairer and clearer skin.


Get more than one benefit from glycerin. This component helps your skin to retain water. Oxygen will also circulate through your cells in a better way, and your skin will appear more glowing. That is why you can find glycerin in many lotions and soaps.


Skin lightening face packs with tomato

To have more uniform and brighter skin tone, you can use glycerin to remove the blemishes and spots from your skin. Use glycerin as a natural toner for your skin.


Reduce wrinkles and other ageing symptoms of skin. You will gain more beautiful and younger looking skin.

Smoothens skin

By moisturizing your skin, it gives you a smoother tone. You may apply glycerin on your knees and elbows.

Use glycerin to make various face packs that remove tan

Tan face packs with baking soda

Now, you can have a look at the tips for making glycerin face packs for reducing your skin tan.

Lemon sap and glycerin

  • Take one spoon of lemon sap, and then add glycerin (½ tbsp) and sugar (1 tbsp) to it.
  • Blend them to prepare the pack. Use it as your face scrub. Gently massage the skin with the pack
  • Continue it for three to four minutes and rinse the face with water.

Aloe vera and glycerin

You can buy aloe vera gel from the market. Take one teaspoon of that gel and combine it with glycerin. You may also use oil, containing vitamin E. apply the solution on your facial skin. Leave it for thirty minutes and wash your face. It will not only make your fairer but also reduce its dryness.

Rose water and glycerin

  • With glycerin and lemon sap, you can add drops of rose water.
  • Stir it to dissolve the sugar.
  • Rub the solution on face for removing dead cells. You may also apply it for your arms, knees and neck skin that has become tanned. It is better to use cotton piece for applying the solution for removal of dirt.

Rose water helps in reducing the inflammation of your skin and keeps up the pH balance. It is also best for treating eczema and dermatitis. Thus, in addition to lightening your skin tone, it gives several other solutions.

Glycerin and honey face pack

Tan face packs with gram flour

It is another face pack for all tanned skin people. Get back the natural radiance and moisturize your skin.

  • The amount of honey and glycerin must be equal
  • After blending them, you can apply the paste on your face. Then, wait for twenty minutes, and then, you have to wash the face. It is the best solution for any skin type.

Glycerin with neem powder

While you have oily tanned skin, you can choose this solution.

  • Take a bowl for combining the two ingredients- glycerin and neem powder.
  • Apply this paste on your skin.

You will have fresh glowing skin. It also reduces the risk of pimples and acne

Glycerin and milk

  • Prepare this solution with two ingredients- Glycerin (one tablespoon) and milk (three teaspoons).
  • At night, you can apply the mask on all the parts of your face.
  • Clean the face with water in the morning

This formula also acts as the natural cleanser for your skin.

Glycerine and egg

  • Take one egg and beat it in a bowl
  • Then, add glycerine and honey to it
  • Make a paste with these three ingredients and use it for your face
  • Cleanse the face after twenty minutes

Both egg and glycerine are good for skin, and you will surely get benefits

Glycerin and banana

Tan face packs with egg

Banana is one of the beneficial fruits to be applied for skin. This can make your skin smoother and add vitamin to your skin. By making a paste with glycerin and banana, you can get fairer skin.

You have to know the important tips while using glycerin

  • Do not apply large amount of glycerin on your skin
  • Never leave the glycerin on your skin for several hours
  • You have to rinse the face since glycerin can make your skin sticky and attract dirt particles.

Thus, glycerin makes your skin brighter, reducing the tanned layer. To get better result from this ingredient, you can blend it with other safe components. We have presented the common and easy ways of applying glycerin. You may also make out other tricks to use glycerin for your skin.